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  1. The screen. The instant I boot up my laptop the screen gets like this. Whole screen is black only a little bit of it is visible but even that is flickering.

  2. We need a 3 way tie between Heath Ledger, Mark Hamill, and Jack Nicholson. They are all amazing in their own way

  3. Doesn’t look like the clone is bootable. I’ve never used that software myself

  4. Just because it doesn't happen mid wipe doesn't mean its lazy. The builds literally show the changes happening throughout beta. And they usually make cinematic trailers for it too.

  5. They list bug fixes for their patches. They do not list any of the events. Any videos you are seeing for recent stuff is a brand new trend. I started playing when the game was still “Alpha”. During a Beta the whole point of the beta is to test new systems and try different things to see how they work. The past two wipes have been very light on these. I feel for the studio and their situation on world events, but don’t act like they are good at communication

  6. Oh I know they aren't Im not saying that. But I was right about your poor choice of wording. And no beta is to iron out the kinks and expand the gameplay with the formula selected not completely overhaul it. After all beta is meant to mean near completion. Which lets be fucking honest BSG clearly shouldn't of called it a beta to begin with

  7. The Jon B glasses also work for the alien mask, but not this good. They look better on the balaklava

  8. Can we even compare them? I don’t think I saw anything about using the PSVR2 as a PCVR headset. It far outspecs the Quest 2. It should be an awesome headset for the price. The only issue is content.

  9. The Shield version is the android version. I believe I have the Pro? The set top version. The only major issue is I have to make sure to clear the app before I put it to sleep. It has issues with staying logged in and not refreshing.

  10. Mid tier pc to me is a pc sub $800. You described what costs over $1,200 where I live… that’s not really comparable to a Xbox that cost me $300. I get making you own pc is cheaper but I doubt you’d still match the price tag. Also I’m sure they were even pricier back in the early 2010s

  11. The Xbox One released at $500 here and the 750ti was already going obsolete as a $150 or less card before 900 series came out. I don’t see where your numbers come from. The Xbox and PS4 were made from AMD designs, which at the time sucked. Its shortly before AMD almost went bankrupt

  12. About $1200 is the total price of the pc after the fact. If you didn’t make it yourself. That’s what a pc with that hardware costs right now, at my local stores. Yet Xbox ones are far cheaper. Pc is way better in most regards but when it comes to price for what you get consoles aren’t a bad choice, until they get outdated. Which could be completely different for you. I do live up in Alaska so I’m sure that has to do with it as well.

  13. I’d put tales of the Jedi over andor

  14. Yeah, it hits so hard to see how Dooku was hurting and seeing corruption before he decided enough was enough.

  15. Too bad they didn't just make the series about count dooku, did we need yet another ahsoka show? Plus if they weren't a major character, the voice acting felt off like it was the interns

  16. The only reason I find it nice they did it the way it was done was for the symmetry. Both were on a parallel journey. Both had loss, both saw the corruption, but they went 2 different directions. I can appreciate that aspect.

  17. It says M.2 25mm. So one of the little baby M.2’s in M key. I don’t see any way of actually screwing it down though, which is weird. Also you have to be careful cuz some of these little ports like this are designed ONLY to run a wifi add in m.2

  18. The silkscreening you’re talking about is actually “M2x2.5” which is the spec of the screw holding the board down.

  19. Oh I see now. Completely missed that. But man an M2 is a tiny thread to mount a board with

  20. I never had an issue with mine even though I crept into the 8-9GB of VRAM usage range. Are you sure you’re only on 100% resolution? Also do you have at least 16GB of RAM? Also make sure to enable ReBAR and turn off the windows setting for advanced gpu scheduling.

  21. As an Ohioan, I have no idea whats going on or where it started. We’re the most neutral state you could find.

  22. I swear this, the wear 2 masks, a dementia patient is the most popular pres in history.

  23. The ability to throw rocks as fake grenades would be awesome, also have them do 1 damage if they hit someone cause it'll be funny.

  24. Explanation: basically I have this desktop that was given to me as a hand me down.

  25. We really need to know more. Some pre-builts are fine. Some flat out wont accept upgrades. I also assume theres some form of gpu but its not in this pic.

  26. System ram isn’t an issue(unless you play Escape From Tarkov). 16GB is perfectly fine. Make sure its 2 sticks, not one 16GB module. The more important thing is your gpu vram. VR seems to hog the hell out of it. It is important whether you have the 6GB or 12GB version of the 3060. 6GB probably will bottleneck you. 12GB is more than enough. On my Valve Index I was seeing in the 8GB of usage area on stuff like FO4 VR and Half Life Alyx

  27. Thats the 4k monitor I was almost thinking of getting. I want the 27GN950-B for this setup. Maybe ill just do 3 monitors then. Then I dont have to worry about bandwidth and using an HDMI 2.1. So 2x 4k monitors and 1x 1080 with maximum fps output.

  28. You can’t do surround with different resolutions. It’ll set all of them to 1080p. When you do surround you want EVERYTHING identical. The surround stuff can get a little wonky. Like when I mentioned losing G Sync. Its totally possible to completely goof that up if it wants all 3 on displayports.

  29. Better off connecting one of the 4K144 to HDMI 2.1 and using one of the displayports for the 1080p gamer monitor, since that may or may not one won't have enough bandwidth through HDMI.

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