1. This happened to me from a Lab cart. Lasted about an hour.

  2. See a doctor. I ignored my weight loss (despite nightly highs/munchies). Should've gone sooner. Rather serious medical diagnosis.

  3. Lost my brand new 1g Pyromancy cart. Two days of searching took me right back to the dispo to replace. Expensive week, but stoners gotta do what stoners gotta do.

  4. They self-sow in my woodland setting and transplant well. Fabulous array of colors in cultivated stock. Most wild ones here are purple/lavendar, pink and red. Love em.

  5. I use black sunflower seeds and have plenty of juncos, dove, and jays and nut hatches clean up uneaten seeds. Still a pain to clean up the shells. Still haven't found an easy way. All worth it since my feather friends get a good meal.

  6. Catcher trays/nets that attach under feeder really help.

  7. No I can’t. I live in the country.

  8. People just don't get it that some of us don't even have reliable cell service. There are zero options here besides Screwsnet. Wait-listed for SL 2 yrs this month.

  9. Also, I’ve noticed lately there is some quirk with AT&T and Verizon. Verizon drops the audio of the call while AT&T holds it so I end up talking and hearing the other end but they can’t hear me. It’s been in select areas but seems to be worse during these winter months.

  10. Our at&t has been awful lately, even w a good booster.

  11. If there was anything even resembling customer service at SL, these posts wouldn't be here.

  12. No not at all. Totally meant to support them. Too fucked up to do it right. Damn motorbreath. Edit: Rise Latrobe is the best damn dispo out of the 6 within 30 miles of me. Their budtenders are incredibly knowledgeable, pleasant and eager to help.

  13. Sounds like something I oughtta do tonight. Does it really enhance effects of the flower?

  14. Could have been the strain you smoked. People react to strains in different ways. This time it just so happened that the strain triggered your anxiety. Also the alcohol probably didn’t help the situation either as it can cause heightened feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness, etc., especially in concurrence with other substances.

  15. They sound like a bunch of immature fuckin assholes Hope you feel better and have a speedy recovery

  16. I still haven' touched the concentrates yet. Took a good 10-12 years off of being a heavy cannabis consumer, and im just getting my wings back lol

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