1. Laws Of The Jungle 2 Days 1 Night - I prefer the 3rd & 4th season tho. Family Outing Invicible Youths 1st Season 3 Meals A day-Gochang Village 3 Meals A Day-Fishing Village 5 Hyori Beds & Breakfast 1st & 2nd Season Roommate 1st & 2nd Season Hello Baby- I've watched the season with Snsd/MBLAQ/B1A4/SHINee. Seventeen One Fine Day's (2016) Weekly Idols with TeenTop as a guest. They're brutal there😂

  2. That one ep where they invite Hong Jinyoug,Leeteuk,Eunhyuk to travel around the countryside doing missions while singing and greeting the elders. That was one boring ep.

  3. unless he's Cha Taehyun who can garner big bucks from his movie or drama, he really needs to focus on his career as an actor first. Respect seems to be a nonexistent word in your life.

  4. it's because the nuances and phrases in Korean didn't mean the same in English. cue the lost in translation and then trying to translate the words into English in their heads making them hesitate to speak in English. If you're comfortable with your native language and have a translator to help you,why bother learning a new language? unless you're 1st or 2nd gen idols trying to survive in a new country like Japan.

  5. it's time to put an end to their relationship. they're nothing but toxic to each other. Ho in my baby needs to let out some steam after that prick sunbae always trying to pick on him.

  6. Rix Vanus Marry You Yes I will His Enemy Lucky Paradise Traces of The Sun Necromancer Survival Monochrome Rumor Give Up on Love


  8. Well this is mine which I'll say I'm considering their looks since their debut till now.

  9. If I'm not wrong i think its a fanfic series by

  10. Cheerful Kyungsoo before sasaeng started shit.

  11. that they need some sort of title for each of their idols actions. y'know, the first idol to do this,the first idol sang this,the song reached the fastest view in 1 sec, which really put me off with how it needed to be the first in everything so their idols can be acknowledged even tho the points of the acknowledgement is just to satisfy their ego.

  12. He is also a pain in the ass for Nanami😭😭 Imagine the stress accumulated for him to aged like a fine wine.

  13. my younger brother taught me how to play it. at first I was introduced to Just Cause ➡️ Uncharted ➡️ Horizon Zero Dawn➡️Watch Dogs➡️God of War ➡️Spiderman➡️GTA. I can't say all of it is my fav but I do prefer GOW2018,HZD, Uncharted 4, and Watch Dogs 2.

  14. I hate the fight with Baldur,Modhi and Mogni. I wish I could escape it. I love everything but my fav is always at Freya garden or specifically the area around the 🐢. and the first time Atreus met Brok,helping him to chase away a draught hiding behind the tree that scared his pet.

  15. How to be a dark hero daughter? i think the arts are pretty good compared to other manhwa which I can say really prone to be like manga-ish.

  16. you missed the episode where Jihyo was kicked by Kwangsoo for acting cute by asking the brothers to build her an igloo house. The nuance of the kick and Jihyo slap on his head is the same, it's saying 'what are you bullshitting about?' 'are you joking with me?'.

  17. i hate the fight at the start with Baldur. annoying 🫥

  18. for crappy translation and fast update, go to and for manhua bl, i used manhuahot&lalamanga. generally i use mangago.

  19. the scenes are never mentioned in the manga but Natori & Matoba did see the yukata when they go for the meeting in one of the flashbacks.

  20. getting annoyed with the plot. They're really trying hard to push romance between Ijin and Yuna. I really hope he stays out of the SW family after this arc ends. I wanna see more of his background.

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