1. I get a Alien/H.R. Giger vibe from it. I love how you did the shading for the walls makes it feel like concrete at the same time organic and slimy.

  2. Hi! Sorry for the necropost, but what exactly do you mean by

  3. Greedventory is a gorgeous pixel-art narrative RPG experience, where the only thing between you and an embarrassingly swift death is your mouse. Check it out here and consider Wishlisting -

  4. If you want more details on the game check out the Steam page and maybe even drop a little Wishlist :)

  5. First off gotta say I love how everything turns black for the death animation really makes it pop out so that's really well done. I have to ask though will there be more death types in this style?

  6. Thank you! We already have a few other ones for Boss deaths but yeah, additional ones for the main character are also in the works.

  7. I just started a playtest for my game yesterday so this is great timing for me. Very useful information here, thanks for posting!

  8. In actuality, this is a cinematic snippet from our upcoming pixel-art RPG game Greedentory. Give it a look!

  9. Very charming and chaotic! Do you have a Steam link for the project?

  10. I'd love to see this type of art style in an indie game. Ever thought about going into that field ?

  11. Drop the game a Wishlist and you too will have a chance to pet our scruffy good boy -

  12. I get constant emails from Steam Curators. Who have big followings and their email address is exactly correct.

  13. Difficult to say without seeing the specific curator but from other points you mention like asking for multiples keys, this is most likely a scam.

  14. If you're interested in the project, drop a quick Wishlist on Steam:

  15. may I ask are there anymore death animations? cause this one looks neat

  16. Thanks for the kind words! Yes, there are a few other ones completed and some still being worked on. Might share a few more of these in the upcoming days.

  17. Looks decent but will the player be dying a lot? Personally I don’t like long animations for death in games I could be dying a lot. Even if the reload time is not going to change (with or without it) it feels longer having to watch an animation each time.

  18. What's your creation process like? I keep seeing you doing these daily but I can't imagine how it's possible to do such amazing work so quickly. Good job !

  19. I've looked through your Steam page, loving the lore details added to skills and spells!

  20. Yes, you can switch between every character that can be recruited into a squad.

  21. Will it matter? Like every person has unique traits and stats that would be ideal to switch to in a time of need? The game looks awesome btw, excited for thursday!

  22. Yes, the characters do have different stats. As an example some have better stats for long range encounters while others might have more stamina etc.

  23. More details on the game are available on Steam, if you‘re interested don‘t forget to add it to your Wishlist :

  24. More details on the game are available on Steam, if you‘re interested don‘t forget to add it to your Wishlist :

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