1. For transparency's sake: the post got removed by Automod because it received too many user reports.

  2. Because, as I said before, they are the official partner of the Frankfurt Oktoberfest. Don't believe me?

  3. Das sind Sponsoren, Coca Cola ist da auch dabei, ein Autohaus auch. Das heißt erstmal gar nichts.

  4. Honestly, I don't know what you are trying to do here. They even recommend

  5. The post you are commenting on is 4 years old. Please either make a new post with your question or post it in one of our pinned megathreads since you are very unlikely to receive an answer in here. Thanks!

  6. No, you cannot be banned for this. It's basically the same as turning on the game, then immediately putting the phone in your pocket.

  7. Hello there, u/Watch_out! Thank you for your contribution to

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