1. Yes, because they are still legal to buy. They just can’t come with a jig or tooling…

  2. Mom can we get a kriss vector??….. “No, we have kriss vector at home”

  3. Hear me out… Evolution weapon systems buffer less ar bcg…. Drums on drums …… and in the back of a Toyota pick up

  4. Extruded arm can be cracked, upgrade to a metal one, stay with the single gear, the dual gear can be a mess sometimes

  5. If you’re are printing in a cold environment like a basement, that will do it

  6. New to printing, what would one save this for?

  7. I use it at as a reference sometimes, mostly a look back at the progress I’ve made

  8. I wouldn’t worry too much about what it used to be, it’s just junk now.

  9. Does grandpa answer to "Bubba"?

  10. Grandpa bubba lost his ears fighting an alligator

  11. Ender 3 running cura Esun pla+ 50 print speed

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