1. This post is about how I dislike how every other episode of this show is man hate or bs about how men are treated. It’s “toxic masculinity” “all men are bad”. Or “just have a nice personality, treat women well, listen to them and they will date you!” Fucking bs. You can be the nicest guy around, as long as your poor or not super fine women won’t want you. She’ll go get with the asshole cocky rich guy instead.

  2. LOLL if you want sex I’m pretty sure that requires you to treat the person of interest well.

  3. Yes. Don’t forget 80% of suicides are male, guys get longer and harsher prison sentences for the same crime, males work the hard jobs in society (have you even seen a trash lady or a female plumber?), war drafts are male only, only one male domestic violence shelter in the US while there are so many for women, women get protected in dire situations “save the women and children first” etc.

  4. Maybe 80% of suicides are committed by men because they are weaker.

  5. Ok why is rose saying “yes you can come here you’re welcome here” to ed???? Wwwwhaaaattttt

  6. I am sickened to the core that bilal actually comforted Ed and took up for him🤮🤮🤮. Absolutely Vial

  7. I'm short, not even as short as Shauna...and there are most definitely things that I can't even do because of my size, or my size making doing certain things more difficult. Even just lifting/carrying bags or other items. Whereas the ba/items would be higher up on a normal person using their arms extended all the way down, I would end up having to lift a bag/etc up to carry it to keep it from hitting the floor or being hit by my knees or dragging on the floor. So instead of being able to just hold things and let them hang while I walk, I have to bend my arms to lift the bags/etc up higher, using more strength to do, which is also I have less of because of my size. It takes me more time to grab something from "the top shelf" since I have to go and grab a stool or get up on the counter tops to grab whatever it is on the top shelf. Again with the strength thing, I would need help lifting anything heavy that a normal sized person would have no problem lifting...or even if it is lighter but big, I would still need help because of my wingspan and being too small to grab it. There are a bunch of things that I want to put up in my attic, but I do not have a standard ladder for it (I use a telescoping ladder) & I need help doing so because it would be too dangerous for me to be lifting anything remotely heavy to put up there.

  8. Well nobody said she can do everything. They are simply pointing out that she holds herself back. You can only blame your parents for so long until you become well over the age of adulthood. Then you take responsibility for yourself.

  9. She thinks that drinking and having tattoo makes her grown. She’s got the mentality of a 6 year old.

  10. depending how old you are, those of us over 30 are re-watching with a new perspective and you're right, some moments the double-standard gets outright disgusting.

  11. No it depends on maturity and morals. I’m 20 and noticed it immediately. It’s gross.

  12. Remember the one reunion where they showed a clip from miami where jwoww went to sam and said when they were in Long Island, Ron smushed some girl in the club bathroom when he was with Sam

  13. This chocolate hunk with a heart of gold goes to Ukraine and saves a whole generation of Ukrainian women from the good of his heart. They just so happen to also fall in love with his inner beauty.

  14. It’s god will that I impregnate the women of Ukraine!

  15. I think Tania can be a bit flaky, but she seems like a good person. When you go through something traumatic, which is what the divorce was for her, sometimes you have to just be kind to yourself and change your surroundings and have new experiences. With time, you get through it and you can begin to focus again. Let her have her good times!

  16. I thought so too until she kissed her biological sister 🤮🤮

  17. So many 90 day cast members have had only fans and still appeared on shows anyway. So why is Larissa banned? Screw you TLC

  18. Eutrice would make a really good ventriloquist

  19. She says she can only lift 20lbs because she's only 50lbs but thinks she can do 7 shots?? The math ain't mathin

  20. But why not find out what he means instead of jumping to the worst possible interpretation. Don't you think that makes you look like a racist?

  21. Assuming the worst about a black man and getting mad because he dates European women. Not a great look ...

  22. Yeah well when you are proven wrong pulling a race card when no one has once mentioned anything about him being black except you is not a very good one either.

  23. I picture a little empty baby sock hanging there

  24. If you want to defend a grown ass man attracted to Children then you can dig that hole yourself.

  25. Yeah I agree with you. This person arguing with you is obviously either still a child, a very young adult, or just a creep themselves. Because no one with a sensible mind would be opposed.

  26. creeps aren't just physically attracted to children, they want POWER and CONTROL and children are easy to manipulate and CONTROL! As someone who is only 4'11" - and smaller than some kids these days, but with more of an adult face and adult teeth (but still looking fairly young) you have zero idea of what you're talking about. Pedo... is about POWER. They seek sexual encounters with children to feel POWERFUL and a sense of CONTROL - likely a sense of power and control that they lost when they themselves were abused as a child - which is usually the case. Some people also find children less intimidating, also has to do with everything on the inside than on the outside. A 50 year old virgin might be more attracted to a 17 year old girl because she's likely to be a virgin over a woman that is appropriate for his age. Castrating pedos don't "cure" pedos nor does it create a sense of security that they won't re-offend...because it's not always about sex or appearance.

  27. Yeah I am aware and neither does defending them. You should analyze every text carefully to fully understand everything said before adding your two sense in. WE ARE MAINLY TALKING ABOUT APPEARANCES ONLY. Just because every reason someone could be a pedo wasn’t stated does not mean in any way I do not realize every said reason. Good day.

  28. Exactly, but we don’t know that is the case. I still think he is 🚩 but perhaps it is a fetish for small people or maybe to get exposure if he has a social presence. Either way, I would love to know what he does for a living that he is constantly jet setting.

  29. Please tell me that it's illegal to post videos of 17 year olds on only fans. Please

  30. Dan essentially internet stalked her and slid into her DMs in such a creepy grooming way “oh you’re soo strong and brave I love your story and everything you’ve been through”. Trying to get his sick fix “legally”.

  31. Yeah, Rylee is an odd one to me. She's 18/19 but really presents as much younger. I think it's ok to be immature at that age, but it makes it strange that a 26 yo guy is hanging around her online

  32. She does and of a man was physically attracted to her it’s suspect no way around it

  33. Seriously there was a married creep who commented on the subject recently in this community stating he believed she was mature and actually looked like a 20 year old. Deciding he could have interest in dating her. Deluded reality that one is in. I’d look into that if I were his wife.

  34. I saw that he was like she has proportions of a 20 year old I was like sir WHERW

  35. Exactly I was in shock no one was responding to this suspicious character so I had to say something. Creeped me out how they had 8 upvotes. Either they didn’t read his full statement or sadly we have sickos lurking in this community 😔.

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