1. Has anyone tried asking a Flat Earther if they think Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and the rest of the planets are flat, too? Or the moon? Just what are those orbs up in the sky? No, I can see how it wouldn't matter. There would be some denialist explanation for any and all of that, too.

  2. I could go on and on about how frustrating it is dealing with someone who believes this insanity but I've found no matter what evidence you provide to the contrary it's not valid to them, which I guess is their playbook with all things related to Q. I don't understand how literally hundreds of thousands of people could be paid off or sworn to secrecy to protect the "secrets" of the globalists. It makes no logical sense at all.

  3. Hey, I'm so sorry for what you are going through. Almost identical situation for me. Dad passed unexpectedly when I was 29, my mom is a nut job. While I don't have a solution for you as I haven't figure it out for myself with my mother, just know you aren't alone. I was extremely close with my Dad and it's been 3.5 years, and I miss him every day. It's very difficult. You aren't alone.

  4. Obama is related to Hitler! Also, Hitler did nothing wrong!

  5. See this is exactly what I was thinking - I thought the Q argument was Hitler was misunderstood or something like that?

  6. I think it must be. Both my SIL's are yoga teachers, one from the Northeast and one from Japan, both triple vaxxed, both vegetarian, healthy diets, serious students but neither one into quack cures. I don't think eighter of their students are anti-vax.

  7. I teach yoga as well and have the vaccination and booster. It's definitely mixed. I think it does vary by region. I've run into some pretty insane yoga teachers with very extreme beliefs, so this isn't surprising.

  8. I have a friend who is this level of crazy. Over a decade ago, he landed an engineering job with a government contractor that he was HUGELY unqualified for, but he was a fast learner and people like him. The job pays 6 figures, generous PTO, high-quality medical insurance (which is a necessity for his wife, who has a serious and convoluted medical history). They let him work from home basically the whole pandemic.

  9. I know I'm shitting on my own family by saying that, but how can they think they're smart if they believe things like a vaccine radiating/shedding onto them? Sometimes I wonder how I made it out there staying sane. Maybe me moving to the other end of the world was a subconscious decision I made many years ago to protect myself from whatever is going on. My mom has always been a believer of angels, reiki, and other esoteric things, but until two years ago her beliefs didn't affect or harm anyone.

  10. Hey - the subconscious moving away really resonates. I did the same thing, moved as far away as I possibly could from my mother and she doesn't know my address. You aren't alone! Very similar circumstances to you - just DM'd you.

  11. My qmom sent the same article, sheesh.

  12. Hey - I understand your predicament because I had a similarly insane parent. It takes a lot of courage to go against all of that, so I am proud of you if you aren't proud of yourself. I also forced myself to get it even though I was afraid from 30 years of programming from my Qmother. It's okay to be scared - that's normal given your circumstances. You will feel very proud of yourself after doing it and realizing you are going to be okay. I totally get it and get scared myself but I did it anyway, and it's really helped my self confidence too. Please DM me if you need a pep talk!

  13. MAS7 says:

    I'm having a similar issue with a friend of about 10-15 years.

  14. YES on the attacking part. If I question anything that's said, I am attacking/dissing the person, but I have to be subject to dozens of absurd emails and videos after telling the person to stop.

  15. Mass formation hypnosis was most recently mentioned in the widely shared episode of a Joe Rogan podcast where he and Dr Robert Malone discussed it. Idk if links are allowed, but here is an article about it.

  16. Ugh yea my qmom started using this term as if it was some highly-researched phenomenon.

  17. As someone who once dated an awful person like that (it was a huge mistake, it was just after my Dad died and I was very vulnerable), she will have to come to the conclusion herself after taking enough abuse. She'll reach her limit eventually and will need you when she's out of it.

  18. Thank you. My sister has been through a lot (last year she got a divorce and had to put both of her cats down), so I knew that she probably wasn't using her best judgement when she met the guy. But, to be so dismissive of that shit... As a family member, it's so sad to watch. I hope she comes to her senses soon. Thank you for giving me hope and I'm glad you found your way out of that.

  19. Sounds like this guy just latched on and vice versa. Going through tough times sometimes make us temporarily vulnerable unfortunately. If she's normally not like this I'm sure she'll get sick of dealing with him especially if he does something egregious, which is what happened in my case.

