1. It's a hull down Heavium with good mobility and accuracy.

  2. Highest shell velocity in the game as well, IIRC.

  3. Awesome thank you! For the AD and AP is that per auto attack?

  4. Right, but the number value for each of those, is that just overall AD/AP, is that number per attack, or something else?

  5. Attack damage is the damage your AA deals, without any modifiers.

  6. I think people treat ARAM pretty casually, and typically they’re playing a champion they don’t know well. Also we’re quick to call griefing but it’s a really complex game and there are a lot of inexperienced players.

  7. I'm pretty inexperienced myself, but I know when I've been spawn locked and the enemy team is ignoring the objective that could win them the game for the sake of getting easy kills.

  8. I have no knowledge of what you're talking about, and I'm not jumping on a bandwagon without evidence... And... This has nothing to do with my post.

  9. Because he needs big number in kill bar to fulfill his desire while playing he game, almost as if kills=helping. When in reality objectives, cc, gold is what determines the game and would you believe that pyke excels in 2 out of the 3 points?

  10. He has CC and he gives bonus gold to himself and an assisting ally when he executes.

  11. Mei saves rein from charging into enemy team and feeding

  12. The enemy team was dead. It was just those two left. I saw that ball teed up and I swung.

  13. I'm confused why some people say this is a mistake, or maybe I'm missing something. Mei, although probably by accident, allowed you to slam the enemy Mei perfectly. Otherwise, you would have speared her with the enemy team possibly killing you in return as you rammed into their pushed territory. You also didn't have your ult, so I don't understand the "blocked your shatter" comment. Although, I do admit I've done that as Mei lol, and I felt guilty as hell for ruining a teammate's ult. Otherwise, great vid. : )

  14. It was just the enemy mei and Rein up at that time. I wasn't worried about their team, so I went for the slam on Mei to the end of the street as she came out of her crystal.

  15. I think I've seen one. Isn't it like a .05% drop chance? Doesn't that come out to a 1 in 2000 drop rate? It's very rare.

  16. They are changing the game to a fundamental level enough, that they are comfortable adding the 2. I paid for overwatch 1 and if I didn’t like the changes for 2 I’m out a game. They should’ve just made us pay for 2 and let 1 burn out unsupported, like has happened a million times before.

  17. So You're fine with overwatch 1 dying, but you'd rather it just plummet in player count after the sequel releases?

  18. Or what if everyone payed 60$ for OW2 and then people who didn’t like it could play OW1? The entire thing has been a fiasco, even before the latest battle pass drama.

  19. Melee didn't require servers to run. It was produced and existed during an era of couch co-op that no longer exists.

  20. Your lower tiered teammate did more than you... You did 1200 damage in a tier 8 and don't think that maybe you were part of the problem this game?

  21. You're on your way to the best heavy in the game right now.

  22. If you hold attack button when kiting camps, sometimes the champion goes too far back towards the camp, so for farming camps atleast tapping it rhythmically helps me.

  23. Why would you hold it? You can just tap it to engage auto attack.

  24. Because attackspeed grows over time and it is hard to time it well with periodic tapping, with spamming the attack button the game will consider the input like holding it down so it does not matter if you dont tap at right times you will attack at max efficiency

  25. You don't need to tap periodically to attack though? You just tap it and the game engages in an auto attack, which attacks based upon your attack speed...

  26. True, but there's definitely overlap in terms of the general player base.

  27. If you're going to compare Overwatch to warzone, then it already looks bad for the franchise.

  28. Totally, that's why Heroes of the Storm is so huge and actively developed.

  29. That game lasted 7 years, and from what I can gather on the internet it just wasn't as good as the competition (DotA 2, LoL)

  30. No. What’s funny about all of these zero brain class action lawsuit posts is that they always mention how they’re mad that the original game they paid $60 is going away and getting replaced.

  31. A refund would be perfect! I'm not playing OW2 so give me back my money. My sega still works and they never took sonic 1 away from me.

  32. Sonic isn't online and doesn't require constant server maintenance and patches.

  33. The patent for the raven ZZ is still valid. Sale of the plant or cuttings, without permission from the patent holder, is illegal.

  34. I agree somewhat. Graphically the game looks amazing to me. I just find two elements that for me ruin my immersion a bit.

  35. FFXIV blows ESO out of the water in every way visually. The clothing actually moves, sails and ears actually react to your characters expression, the water is gorgeous, the monsters are animated well, the weather like you said...

  36. I hop in for a few BG games every now and then. That's about it now.

  37. T77, 56, and Lis seem fine to me. I'd say the 56 is arguably worse than the 53, otherwise it's very comparable.

  38. I have it set up so that R2+L2 open extra bars when pressed. You can access 2 other half bars this way, since the order you press them in matters.

  39. Did you flush it with water before putting the cartridge in? It's common for there to be some gunk left in the feed from production and flushing it with water is usually enough to clean it out.

  40. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that OP keeps writing with the side of the nib....

  41. There's a timed deep sea fishing event that leaves from limsa lamosa every 2 hours. There are 3 main types of bait, and which bait you should use to catch special fish each round changes based on location and sometimes weather. The high level players sometimes call out the best baits for each area to maximize points.

  42. I'm Lv84 in FSH, 70+ gear, I use a guide for ocean baits, and have followed a few different strat guides, I can't break 8k points to save my life :/

  43. I got it at 57 I think. There was definitely some luck involved. I didn't do anything fancy at all. Patience during spectral. Got a few seagull buffs, every objective, and we hit spectral every round. I just barely cleared it. Think I had around 10.2k

  44. Getting dinner every once in a while doesn't mean you're "well off". My friends and I used to go out every weekend when we were all living paycheck to paycheck.

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