What can I buy my wife for $16?

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  1. Sometimes i wonder if there are sexually compatible couples in the world

  2. Write her a old fashioned love letter, telling her how much and why you love her.

  3. To form a close friendship with a woman my age. I don't have friends. I only associate with younger people, I seem to have more in common with them.

  4. Maybe it’s just that you have a young soul and i think it’s cool

  5. During a dry spell in my college years, I hooked up with a good (and gay) friend that I found handsome. I had flirted with the idea before and was open about my curiosity to friends, but never put it in action before that moment.

  6. If you had 1 hour to make a meal that could win you $1,000 what would you make?

  7. Well you don’t know my exes xd , plus i have nothing to prove with a fake reddit account

  8. I would say someone with a decent educational background, who values communication , respects boundaries and open minded plus not boring w maybe a bit attractive xd

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