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  1. I imbibe chocolate milk at least weekly. Vice can suck donkey balls

  2. Who wants to bet the white patriarchy will continue to get blamed for society's ills?

  3. Unless you're building a new frame from scratch or replacing with a frame off another Sequoia, I wouldn't touch that with a 30 foot pole

  4. The State (Idaho) has a law saying you cannot promote abortion, which let's be real, that could mean any talk about abortion whatsoever is illegal...

  5. The angle is probably that abortion is murder, and promoting murder is not protected. Not saying one way or another if I agree, but there is logic behind it.

  6. I lucked out and found the two die set from Reading Plus an RCBS next sizing die for $50 after shipping taxes and fees from an auction. I then went on to spend the money that I saved buying the form and size die set

  7. Assuming you don't change your own oil, messy worksmanship from the lube tech. No big deal

  8. Generally, if there isn't a name or country of origin cast in, it's an import. Still may be of good quality

  9. Used to work on industrial and commercial/restaurant fire suppression systems. Zep "purple" degreaser is your friend

  10. I propose the federal definition of "treason" be amended to include members of Congress introducing bills like the one in the meme, ie any bill that so blatantly attempts to infringe on the rights of the People.

  11. I would just go ahead and call an ambulance before starting the cut. You know, give them a heads up

  12. Have you tried the scope on a different rifle (with similar recoil)? I put an old Redfield Widefield on a Browning 30-06 semi auto, but could not get it to shoot worth a damn. Installed a Nikon Prostaff as a last ditch effort, and instantly had a sub-MOA rifle. The Widefield lives on a .22 now, I guess it just couldn't handle the recoil in its old age.

  13. I have a m77 in .338 WM that shot comparably to yours and I wanted it to shoot more accurately. It would shoot lead Sierra’s OK but it wouldn’t shoot copper well at all. Got a Timney trigger for it (~200). That didn’t do the trick so bought a better scope and Warne rings (~ 100 for the rings). Still not better so bought an HS Precision stock (~400). Still didn’t shoot the way I wanted so I bedded it (slanted front action screw so big PITA, but only about $30 for bedding materials). Still didn’t shoot anything like my other rifles (sub-MOA) so I got it rebarreled (Shilen select, ~600). I can get 1 MOA out of it sometimes, but it’s absolutely not a consistent 1 MOA rifle. Maybe 2 with handloads. And I bought Redding dies, Hammer and Barnes bullets in all reasonable sizes, powder that I won’t use in any of my other rifles (have no Idea how much that cost). I put hundreds of rounds through both barrels and have put it aside until I can find some quality .338 WM brass. Getting case-head separation from my current lot.

  14. If you haven't already, look into barrel harmonics. Might help pinpoint your issue

  15. Because those rounds are expensive, and frankly not worth wasting on pedos

  16. Rapists and pedophiles are the times when I support the death penalty, if not worse

  17. I mounted my vice to a heavy wood board and then use c clamps so I can move the vice around. I don’t think I’d mount it to this tool chest. You’re asking to bend and ruin the metal.

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