1. Their real ballsy move is telling people that the SEC report confirms their theories, when it says the opposite. Either ballsy or they don't understand the basics so their conclusion are always wrong, which is pretty likely.

  2. To be layered like many other mythologies.

  3. I think it'd ring false. Tolkien would know he's writing fake stories. Real mythologies are layered because people reinterpret old stories told or written by dead people. It would also confuse the themes of the whole Legendarium.

  4. Tolkien himself repeatedly used excuses of in-universe editorial intervention to make changes, ranging from correcting dates to fixing Bilbo's ring-finding story to starting work on round-world Arda to changing the origin of Orcs.

  5. I don't think those are in-universe interventions. I guess it depends on what gets considered to be in-universe, and Tolkien does try to frame it that way, but they're basically re-writes. The published material doesn't contradict itself.

  6. Montreal missed this massive storm. I saw the edge of the massive shelf cloud from my home that's 20 mins away from the ON-QC border. We got nothing at all but the town there by the border (Lachute + Hawkesbury) got hit HARD. Fully mature trees uprooted, cabins and sheds ripped apart, the giant electricity towers toppling down like it was the 1998 ice storm again.

  7. The storm split in two and Montreal was in the gap. My friends in Gatineau were losing power and talking about how crazy it was. Here in Montreal, maybe a minute of drizzle and strong winds but nothing remarkable. Pretty crazy.

  8. That’s so funny... I never thought of it before. I just wrote it as I say it (prononciation-wise). It’s not something we ever write. Hahaha.

  9. Je connaissais un gars qui Ă©crivant "fuck top" dans ses textes, et je comprenais pas. Il voulait dire "fucked up"...

  10. Oh, I'm following what your saying now. My fault. He was in the second tower which ended up being the one that fell first I guess. So at the time he was thinking he could evacuate.

  11. His tone kind of implies that he thinks he's gonna evacuate. The way he talks to the operator, he sounds like he's blaming her and the FD for not going faster, but he has no way of knowing how fucked he is. That scream though...

  12. The funny thing is that this means that 1 in 5 people wouldn't. Since I don't see why anyone wouldn't want money for working out, I gotta believe that it's because 1 in 5 people are hostile specifically to getting crypto.

  13. I like the cult brain reasserting itself at the end.

  14. I live in Quebec, Canada. Here, we pay federal (5%) and provincial (9.975%) tax on goods and services. The “best” part is that one of the taxes is taxed by the other tax because collecting taxes is considered a taxable service.

  15. That has not been true for 10 years now. A provincial tax of 9.5% used to apply to the federal tax of 5%, but since 2013, you just pay the 9.975% for provincial you mentioned, which is the exact same as paying 9.5% on the price+5%.

  16. Ah! I guess I never realized they changed it since the end result was the same. Gonna get out of under my rock now

  17. I think it's a common myth because, like you said, the result is the same. If you own a business or just generally collect taxes on sales though, you know firsthand that's not how it works.

  18. Grad studies often have little to do with undergrad ones. It depends on the field, but usually it's not an additive process where you need to know BA-level knowledge to understand what is taught in a MA. If anything, you learn that a lot of what you were taught during your BA was grossly oversimplified. Really, a lot of students struggle when they reach the MA, because suddenly they're being asked to do things the BA didn't necessarily prepare them for.

  19. There's literally a guy that says that if he's inconvenienced by someone training cycling, that's a perfectly normal reason to want to kill them. These comments are full of people who are convinced that being in a car is very normal and good, but being on a bike is some kind of crime against nature. There's even a guy saying "you should think about walking or taking public transit", a thought he has 100% never applied to drivers.

  20. I assure you that the same people fantasize about killing drivers who do annoying shit too. It has nothing to do with the mode of conveyance and everything to do with you making it harder and more dangerous for me to get where I'm going.

  21. Fantasizing about killing someone on the road is much more abstract when you're not driving a ton of metal that can go 100mph.

  22. Au QuĂ©bec, ça semble rĂ©gional. En Outaouais, on dit le playstation, le nintendo, le xbox. Une Switch par contre. À MontrĂ©al par contre, c'est fĂ©minin.

  23. C'est marrant parce que dans mon boulot on parle souvent de switch, l'Ă©quipement rĂ©seau pas la console. Tous les Français disent "un" switch, et les Quebecquois "une" switch, et c'est toujours trĂšs Ă©nervant 😁

  24. En fait, ça se dit "un switch", mais c'est un Ă©change, plutĂŽt qu'une switch, qui est un interrupteur. En plus, le verbe "switcher" est vraiment commun. Si on est assis autour d'une table et que je veux ton siĂšge, c'est parfaitement normal de demander "tu veux switcher de place?". Un QuĂ©bĂ©cois aurait d'ailleurs pu Ă©crire "Les consoles de jeux vidĂ©o ne peuvent-elles (ĂȘtre) que masculin ou fĂ©minin? Ou puis-je les switcher?" comme titre pour ce post et cela aurait Ă©tĂ© parfaitement naturel dans un contexte informel.

