1. Maybe the Habits Song by Tove Lo for some inspiration

  2. Haha omg i love that you said this. I always Sing this song as loud as i can when I’m alone in my car 😂😂

  3. Genuine question, not being snarky or rude, but why even invite the 3 cousins you blocked in the first place?

  4. Our policy was no ring no bring, unless we know both people well enough for them to be invited of their own accord. Engaged and married couples were a yes, boyfriends/girlfriends were a no. This policy was applied everywhere, even to bridesmaids and groomsmen if we didn't know their SO and they weren't married or engaged.

  5. I’m glad this seemed to work out for you! The “no ring no bring” phrase makes me cringe though. I’ve been with my SO for 12 years but no ring so i guess no bring 😂

  6. I have to say, out of the people cohabiting we knew pretty much all of their SOs well enough for them to be invited of their own accord - because they'd been together a long time and we'd been round their house for dinners and things. Our guests were all local enough to us that we did see them regularly enough to know their SOs. There were only therefore 4 cohabiting SOs who we didn't end up inviting, and all of these had friends who were coming on their own too, so as I said they just grouped together!

  7. Yeah i totally agree with you there i meant just the phrase itself sounds dated. Could be regional too. I know enough people in committed long term relationships that this is not a blanket rule i could not apply

  8. It’s a cute outfit for fun. But the bare midriff and the short length is too much for a wedding.

  9. I can hear “the things I do for macaroons…” ugh god 😂😂

  10. Haha I’m rewatching and that’s the episode i watched yesterday 😂😂😂

  11. What would they do with fresh produce? All Sarah eats is processed garbage and venison/velveeta slop

  12. Listing the names would help. Seems like You could incorporate two names in one drink.

  13. Yeah i think you are SOL…next time - definitely don’t sign anything until everything is looking the way you want it to, especially the amount and any signing promos

  14. looking at the residency requirements for a license, none of the others (in-state tuition, state benefits, or another license at resident rates) apply to me

  15. When you change your address with USPS, that is a form of showing new residency.

  16. ahh I hope this is still true! would make life so much easier

  17. Auto insurance/renters insurance, phone bill, utility bill, bank document…they accept a lot of proof of residence.

  18. I think she has help for the kids and the businesses. We have all seen her house- she does NOT have help cleaning. If she does- they need to be fired.

  19. Lmao, she recently said on a live that they have a house cleaner come every so often soo you know that’s the ONLY time anything gets cleaned

  20. I really believe she doesn’t. She said they have a cleaning person. She doesn’t cook meals. She used to put O in a baby gate containment or she’s filming her. She doesn’t proofread any of her work. Puts her kids to bed by 5pm. Is on her phone all the time which is her work. I guess my question is, what gives you the impression that she does it all?

  21. If you’re interested, Silk Sonic (Bruno Mars & Anderson Paak) have a concert on Wednesday night (like 9pm) at the Dolby Live theater in Park MGM. If I could go, I totally would.

  22. I just shove the orange slice down the neck of my bottle. Can get to drinkin it faster 🤣

  23. (Weekends) Beach house cafe in Kirkland, maltby cafe, cactus in Bellevue or Kirkland

  24. Highly recommend going together. We went to a trunk show together from a jeweler i love. If you haven’t tried on different stone styles, it’s important to find what you like on your hand (i thought i wanted one style until i saw it on my hand and hated it). You don’t have to buy anything together but at least you guys can both get a feel for what you want, sizing, and it can be a romantic date. He/she can still totally surprise you with an engagement without being blindsided but a ring you might not love.

  25. Yeah, this is my sentiment, too! We both want the surprise but I'm definitely scared of spoiling something special by being picky lol I have a good idea of what I want but it will definitely be best to check out stones/styles in person. It also does sound romantic to make a day of it & will ease up the stress on him if he knows what I want.

  26. Honestly don’t think you will spoil anything! Just because you want the engagement to be a surprise doesn’t mean the actual ring has to be. Especially if you are openly talking about engagement. He can still have final say in the ring (if you want) but at least this way he has some direction and you also get a clear picture on what you want. you can even do a custom ring together which would have a lot of special meaning as well , and the engagement can still be a total surprise. You will be the one wearing it and it’s a lot of money to buy something that you may or may not love (and you really should love everything about your ring - not just that it’s from you SO!) best of luck!

  27. same, i’m new here lmao

  28. 😂😂 welcome. yeah she’s been pretty open about her extensions throughout her social media presence. I think right after her wedding she took them out for a bit and then eventually got them back in.

  29. The lashes are just so confusing. How does she look at pictures and be like “yes, I look great!”

  30. It’s honestly really easy to develop a warped sense of normal when you look at yourself everyday. I just remember back in high school when i would go into the tanning beds and i never felt tan enough and now looking back at pictures, i cringe at how tan i was. I’m sure she sees her lashes and never thinks they are thick enough or feels naked without them. If she were to gradually get used to not wearing them, I’m sure she would cringe looking back at herself in pictures

  31. I know this will be an unpopular opinion. As someone who lifts- This is used a lot in physical therapy to help with knee pain and to prevent knee pain. It strengthens the tendons and the tibialis anterior (the shin muscle). Calf raises literally does nothing to help the knee. It’s the same concept with tennis elbow. We do forearm strengthening exercises to help with the tendon. She is saying shin because 99% of people would not know what the tibialis anterior is. Let’s just be honest with ourselves. I know we aren’t fans of hers but because we don’t like her it’s easy to find issue with everything she does

  32. Interesting , what kind of knee pain? Like arthritis? Don’t you only have a couple of tendons that connect to the knee and everything else is ligaments? I’ve blown out both my ACLs, MCL, and meniscus in my soccer days and I’ve literally never done this in all the PT I’ve had to do. Nor have i done calf raises. Lots and lots of quads and hammys tho. But also maybe that means i need to strengthen my shins 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  33. Just typical aches from lifting. I know everyone hates her so much that anything she does is wrong. I’m not a fan of hers by any means, but she actually is doing something that’s ok here

  34. Yeah i mean her exercise is fine, just was curious about this and knees.

  35. Yikes. Soo instead of being upfront and honest and breaking up/divorcing someone, you would cheat on them? This ain’t it.

  36. I’m always confused bc pump cover is so much longer to say than shorts and shirt? Am i missing something?

  37. ? That’s the post that offended you? I feel like people have said WAY worse things about her on here…

  38. I never said that certain things said in this sub aren’t gross? There’s plenty of stuff said on here that i don’t agree with. I think anytime we talk about the kids feels weird and i don’t think reaching out to Sarah directly is the way to do it. Even though we speculate in the sub, it’s not like we really know what’s going on. She lies constantly anyways. What’s the point? Does the person really think Sarah is going to be like “omg i never thought of that, what good advice”. They are probably saying it with malicious intent.

  39. are the people in the back taking pictures of each other?

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