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  1. American logic: Republicans and Conservative judges remove abortion protections.

  2. Not a single person in this comments section is saying "why would Joe Biden do this, I'm voting republican." They're all saying "Joe Biden is a fucking liar," which is true.

  3. “…because of a risk the wheels could come loose”

  4. Teslas do the exact same thing, they just didn't issue a recall.

  5. Never heard of this before now, seems a bit counterintuitive.

  6. imagine making a sexuality and the first thing you do for it is come up with a slur

  7. I usually do it the other way around.

  8. I read this as "I have diabetes, high risk for heart disease, joint pain, shortness of breath, and back pain, but they have nothing to do with the obvious common denominator for all of these ailments."

  9. Wow... he looks terrible. He's gotta be stress eating or something, because he's looking real slobby.

  10. 50 year olds don't usually gain 80+ pounds over 3 years.

  11. but it does affect office jobs. I know they wouldn’t do away with it for heavy machinery and vehicles. But it’s still gonna impact other areas because a majority of people who smoke make it their only hobby and personality trait.

  12. It sounds like you don't know many people who smoke.

  13. I know that McAfee said he would never kill himself in jail, but he also said he wasn't a murder or a drug manufacturer, and he definitely did both of those things (plus he said he had set up a "dead man's switch" in case he was ever murdered, which never materialized). McAfee spent the entirety of his life doing whatever he wanted with pretty much no restrictions whatsoever. When he got obsessed with bath salts, he moved to Belize to basically go on a 5 year long bender. When he was horny, he'd find a 16 year old to fuck and shit in his mouth for 4 days straight. When his neighbor was being a pain in the ass, he (allegedly) sent a guy over to kill him in his own home. When he thought he might be arrested in the States, he bought a yacht and set sail to (The Dominican Republic, then eventually) Spain.

  14. TLDR: The girl I started grooming at 15 has grown up and won't fuck me or let me dictate her appearance anymore (6 years years ago...). How do I get her back to being my sub again?

  15. I thought this was a render at first

  16. OK, I really really like this bait. They really had me till the end, very good. The reveal, "She tried to cover her kid's ears and quickly got off the elevator, " is so fucking funny.

  17. i have no issues with them wearing dresses, just glad they didn't at my wedding, plus isnt he a little young

  18. 7 year old boy: "I like this, I want to wear it."

  19. Maybe she just watched Pulp Fiction

  20. “Uhhhh actually 🤓 the changing actors for Kaylee could be a subtle Nodd to the fact that Mike has been working more and more 😧 and therefore, makes Kaylee feel less and less familiar to him. The idea of his love is there however 😎”

  21. In Chilean folklore, the specter known as "Kallee" is often used to represent the children/grandchildren of men who dedicate so much time to providing for their families that they can no longer remember the faces or names of the people they're supposed to be caring for. The men become so hyperfocused on being a provider that they lose any connection to the loved ones they're supposed to be providing for. Kallee is usually depicted as having no consistent recognizable features, constantly changing appearance without notice. I'm extremely impressed at how well Vince has utilized this myth to add so much depth to the show. (

  22. "Another settlement needs our help!"

  23. Fucked up person, rage bait or not.

  24. Rage bait or not, we're still getting a little glimpse into the mind of a freak.

  25. Or someone who just knows the right stuff to say to rage bait? It’s easy to author an awful ragebait post. It doesn’t make the author a freak for thinking it up. If it did, horror authors would be monsters for what they write.

  26. I didn't mean to make a blanket statement about rage bait authors, but to me personally, someone who thinks "I wonder how mad people would get if pretended that I ruined my friends life because my boyfriend raped her," is a freak.

  27. Downvoted but you’re right. Let’s raise sheep in an area endemic to wolves and blame the wolves for being evil creatures. If your conclusion from this massively circulated picture is anything other than humans putting wildlife, dogs, and sheep lives at risk for profit, you are not thinking critically.

  28. Yup, the only ethical way to raise animals is to do so in regions where wolves aren't native, i.e. Antarctica and, uh, I guess that's it. Raise sheep in Antarctica.

  29. I fell behind on rent because I needed to replace my TV :(

  30. as an anxious-avoidant style, what is best for someone with anxious themes of attachment? would it be secure attachment? I feel like there's not enough of them to go around with how many people i know across the age spectrum that definitely never learned to love healthily

  31. I think people tend to suggest therapy a little too flippantly these days, but if somebody's as anxious and dysfunctional as OOP is, they really need a therapist, or a counselor at least.

  32. Holy shit, that "please don't do this to me" lines is one of them most 'long-suffering girlfriend' things I've ever heard in my entire life.

  33. Don't you know, men who don't befriend or date women are experts on female biology.

  34. To be truly impartial, you have to be a distant observer. The only way to really understand women is to never speak to them, it's only objective if you've never had any relationship with a women ever in your entire life.

  35. Lol girls don't have any actual interests other than makeup and bitching about trivial shit.

  36. How many of these do you own, dog?

  37. OK, there were several other girls in the group chat, all of whom are Indian American, so does it really seem implausible to you that since you and the other girls were discussing your culture's traditional dress, she was under the impression that she would also wear her culture's traditional dress? Did anyone ever ask or tell Sam about specifically wearing a sari?

  38. No, you host a pot luck where people bring a dish to share. You don't have people over and then bill them after. Especially not if they weren't told beforehand.

  39. I mean, he said none of his other guests objected, so it seems like they didn't exactly have a problem with it. The hang up with his girlfriend isn't that she just didn't expect to have to pay in general (which is common in Sweden) it was that she didn't expect to have to pay because OP is her boyfriend.

  40. I wouldn't call it a dinner party if you send the "guests" a venmo request the next day 🤣 so awkward. YTA

  41. I think it's just a Swedish thing, they don't like giving out free food, so it's customary for guests to compensate the host or not eat. It's seen as if the host has to take on some extra expense on their own in order to have guests over, which they prefer not to.

  42. NTA, give your boyfriend a free Brazilian, then ask if he felt anything sexual from it. I doubt he'll be too concerned about you touching other guy's dicks if he knows what you actually do with them.

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