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  1. Get the paybyphone app and/or register as a resident for the city if you live here... Hourly rates drop to $1.50... not really excusable when it's about as convenient as possible. However check out the transportation and mobility office in person and explain your situation, they often times waive the fee.

  2. Where do you register as a resident? That would be huge to save some money

  3. As a sort of benevolent interpretation one could make an argument that Ukraine is very much in distress. So an upside down flag is not entirely out of place.

  4. Part of me thinks that it was meant to be upside down to represent distress, but people probably didn’t put that much effort into this poster and were lazy when it came to the orientation of the flag

  5. I can’t believe all MSM touted him as the “Green Governor” in 2018, the “Republican who fights for the environment”.

  6. Florida has a weird relationship with the environment and green policies. You could have the most conservative population in one town and they will vote red every day of the week, but if you fuck with their beach and the turtles buckle up because Florida man will come after you

  7. St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY. Weird that it made its way down to FL.

  8. There are a lot of NY transplants so I imagine that’s why

  9. Thanks for posting OP. I saw this flag a couple weeks ago while on vacation in South Florida and was puzzled as well. A quick internet search turned up nothing. But it does appear to be the SLU flag, a school I’ve never heard of till today. I found this pic after googling SLU flag.

  10. Thank you! I was so confused as well

  11. They stopped servicing foreign debt back in 2020


  13. Look man, the horn is a tool used to communicate between cars. Some places use it more and some places use it less. You happen to now live somewhere where people use it more to communicate. Turn up the radio and just let it ride

  14. To be fair, anyone who wins a pga tourney usually is first that week in strokes gained putting.

  15. But the main difference is we aren’t playing the tour. If you can’t keep a ball in play off of the tee on any hole you are in for a gigantic score. The mantra about putting for dough rings more true for pros because they all generally have playable second shots.

  16. Daniel would be champion if it weren’t for all of the races except Monza…

  17. They are the worst broadcaster for college sports

  18. How many Rose Bowl wins does the football team have to put it in the middle of their flag?



  21. You still pay through Wilson’s pay portal. You are a liar

  22. lol, came here to say the same thing. They have a 5-PW set that's listed at $435 today. If they had that yesterday I would be asking my wife for forgiveness right now.

  23. You can just call callaway and they will refund you the difference. You might be on hold for a while but their customer service is great.

  24. Where else does this bridge appear?

  25. Best course on Oahu. Kaneohe Klipper is an absolutely beauty if you can play it

  26. More reasons to dislike the King Street shop that pushes lotion samples as you walk by. I love that they got a pic of the employees wearing the masks below their noses - the exact thing they were cited for. Also pretty curious to know which carriage and walking tour companies were cited if anyone has some intel...

  27. They are drug fronts. They rarely have customers and sell products even less often. The “cosmetic” stores operate in a lot of tourist towns as a cover to launder drug money

  28. Is this really true? Then why are they so aggressive with the free samples?

  29. To “move product” that they then claim is sold

  30. I'm pretty sure the military vehicles the city bussed in are sitting across the street at Brittlebank in the old DMV parking lot. This may be interesting.

  31. They are. The police have been using that parking lot as a staging ground to send police into the city where ever the protestors move to

  32. Lots of cops coming over the bridge from West Ashley with their lights on. Is something going on?

  33. Saw two personnel police transports and a swat car heading towards the river dogs stadium. Don’t know why

  34. I’m just watching a live feed. I haven’t seen much more than a small shoving match between civilian and police that ended quickly. Business and vehicle windows, both police and civilian, are being destroyed. They’re close to College of Charleston, it’s hard to tell.

  35. Can you link the live feed please?


  37. Is that the USS Ohio?

  38. It’s a Sovremenny Class Destroyer. Made in Russia and utilized by Chinese and Russian Navies. (Carrying people from Ohio)

  39. While it might feel nice to have a good result, I think these “feel good” stories will suppress democratic turnout because we think we won before the votes are cast. Trump votes WILL show up. They are a cult. News outlets are going to continue pushing stories that the Democrats are on the path to victory, and then suddenly Trump and the Republicans will win in a landslide again because no democrat showed up thinking we already won.

  40. I think this is a misreading of human psychology. People are more likely to vote if you tell them there's a chance their party could win control than if they expect the other party to retain control regardless.

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