1. For the Saints, their Crests were not passed on by having children but by giving their blood to humans, usually willingly. We see this in Jeralt's backstory, he was wounded protecting Rhea and she saved him by giving him her blood, which is why he has a crest of Seiros. I don't think it is ever directly mentioned but I would assume that Linhardt is the descendant of someone that Flayn once gave her blood to in a similar fashion, maybe to save them or because to make them stronger because they were allies or something along those lines.

  2. Now I get it, thanks :D

  3. Different markets. One likes casual relaxation while staring at a babe getting shit done and the other wants their balls stomped on 6 hours a day.

  4. And I for one, want both.

  5. Iroh is one of the best and loveliest characters on the show. I think irl there really is nobody disliking him. In atla probably people of the earth kingdom, as he was a general in his fathers army too. Maybe, while the show was still being made, some animatiors were like, aw shucks, not this dude again, but that also would refer less to Irohs character itself. All in all, no, nobody is capable of disliking Iroh :D

  6. So like, he could be seen as another person serving a mindless/useless war, as a general of the fire nation. If someone would be only focusing on that specific detail of him, then, he could be seen as bad. More doesn’t come to mind really

  7. The exercises will help you regardless of your preferred medium. But the lessons are meant for physical drawings. I think the instruction manual talks about this.

  8. I kinda didn’t read the manual at first 😅 Now I did…Thanks for telling me tho

  9. Fundamentals are everything no matter the art career - research what they are

  10. Thank you very much :)

  11. Since you are thinking of cartoons, here is a nice tutorial series.

  12. His Crest, mainly. And it's rather specific to her for reasons I won't spoil.

  13. I‘m exited to find out :D

  14. It looks awesome :D May I ask what program you used for the animation?

  15. Hi! 19/F from Germany here! I‘ll study game design soon (studied something else previously, but I‘ll switch next semester-it made me depressed). Not the most active person, but since I’m using the rest of my current semester for recovering, I‘ll try to get more into sports (like skating-I love that!). Games and drawing are another passion of mine...(though I always end up not practicing-so I‘m not that experienced yet). Anyway if you’re interested, please dm me :)

  16. I‘ll try it out, thank you!

  17. The only thing I've been told for flashcards is write it in words you understand. How you would explain it. Still has to be right but your words are a lot easier to remember than * insert gargon for any job*

  18. Ok-thank you ^ (I actually didn’t try that)

  19. Hi! If you’re still looking I would love to be your penpal :)

  20. If you don't get a reply from the op, I'd be happy to be your penpal! I'm 19 f and also from Melbourne :) ich kann auch ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen und ich möchte gerne es üben.

  21. Hey :D I‘m 19, F and from Germany. Open to use both Snail Mail and Postcard, whatever you prefer. I only ever heard of penpals in elementary school and would love to try it out now. :)

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