1. They know his address, that is a big increase of his chance to win a free ticket to Ukraine...

  2. Imagine being obliterated with 20-30mm rounds… one second your buddy is next to you laughing and smiling, next thing you know you know he is blown up in pieces and your brain trying to comprehend wtf just happened as another round crosses your skull before pain receptions can even travel

  3. It has twice the kinetic energy of a 50 cal. 1600 fps

  4. You pointed out how much more kinetic energy a increase of the diameter by 1/6 caused. Now Increase the diameter again by 45% ....

  5. I think Zugleich in this case translates better „simultaneously“.

  6. Both would work - when for example cleaning the gun barrel.

  7. I am not sure, what you mean, sorry.

  8. You need the whole gun crew to clean a howitzers barrel.

  9. I remember these cats from 84/85. The other main unit in the barracks i was based was Air defense Regiment 4 (FlaReg4). They had 36 of these beasts.

  10. Ukraine has won when it has restored its territory and Russia gave up the fight.

  11. No one needs to know this now. Read it in 10 years in some books.

  12. Dammed somehow they always forget the two Battle stars Ukraine lost.

  13. Not very grim. They would’ve laughed if this was the other way around. “Haha stupid Holhols sleeping in an open hole!”.

  14. This war was a joke for many Russians but not it will be come deadly serious for them.

  15. I guess a lot of people underestimate how many tasks a small micro controller has to do in a washing machine. The is some nice computing power installed.

  16. Could someone be so kind to translate? I have a certain guess but i would love to know it more exact.

  17. Another of Scholz's exposed by his adminisatration. Wasn't the first and then second batch of PzH2000 anything that was possible?

  18. Ukraine demanded Leopards, and they are still not being sent. What's the deal with that, Germans?

  19. The current spin of Scholz party according to the SPD General Secretary is that Putin would start acting irrational when Germany would deliver Leos and Marder.

  20. The current generation of pacifists is will to sacrifice millions to a genocidal dictator in order keep not distract their "think pink" view of reality.

  21. It definitely sounds like the Germans need some practice in servicing them if they're already broken to the point field repairs aren't possible

  22. It is the first use of this system in high intensity combat. That tends to expose any bugs and weakness very fast. Stuff that formal testing will never find.

  23. The important point is when will they be send. In this decade or the next one?

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