  25. So there are three issues here for translation:

  26. I'm positive you'll disagree, but I have to voice how much I hate this logic.

  27. I think that there's one easy distinction between "stacks of smaller objects", whether we go down to the molecules or not, and that is: does this object hold up if its own movements cause forces that might make it break apart?

  28. It's a word for the way that evolution keeps making crab-like shit. Give evolution enough time and we will all be crabs. Pretty neat concept, worth a google and wikihole

  29. I know it's a meme, but we're not all becoming crabs. Crustaceans went from not being crabs to being crabs a few times, which is noteworthy but it's also not a universal trend that applies to all lifeforms.

  30. Lately I've been wondering about the dogecoin millionaire.

  31. Isn't there a video about him on YouTube? He never sold and was already not a millionaire before the crash.

  32. I think this is a result of the fact that ordinary people, and especially the apes as they have low financial literacy, grossly underestimate how rich rich people are. Just generally, the human brain doesn't have a reference point for what large amounts of money are. AA is literally worth the lifetime earnings of about 30 average Americans. 100$ is literally nothing to him. If you were worth 100k, that'd be like finding 9 cents. How many of you would react positively if someone came to you, told you they loved you, and then gave you a nickel and 4 cents?

  33. Can we get a wrinkle brain to confirm that please? 🙏

  34. I don’t know if that sub is being brigaded or people are losing confidence but it seems like sentiment is changing for many. Either many are slowly becoming aware or no coiners are becoming more active to propose different opinions.

  35. I think that's just a function of how subreddits, and forums before them, work. You only see the people who want to post and comment. It's not a consistent group of people giving their opinions, it's more like a group of people where most of them aren't saying anything, and the ones who are actually vocal at any one time are those who feel like their opinions are most relevant. The deep cryptobros aren't changing their minds, they're just shutting up.

  36. It's a fact that one element that makes it hard to bring people out of cults is the humiliation they feel. This guy is that to a T. He's terrified of the humiliation he'd feel if he admitted he was wrong. People think that reality makes people leave cults, but it often just drives them deeper.

  37. I had to remind myself at least 3 times during "We Cry Together" that I wasn't listening to people actually fighting. It's so raw and believable.

  38. My girlfriend and I went to couple's therapy for this exact issue. There's a lot of nuance which never get acknowledged about anything on Reddit. One common effect in situations with dephased sexual drives is that both parties' drives tend to move "away" from a compromise. The high drive person has an unmet need and it drives them to want it even more, which drives the lower drive person to want it even less. In that sense, the compromise works on both sides. By having the higher drive person acknowledge that they're putting undue pressure, there is the possibility for both drives to rebound towards the middle. The lower drive person isn't being coerced, they're being given breathing room and agency.

  39. Lol i came here to comment this. They're literally the ones spouting that bullshit until last week lmao

  40. Not only that, but they're the only ones who care about that stuff. It's like DRS: if someone mentions DRS or negative beta on the internet and especially on Reddit, they're 100% for sure an ape. Anybody who spouts off on DRS, you click on their profile, most of their posts are on ss or related subs.

  41. In my experience, DRS is the opening to the rabbit hole. When I see apes in other subs, DRS is their hook, probably because it makes sense superficially that you'd want to own your shares directly. That other stuff attracts other apes, but from what I've seen, it rebuffs inexperienced investors because it's already too weird.

  42. My criteria is that at no point during the rep did I seriously think that I couldn't complete it. People are saying that grindy reps don't count, but I don't agree. If the rep is slow but at no moment did you feel like you were losing control or that you couldn't finish the rep, that's a strong rep. If it was slow and everything started shaking and you did the equivalent of laying down to get your finger over the finish line, that's not a rep.

  43. I usually play the field for a while and eventually turn it off. Infield, outside of catcher, is very repetitive. You're usually either throwing to 1st, throwing to 2nd for a double play or catching a pop up. The middle infielders sometimes run to 2nd. Outfield is a bit more varied, but boy is it annoying when the game shows you an at-bat where the ball just flies 400 feet over your head into the stands. I usually start running and see if I can reach the catcher before the game takes the controls.

  44. 100% none of these incels would ever accept any woman as a true gamer girl. Not even if she kicked the shit out of them at CoD, MarioKart and Street Fighter back to back to back.

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