1. Aquafina is 14?! I COMPLETELY missed that. Guess I'm back to Mr. Peanutbutter.

  2. yessss in the first ep with sarah lynn, a ryan seacrest type introduces her as “14 year old dubstep wunderkind sextina awkwafina”

  3. okay but that last quote helped me turn my life around immensely soooooo tough titties im gonna use it

  4. i love being a woman but i hate what it means to be a woman socially sometimes

  5. Says the one that stalked my profile because I got you mad. Dude being soft isn’t gonna get you anywhere

  6. thats an embarrassing take and one that ends in violence every single time. im blocking you now because you are uneducable

  7. this asshole is using this acct to harrass women but he still wants points for being “a good guy” check out his comment history. embarrassing LMAOSODIAO

  8. Not all men should just disappear, just the ones that are abusive. There are some really good men but they don’t get as much attention because of the men who talk about being abusive.

  9. Obviously not all men are bad??? why do we keep having to say that?? humanitys crimes against women in real life outweigh mean things said on the internet and im tired of having to pat men on the shoulders and comfort them over hurtful online rhetoric. like sorry random tik tok user whos probably a minor hurt your grown ass feelings. but maybe if there werent so many terrible fucking men there wouldnt be so many of those comments. how about instead of bitching on reddit you go outside and encourage the men in your life to be better? and if the internet keeps hurting your feelings so much, maybe just log off.

  10. A big difference between Bojack and Todd is their relationship to power. Todd was kicked out of the house at 18, doesn't have stable employment, experiences homelessness, etc. whereas Bojack is a wealthy celebrity.

  11. good- STOP ordering chicken at this franchise. there is a good chance it its very uncooked or dirty.

  12. Whatever happened to Ethan Around?? They never mentioned the show again when BJ quit! Did it finish getting made? Did Ethan become famous again? Did he get his house back??

  13. I’m pretty sure ethan around never went past the one pilot: remember lenny turtletaub mentioned that when he told pc to hire bj for filbert? i think part of the reason we never know what happened to ethan (other than presumed severe economic misfortune) could be that what bojack did to ethan is such an insignificant blip on bj’s radar, that what he did to ethan pales in comparison to all the other horrible shit he’s done that it doesnt even occurr to him to revisit ethan. the first five seasons (and arguably a good portion of the 6th) show bojack to be someone who is drowning and feels that theres no way out, so he wallows in self pity. remember the conversation he had with diane, “i am the one who has suffered the most because of the actions of bojack horsement”? while it is true hurting others hurts oneself, bojack has seemed to give up on caring how his actions hurt others: is it because he truly doesnt care about how he hurts others? or because he is so burnt out from hating himself so intensely all the time as a means to hold himself accountable in his own shitty way? all the way he self sabotages always reads to me as a way to self harm as a punishment. he is so bad at holding himself accountable (probably because he doesnt know how) so hurting others in a subconscious effort to push them away is his way of taking responsibility.

  14. My thoughts on why the writers didn’t explicitly state SL’s SD molested her: I think it further drives home the point how little SL was protected as a child actor and how easy it is to hide these things under the rug. SL said these little side comments for years, but no one noticed she was troubled until there was physical evidence of her drinking alcohol. Even then, they barely investigated. They pointed the finger at Sharona and all moved on.

  15. As someone whose father allllways put his second wife first I feel OP’s pain. I think this dad, like my father, is so worried if he stands up to the spouse the spouse will dump him that he caves into the spouse’s wishes at the expense of the kids.

  16. this brings to mind that conversation bojack had with doctor champ about his issue with horses when they were in the bar, about how all the horses he looked up to (and saw himself in) when he was young all disappointed him and he internalized the idea that he should hate himself as well

  17. Yes, he also told her that all the Victorious kids drink on set and that the iCarly kids "need a bit more edge". Not sure if that was true or just a lie to pressure her.

  18. ive heard that victorious was cancelled bc the substance abuse & sexual activity on set that would have sent so many lawsuits nickelodeons way

  19. Oh yes, I'll remember him fondly as one of the great fuck ups in Bojacks life that he actually couldn't even be blamed for.

  20. yeah fr i feel like bojack tried to do good with that one. like he only had the vodka bc he took it from jameson, a young girl he was trying to help in rehab, then he threw out the bottle. its just a shitty coincidence doctor champ drank it. then he even tried to get him to stop drinking more after taking care of him all night. if it’s bojack’s responsibility to keep himself sober, then it’s dr champ’s responsibility to keep himself sober as well. and if someone so strong in their recovery from addiction can be assuaged so quickly with one little water bottle of tito’s then really there’s deeper issues at play. let’s not forget dr champ’s lines “i forgot how fun this is!” when he first gets drunk and “i promised my husband i would never drink again after what happened to our daughter.” and lets ALSO not forget that bojack stayed sober at the bar and took dr champ to rehab. bojack definitely grew since season 1 when he called himself “a before rehab type of friend” and yet he still is blamed for dr. champ’s relapse. is personal accountability dead???

  21. That's because he wasn't sober. He wasn't fooling anyone with that water bottle.

  22. no bc the way i got this printed on a shirt bc this whole scene helped me get thru rehab and im so serious

  23. Only a few years late to this thread lol but I’d also like to point out how frequently she says something along the lines of “my stepdad is being weird again”

  24. yessss thats what nailed the coffin shut for me tbh. also it’s been theorized that the stepfather is supposed to represent terry richardson (photographer and known sexual predator). sarah lynn’s legal last name is “himmelfarb-richardson,” and the physical depiction of her stepfather does closely represent terry richardson’s appearance imo

  25. wait she only washes her hair with vinegar but her ends are bleached? like w chemicals ? and she always has acrylics like make it make sense

  26. your grandparents are saints. i have no advice but good luck to you

  27. your husband is the loser bestie NOT YOU. the person who deserves you and is your soul mate or however you want to think of it would not put you thru the hell this man did. he clearly is a loser and he doesnt deserve you. im sorry he manipulated you. you deserve peace.

  28. thank you ❤️ this made me cry. I don’t have any friends to go to about this so it means a lot

  29. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ & now that youve dumped the zero go out and cultivate relationships with new friends and most importantly yourself!!!

  30. its disgusting in there and is she making yogurt on the carpet????

  31. theres a surgery that like enhances girth if it hurts you to this point, please dont off yourself bc penis problems, its not worth it. but also the right person for you isn’t gonna care. youre young af and you just haven’t encountered them yet! tbh for a lot of women the fun part is the clitoral stimulation not vag stim sooo good news for you!! and personally if i was really in love with someone, the way they look wouldnt matter to me. you matter, you are not a burden, & you deserve to love yourself!

  32. YTA of course pet excrement does not belong anywhere but in bags and in the trash. flush it if you have to but dont do what youre doing. I’d evict you too, cat shit smells rancid. But also pro tip stop buying dusty litter, use the recycled paper litter. way easier cleanup. my cat is special needs (moderate CH) and its also pretty odor absorbant.

  33. no offense but how can someone be like “i know you sexuallt assaulted your little sister, but i still love you and will marry you” like ?????????

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