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  1. The awareness that this kid has is at another level

  2. I've kind of just accepted I'll never be traditionally pretty tbh. I know what you mean and it's something I've gotten insecure about a lot, I guess the only thing you can do is try and be the best version of yourself for the sake of your self confidence. Everything else follows naturally.

  3. This. I’ve made peace with myself that I’ll never be what the society calls ‘good looking’

  4. For 42k i better get a team photo, sign of all players, a pep talk from the whole rcb organisation and few lap dances

  5. More like you’ll need to be giving a pep talk to them

  6. Never heard of the place, should try to visit. Also, will they serve the drinks in cups? Last time I heard they don't have any.

  7. Oh man I relate to this so hard. I was always good at studying but Ive always been not very ambitious and now Im just stuck.

  8. TLDR: I was skeptical about colouring my curly hair (colour bad, natural good-as ingrained by my South Indian fam), but I 12/10 recommend you try it if you have relatively healthy hair. It’s been over 10 weeks and maintenance has been a breeze. Also, a massive shout to the K18 mask for being such an awesome product!

  9. Love love your hair! How often do you refresh your curls? Do you oil your hair everyday?

  10. Came here to say this, popeyes buns are damn good.

  11. Brioche bun which uses butter generously is what Popeyes make

  12. Arranged or love marriage, neither is foolproof

  13. Boss, parents have asked me to find one myself. They said it's my headache!

  14. That’s good actually, go find yourself someone.

  15. Beautiful! Is there any particular haircut you suggest for someone following CGM?

  16. There’s a makeup artist called Bhavani based out of Bangalore. You can check her out

  17. I think the reception long dress can be converted to a knee length dress too!

  18. Adding to the other comments about adjusting your perspective: This is going to sound cheesy AF, OP, but honestly, gratitude practice. The more we focus attention on what we have rather than what we don't have; on our good fortune rather than our bad; and on our possibilities rather than our failures, the more we don't sweat the small stuff, because our general sense is that we / our lives are OK.

  19. Open a spicy sambar shop next to a few darshinis. Sell only sambar. (P.S: I personally am a fan of the sweet sambar and a proud Kannadiga.)

  20. Appam and Naati Koli chicken saaru at Sanadige

  21. Teachers need to get more creative with assignments

  22. Vijayalakshmi Silks in Malleshwaram or Richmond Road

  23. You can check out the IndianSkincare sub. There are multiple posts about it

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