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  1. im honestly terrified of floridas new open carry law.

  2. Why do these people need guns? I was told that crime only happens in Democratic run cities? Why is there the need to protect yourself when they have none?

  3. Well Nashville is SO democratic that they've split it into three districts so that they can all be red. So yeah, going downtown is like going to Kabul. /s

  4. I hate how plausible it is that someone in the GOP would use that argument

  5. these douche bags don't even read the bible they cherry pick, and twist stories to fit their dirty narrative. Is that not blasphemy?

  6. "I am* the greatest man** alive***, and Gun[s]**** are***** cool******." -Any Republican.

  7. This is broken in [[Archelos, Lagoon Mystic]] with a completely simple setup:

  8. Yea, screw them. I am also a T1D, diagnosed 5 months after my 4th birthday. Just turned 35. This is her LIFE now. And yours. I've had people stare, look upset over the years when taking my insulin. But people take pills in public. Are they advil? Or heart meds? Life saving medicine should never be messed around with. My 5th grade teacher complained one time about my needing to leave class and my lows. One call to the principal about from my dad about calling our lawyer and we never heard another peep.

  9. The cure for diabetes is just five years away! And it has been for the last 30!

  10. This form of Christianity Death Cult is just Drag but with "Sunday Best" clothing:

  11. I never understood the "Sunday best" thing, even when I went to church. Like, really? You think something that sees all that you do, and even knows your thoughts, gives one fuck about what you cover your body with? It took me a while to realize that the control is the purpose of religions, not the deity.

  12. 'Drat, that guy who diddles kids is wearing a fine ass-suit. I'd better let him into Heaven anyway.' -God, they presume.

  13. A platform like Twitter is necessary in this day and age

  14. “ I was born in florida but culturally I’m from rural Ohio/Pennsylvania “

  15. I hate to give Cheeto any credit, but Meatball Ron is such a dismissive name without being insulting. He should pay the guy who made it up for him.

  16. Semi-related: does anyone know if the FREE TurboTax still exists? I don't trust them enough to believe it, anymore...

  17. When people brag about working ridiculous hours, I tell them "that's not the flex you think it is."

  18. The new Saints Row has a quote that plays a couple of times (its an audiobook one of the characters likes to listen to), "you don't make $15 dollars an hour, you sell your life, an hour at a time, for fifteen dollars."

  19. Some people are saying Rudy got syphilis from one of his cousins and it’s eaten away at his brain

  20. Okay, I quit my job. Instead, I have church/school for 40 hours a week that you'll need to schedule your interview around.

  21. I was playing Azra Oddsmaker against a friend's brutally built [[Imoti, Celebrant of Bounty]] deck and realized my Rakdos had more card draw, but his Simic had more random chaos/bullshit.

  22. "Good night, Donald. Good work. Sleep well. They'll most likely indict you in the morning." -Cheeto Man.

  23. Elspeth and Norn face off against one another. "You have nothing that can compete with my perfection, worm."

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