Thinking of adopting this 26 lb cat. Looking for a good name.

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  1. Not sure why everyone is giving you negative answers here, she is easily soloable with a Giga. The one I used had a decent saddle and she does maybe 8k damage at most and I rock almost the exact same health. She is not difficult.

  2. Beyla is fucking light work, was able to take her on with a high level mana.

  3. This comment and the one above it are the only ones that matter ^

  4. Are you on official? Pve?? Looking for other fems 😍

  5. Yikes… I play on pve … no boosted servers but def ppl to hang with and trade and everyone so nice. They’ll let ya breed or give you eggs….

  6. Cute but I’m salty you’re one of the tribes that have the castle…. On pve it didn’t matter if I was the first one on, always gonna be some other super dedicated ding dong ready to crush my dreams….

  7. Just here to add record player by madJ …. Literally a TikTok going around saying it’ll help your neurodivergent brain and lemme tell you. Mine poppin right now

  8. He's a great guy and I never thought he would be the type to cheat

  9. Also what map are you on and what do you play? PVP or PVE? I’m always looking for fellow females to play with lol

  10. Lol I actually have my own server and play w my bf most of the time but we have been DYING to find people to play with omg it’s really hard to find nice players 😂😂😂😂

  11. Also, I’ll play whatever server if you’ll have me 🤣

  12. Lmao I know the feeling! People are so cruel these days aha. I got Covid and got kicked out of a tribe LOL. Only after they CUT my pink hair 🙃

  13. Can you not feed them from Mae wing? Not sure if I have to put in it’s own inventory like the sino?

  14. Me to. Only been playing a month or so. Realized aberration is the best map ever because no fliers for me lol. I dislike flying sadly. I am curious if anyone has played maps like ragnarok or crystal isles without fliers and how it went? I know rag has thylas that can climb lol

  15. Crystal also has thylas, also I’ve seen it done on Crystal with no fliers. That’s crazy though, I bet it change’s up the whole game with no fliers and forced to survive on ground by foot. Pretty cool. I won’t do it. But pretty cool 😂

  16. I enjoy the game more when I have to explore. The moment I find a flier it’s like well I no longer need a small army of tamed Dino’s. It’s my personal feel lol. It’s what makes aberration my favorite map

  17. That’s pretty lit actually. So you can’t transfer flyers in at all? And there are none that exist on the map? Is that correct? If so, I guess that is pretty dope. Also cool af not to worry about little flying buttheads knocking you off or stealing your ish

  18. Kid those just came out last year with the Gen 2 map. Some of us played for 6 years before them and raised successfully without crutches

  19. Omg that is so amazing of you! Thank you so much for being a twat! I really needed that today. Thank you 😘

  20. Also is no one using a maewing to raise your babies for you?!?!

  21. For sure man! Invertebrates are truly marvels of nature. Every insect is unique in so many different ways that they’d all bring something fresh to the game. I feel like a giant moth or butterfly, similar in size or maybe even larger than a quetz or wyvern would be amazing to see. It could have an intimidation ability because of the markings seen on some species, the ones that mimic eyes. Like a Polyphemus moth or something.

  22. Super cute! Sounds like you and me are the same person lol. If you happen to be on pve I got some cute wyvs you’d probably like lol

  23. Hi. Ex addict in recovery, cause we can recover. This is an overdose just not one that makes you unresponsive. Kicking him out wouldn’t necessarily leave him dead in days I promise you this. You need money for these drugs that don’t come for free. And the little that an addict has to offer, would be a place where you could hang and be high without being bothered or a place to get high so if you take that away, you take away the “friends” that will have no use for him. Then goodbye to the drugs the friends have or supply. I promise you. If he has any chance at all, he needs a hard rock bottom, and QUICK.

  24. On pvp everything you build in one day or two weeks if you could even make it that far, Can be destroyed as soon as you go to sleep and aren’t there to guard it. So. Idk ppl that play pvp are a whole different breed

  25. There are multiple servers for different maps. There will never be a nowwhere you can build. Ark pvp is the most toxic game you will play. I mean a simple search would solve that question, watch some videos lol. People are just cruel. Now the pve servers are LIFE. My particular server number is fire, we’re all kind and trade or give things to each other. All one goal, to survive and thrive.

  26. Also gotta factor in some could be twins and triplets … boyyy I love getting those! Ha

  27. Yes! I worked full time before quarantine and my sanity AND personality has just been a downward spiral the past two years. I feel like I've lost a part of myself.

  28. It’s okay to not want to be a SAHM. I did it for six months. I got to see all her milestones and such but I’m in a situation where I absolutely have to work. But I was going through depression and anxiety so bad staying at home, it’s because you have so much time to think and compare you’re entire life to anyone you see from the outside. It feels like you’re on the outside looking in at people, whether it be on social media, or watching people go about their lives out the window… so. Much. Time. To. Compare. Gotta let someone take the kid(s) for the day and treat yourself. I’m so beyond stressed right now that my body is physically in so much pain I’m so tense. I was thinking, maybe a massage this weekend? Do that. Go get a massage and maybe do a little shopping for just mama bear. People forget, it’s a full time job being a SAHM and while the working mom gets days off, sick days, and the weekend! A SAHM gets ZERO. So just remember that, like you literally would be getting some days off if you were working a job. So why deprive yourself of those? Guilt free mommy days off!

  29. Yeah, I was gonna go with the white lies too. “Recovering alcoholic, but thank you for offering. “ or that you can’t mix it with medications you’re on. OR. “I can’t it gives me stomach ulcers”

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