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  1. From my experience babysitting my younger sister, things like flags' colors completely fly over the kid's heads unless they know what those specific colors mean, and even then it might still go unnoticed if they're not looking for it, so I'm having problems to understand what's the big deal about it

  2. Exactly, having a flag just exist is literally the most unproblematic form of representation there is.

  3. I don't go on Twitch often so the last time I watched a stream there I got an ad about a documentary for an Esports player I never heard of. It was showing his teammates and a whole bunch of people praising him and saying how incredible he is and then him losing his temper over something (I guess for a game?) and going nuts.

  4. I’m not hearing impaired but a lot of the videos the captioners put weird little notes or extras in that might throw hard of hearing people off

  5. Yeah I hated that stuff. I'd fix those if I could. Did you have anything specific in mind?

  6. Heavily story-based games, with lots of dialog and background noise, like The Quarry or The Stanley Parable? This is an interesting question, and I'd also be interested in knowing how to help contribute. Do we mean like, by language, too??

  7. It would be nice if I could transcribe language, though I'd only have the means to caption in English. I've actually thought about making subtitles for Seán's videos and it would be nice if I had help. Would you mind if I messaged you for more details?

  8. I don't get it tho ? Does the paper towel holder mean something bad because it's black ? Like would also be bad if it was white or yellow or brown ?

  9. It wouldn't be bad if it was just a regular character, like Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse, or even a character that's human, but the one depicted is a racist caricature towards black women, for more context you could watch

  10. What video is this?

  11. Sorry for answering this so late, I don't go on reddit that often:

  12. It's fine if you don't like his videos anymore, but it's unfair to say he's copying people and trying too hard. He's the most laid-back he's ever been about his content now than he ever was before. He makes content when he feels like it, he's not so diligent about a schedule or just getting something out there just to have it out there, he cares more about putting something out with quality over quantity, not to just appeal to new audiences.

  13. Also You can also put baby in toilet and flush 💀 i wanted him to do that too

  14. Man the developers really wanted people to go in on that kid, huh?

  15. I wonder if Devs were actually fed up of any baby on particular that they made these types of things in game lmao

  16. I wouldn't be surprised. Babies are among the most judgemental and non-judgemental beings on the planet.

  17. Oh yeah, I think I saw this in the jsetwt community! Your artwork is incredible, (I love the linework and colour choice).

  18. I think the only reason he only did +1 is because of the old meme

  19. Your right, it is because of an old meme, but let's be honest. Seán is so jacked it may as well be +5 these days.

  20. This is the reason I go through the subreddit. This was incredible

  21. Do people not know how vastly different the views of the republican and democratic parties were back then? Republicans like Lincoln had a substantially different mentality and approach to problems than the ones of today. Politics has changed immensely, what exactly is the first guy trying to prove?

  22. Disney doesn't even have that much queer stuff, if any in its biggest movies, at most they leave room for implication because their investors are extremely anti-LGBTQ.

  23. At least an astrology daughter can respect the actual value of an item instead of stealing artwork and chasing her next paycheck. Besides, there's hardly any harm to astrology so long as she doesn't hurt people over it.

  24. I still watch mlp sometimes so I can agree with the head canon of Twilight being ace, that or bi. Also that symbol on the first flag is kinda cool, though I had no idea it was associated with bondage.

  25. This is wonderful! I love the lighting and the shadows! And it really givs off an ominous vibe, well done!

  26. Good god there's just so much to unpack there. They sound like an incel

  27. Look on the bright side, if you ever need it's there! Plus it might make a decent bottle opener.

  28. Jacksepticeyes tasteful nude calendar. Lol I’m all seriousness tho amazing drawing.

  29. Thank you! And I opted to make this way more tasteful than the reference images. :P

  30. Oh ok, I forgot that he named him chase, I thought maybe chase was another person completely, my bad

  31. It's completely fine. I honestly wouldn't have minded if you didn't know about him. I just think it's nice to have people comment on something I made.

  32. That's just an objective fact. Like, I'm asexual but god damn that is a beautiful man. He literally raises my unreasonable standards for people on a daily basis and has the audacity to look hot doing it.

  33. I've seen this couple before. I've seen people say its performative. Regardless if it is, everyone deserves to have someone love and care about them that much. If you're at a point in your life where doing this seems fake you really need to get to a better place where people can show you how much they care about you.

  34. I know how to caption a video. Tell you what, I can try captioning something for you and we can try to figure something out from there. Just message me and I'll try to get back to you asap

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