1. Oh damn didnt realize it was both files… i had been looking for a separate file😅😅

  2. If you want to buy it twice I'd be more than happy xP

  3. Ill see if i can throw the file in fusion and make a quick edit to avoid dremeling and possibly weakening the frame

  4. My brother has a gen3 19 and im sure he would appreciate a free frame🤷‍♂️ only cost me 4$ to print

  5. Does your light “fit” on your frame because on mine the light will come off when shooting

  6. Mine was actually really snug, i had to heat up the slide cut for the notch on the tlr, then press the tlr into the notch, but its been very tight since and i have tried prying on it since i was curious if it was really on good enough.

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