I turned my dog into a NPC character for my game

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Blender Anime Shading and Lighting.

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  1. I have never owned a FE card. Can you some of you please share how well they perform compared to cards like EVGA’s FTW3 and ASUS Strix/TUF in terms of cooling and noise especially? Looks wise, they are really cool. Thank you

  2. Here is a small write up for this setup.

  3. How easy was it to build in that case?? I am considering building a PC for my brother so he can travel around Asia and doing 3D rendering/Animation in Blender, Zbrush, Unity (for game design). I am currently thinking of those same exact components as well. Was undervolting the 5800X fairly simple and easy?? Thank you so much! Can you share what air cooler that is? Is that the best one for this case??

  4. I wonder if I can put a 7950X at 65w TDP and a 4080 16GB (undervolt) in a small form factor case and get good temps like people are getting with a 5950X and 3080 Ti (undervolt). If so, that would be super sweet and absolutely amazing. That will be my 10 year system right there :)

  5. I’ve used ECO mode on my 5900x A4 build for about a year now and haven’t had any problems.

  6. Is that one of the Dan cases? Not the H2O case, right? May I ask what thermals you get on the 5900X please? I would love to see if I can fit a 7950X in a Dan H2O case, set it to eco mode, and get good stability & performance on gaming and productivity tasks like blender, Zbrush and video editing… :)

  7. Highest temp I’ve seen while doing benchmarks was 83C but usually stays high 60’s to mid 70’s while gaming. I use the blackridge low profile cooler

  8. Wow… that’s with an air cooler??? That’s super impressive. Thank you for sharing! What GPU are you rocking??

  9. When can we expect to hear about them? Is it usually at CES 2023?

  10. Such adorable cutie pies :) Is there a way to buy them at a reasonable price somewhere??

  11. What a cutie! Is there a buy her at a reasonable price somewhere???

  12. Can you please do a tutorial on this??? I would love to fit a 7900X and 4080 16GB on my very first T1 V2 build and I don’t see an option to make this happen other than going liquid cooling. Do you think something like that can be viable???

  13. I am considering what current sff cases I can choose to fit either a 4090 or 4080 16GB in. Dan H2O and T1 V2 I believe will fit the FE cards and I would love it if the NCASE M1 will fit the 4090. Can you please share your thermals (idle/gaming/load) and noise with the 3090 FE card please? Also, a pic of your case with the mod will be great!

  14. Since the FE cards are thicker this generation the stand offs in the A4-H2O might not be able to fit, so the flow through fan will be blocked.

  15. Oh I see…that’s unfortunate! Both the 4090 and the 4080 16GB are the same size but the 4080 12GB is smaller right? I wonder if that would fit without being blocked.

  16. May I ask what smaller people 3090 cards you would recommend?

  17. May I ask how long it took you to do this? Do you have an art background or experience with art? I would just now getting into blender and have no art background.. interested in game making/design and coding :)

  18. That necklace is so cute on her! She is an absolute cutie pie and so adorable! I love the look her face :)

  19. Is it possible to still buy this cutie pie at a reasonable price?? Congratulations to you! Such a beautiful figure!!!

  20. My first ever PC build having been a console gamer for the longest time. I originally purchased a gaming laptop about 9 months ago but gave it to my brother cause I wanted a more powerful system.

  21. Beautiful work! I am happy to hear that the temps are better in this case than in your previous 30 liter case!

  22. Best $3.00 I've ever spent. This is a great game and is absolutely packed with content.

  23. So this game will be $3 till September 21st but then it will go up - only for people who buy it later part that date? Or is it also for people who already paid for it?? Thank you!

  24. The price increase is only if you buy the game after the 21st. If you already own it, or buy it before the 21st, you don’t pay any extra.

  25. I am interested in gaming making! May I ask what all you would recommend for someone new please?? I’m learning coding at the moment and working on asperite and blender (very basic level stuff). Thank you!

  26. May I ask what all did prior to this - in terms or tutorials or any resources you used? This is pretty well done! I am considering starting blender this week and I would love to get here one day soon! Keep it up!!!

  27. Superb stuff! May I ask how long it took you to get here? Do you have art background??

  28. Can you please tell me how you masterfully inserted that AIO (Phantek) inside the H2O with the RGB cap/frame please? I have seen people complain that they could fit the AIO but without the cap - unless they cut a bit of it. Thanks!

  29. This is so helpful! Many thanks for sharing your great insight! Will be looking at this closer and referring in the future

  30. How do these games compare to the yakuza series?? What’s the main selling point of these games??? Thank you

  31. Played both on PS4 slim this summer. AMAZING games but at times performance just felt like a slideshow, especially in bigger scenes with lots of particle effects and enemies.

  32. Same here, super excited since I will be building my very first pc to do gaming and video editing. :)

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