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The combat feels incredibly clunky in Valhalla

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  1. Just make sure to check out those cool stickum catches from Jerry Rice, he literally admitted to it.

  2. How is the ball circle bad? The white circle is where you aimed for and the orange circle is where you ball would hit the ground, it seems pretty accurate

  3. Homie picked the ball from jumping 5 yards under the ball. Would never happen in NFL.

  4. Sad that this is what I had to do to get an American flag in a game with 490 pride flags available. I really don't care that those flags are available but it really bothers me that I cant show my pride for the flag my family members died for, and the one I currently serve for. But I guess that all changes now due to a soccer game lmao.

  5. Be nice to see Khazmat not fight a can. Awful stylistic matchip against number 16 fighter

  6. I don’t care this is good action and he’s the champ bringing the pressure

  7. Honestly I'm a huge no preorder dude, but I think this one is prolly the safest preorder since Mass Effect originals.

  8. small indie company has no incentive to rebuild the program for 2v2 gameplay because the consumers are satisfied throwing money at their screen for drafts, cosmetics, and typical free-to-play game model schemes (battle-pass/currency/log in daily/don't miss out limited time crap)

  9. The issue I have with your argument is that I barely play Arena or spend money on it because of the fact it's missing a game mode that developers used to implement on Xbox in 2011 and 2012. In my opinion they're losing money.

  10. You should stop crying, your mate cheated and probably ever did. Just because he is bad dosnt mean he is legit. Some people are just too stupid, even with cheats. And if you are silver, you dont have the knowledge to see if someone is cheating or not.

  11. My rank is locked. I can't lose my way to Silver 1 or win my way to Silver 3 I swear lol. I have other accounts at Gold Nova, and I've been higher in the past around 2014. Thanks for your input.

  12. There is no difference in playstyle between a silver and a gold nova and locked ranks doesnt exist. Also such a thing like elohell doesnt exist. 2016 was a big ranking update for CSGO, a mg got gn after and things like this. You can google it, if you want. But this isnt the topic your post is about.

  13. This is incredibly incorrect. I never said I topped out at Gold Nova. Gold Nova Master is what I'm usually at and that's most definitely not my highest rank. You're awfully invested in this to be so wrong bro. He also isn't my sexual partner.

  14. God almighty this is one of the worse combat systems I've ever used, let alone an AC game.

  15. I believe the dGPU is hardwired in to the USB C. Shouldn't mean it doesn't work on the others but I think generally HDMI isn't as frame rate capable or stable as DisplayPort. If you have a USB C to DO that would help test.

  16. They are? My guys just trip and fall over when someone falls on the ground in front of them. I even got “tackled” from a guy that fell down the other day.

  17. I've been under the impression you cannot collide with players on the ground. Mainly because if they don't jump over them they run over them like they aren't there. I would love to get a tackle from the turf.

  18. This is the worst rated Madden. Until they drop an update later this week, changing 4 small things, it will be the first time in 3 years the game has updated Franchise. This game is rather horrible, but especially bad this year.

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