  20. Hey - I'm sorry you are dealing with this. I'm about your age going through the same situation (Nmother - my father has passed away though), so if you ever need to vent or need someone to talk to, please DM me!

  21. This looks exactly like a text my mom would send! It's part of the playbook! Funny how she interprets (as does my Qmom) the fact that no one wants to be around her as proof of her superiority...

  22. She's been like this for years too, does it to all family members and friends. I don't think all Q people were always this awful but many I think were prior to Q...just another outlet for them!

  23. Australian here. This month I've been to half a dozen restaurants, gone to the cinemas twice, and visited family maybe 7 or 8 times (3 different sets of family members on Christmas day alone). The only "horror" I see here is how December forces me to be out and about every weekend, depriving me of well-deserved sleep-ins 😅

  24. Thanks for confirming what she is saying is ridiculous and insane.

  25. You're getting good advice on the emotional side of this, and trying to access support through your school.

  26. My own mother could have written this exact same message nearly word for word, it’s all so familiar, the language they all repetitively use. There is some serious brainwashing going on with these people.

  27. Had the same reaction as you - I've also received similar texts from my mother. It's scary they all think they are independent thinkers but the script is the same.

  28. Hey - this was literally me a couple of years ago. My two cents:

  29. Thank you so much for saying all of this, this really gives me so much hope, and also makes me feel like my choice to not sit quietly and say nothing about it—which my parents are really insisting is the better choice—is actually the right choice. I think I maybe get a little intense sometimes (I would NEVER judge HER harshly, but I can get quite upset about HIM, obviously), but when I actually interact with her, I’m just trying to keep my cool and just remind her that she deserves only the best best things. I’m SO happy to hear you got out of it, and that gives me so much hope for her!!! I’ll definitely work on sending her more info on narcissists and sociopaths. My mother is a narcissist (none of my siblings and i talk to her any more), which probably has something to do with my absolute laser focus on this guy. Thank you so much!!!!

  30. Of course. You are a good friend for not being quiet about it!

  31. I wish I had a sibling like you. You did the right thing.

  32. Is the J&J really not effective? It’s all I was able to get.

  33. I don't think this is accurate - the mRNA vaccines may be more effective but it doesn't mean J&J isn't effective at all.

  34. I despise the "liberal brainwashing" comments I get so damn much. It's such a backhanded way to say that everything you worked for was a waste of time.

  35. Right there with you. My qmom is more of an expert on higher education (and she did not go to college) than I am with an advanced degree.

  36. My qmom is like this and it's very disappointing (to put it mildly). Here's the thing - if they really believe masks don't work, it really doesn't matter because there's a standard of basic decency that they aren't meeting. They can think what they want but it's still important to treat people with respect and dignity whether or not you agree with them. They don't do this.

  37. What is all this about "I am not going to put something unknown into my body." Like she knows everything about all the other things she "puts into her body". Has she never taken any medicine or any other vaccine?

  38. This is what really gets me. Everyone I know who says this eats so much processed food full of chemical additives and hormones, and then have no problem taking lots of different types of medications. Unbelievable.

  39. The j&j has some risks for young women so I wouldn’t get it. That’s actually the shot I got and I was riddled with anxiety about blood clots for a good 2 weeks after. I also felt quite sick.

  40. Similar experience to you! Wish I had gotten Pfizer or Moderna but didn't because of needle anxiety.

  41. What booster are you going to get? I know I’m not getting j&j again!

  42. I'm getting Moderna based on the data I've seen! In fact I don't think it's that easy to get a J&J booster. I tried looking and at least where I am I'd have to find a doctor to do it, not in a CVS/Walgreens. Which one are you doing?

  43. the notion that we can’t think for ourselves and we’re just all brainwashed by the media, or higher education, or some liberal/socialist/communist/whatever intruder into our lives is enormously common. I’m a first gen college student and an attorney and was raised on getting as much out of an education as I could since my parents didn’t have the opportunity, and this past presidential election my mother said to me that she wishes I’d never gone to college. we’re all just poor, subjugated sheep who just refuse to/are incapable of listening or seeing or whatever. it’s the best defense mechanism they’ve got to keep themselves wrapped tightly in the conspiracy blanket, I guess.

  44. This really resonates. My mother shames me for being educated and wishes I didn't go to college let alone get an advanced degree. She's more of an expert of what goes on in college than I am, apparently, and she never went to college.

  45. Thank you for the support, I really appreciate it! I have tried talking to both of my parents before, but they are textbook narcissists. I’m often met with, “well that’s just sad, you should be able to have conversations about things you don’t agree on, that’s how you learn other perspectives” (my mom’s personal favorite) or “god, I can’t say anything without upsetting you, I don’t even know how to talk to you anymore” or “I think you’re reading a little too much into that, I didn’t mean anything by it.” I’m constantly minimized and dismissed. I’m not exaggerating when I say this has been happening for at least the last 15 years. It gets turned around on me so that I’M the one making the relationship difficult. But my therapist tells me “it’s like going to the hardware store to buy bread” because I’m asking them for something they don’t have, which is empathy and respect for me. I’m a grown woman, have a PhD, work at a university, and fully support myself but they still treat me like I’m 16 years old. Appealing to their feelings won’t work, unfortunately.

  46. I can't get over how similar this sounds to my situation. I know I already commented. You have more patience than me! I had to cut it off for my own sanity. I hope it doesn't come to that for you. Similarly, since I can remember my feelings were minimized. If anything I hope there's relief in knowing you aren't alone and it's not you.

  47. Thank you! I think this is what’s hard for me, them thinking I’m a bad person/ungrateful/petty when really it is so much more than that and they refuse to see how damaging it’s been regardless of how I try to talk to them about it. I need to remember that I’m not a bad daughter for taking care of myself.

  48. Well you aren't alone in this, that's for sure. It can't be a coincidence that so many people deal with pretty much the same personality type and it has the same effect on others!!!

  49. In a lot of cases narcissits use projecting, which is when they deny their own faults and instead pin them on you, or say that you have them in their own skewed world view. My mom and other narcissists I have known have all done this.

  50. Thanks, that's really helpful. It really is like a broken record. I've been hearing about how awful of a person I am since I was a child, and I really try to be self reflective about it. Yet she's the only one that's ever said these things to me.

  51. I’m a horrible, selfish person since I was a kid too. At other times, I’m the “prototype” and they got my younger sibling right (nmom’s words, not mine). These days I’m a selfish, stubborn, egoistic facist communist nazi (again, their words not mine). So please don’t take your nmom’s words to your heart because those are the most unoriginal opinions expressed. As my fiancee said, my nmom is not more than a sad stereotype and yours sure sounds like one too. :)

  52. I feel this. My mom send me the plandemic video and said I should watch it. I have a BS in Microbiology, MPH in public health, and am currently a 2nd year medical student. I've gotten the same "education is brainwashing you" and "thats what they want you to think" to where I am pretty low contact with her and we don't discuss politics, covid, etc at all (or I leave). My dad just recently got vaccinated (had to for work) and called me up to ask about how vaccines work in general. Good conversation and I was overjoyed to finally have it/have him get vaccinated. My mom will probably never get vaccinated as she's full in "the trump prophecy" but feels like a small step for my parents overall. She tried to unsuccessfully argue that we don't know how to do accurate PCR (due to "how quick" testing for new variant was available) to my sister getting her PhD in cellular biology - my sister she absolutely went off.

  53. I find it amazing that you are so much more knowledgeable about these things and yet your mom won't recognize it. It literally is a break from reality.

  54. We just moved (unrelated to my Q family), and my parents aren't getting our new address. We moved to a fairly tiny town, so it would be really easy for her to figure out where my husband and I work and where one of our kids goes to school. I legit worry about her trying to kidnap my kids "for their safety" because she doesn't even live in reality anymore.

  55. Same here - moved and won't give my qmom my address. Am I being paranoid?

  56. Hey, I understand what you are going through as I was in the same place at your age. Are you planning to go to college? Move out and find your own place? Once you are away from them, I promise you their influence will wane over time and you will get grounded back in reality, particularly if you find a good therapist as another poster mentioned.

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