1. Same message. I guess it means to keep waiting?

  2. Kudos to all the nurses who can verbalize how to start an iv. My hands start ivs, my brain has very little to do with it. I think I’m a pretty good stick on babies (I’m a NICU nurse) and I was fairly good on adults when I worked with that population. I’ve had plenty of nurses ask me how I do it. My answer is simple, “I don’t know but my hands do” I still go through patches where I couldn’t hit the ground if I dropped a rock, though. You just have to stick and stick and stick until your hands figure it out. The only reason you should pass up an opportunity to try is if the patient is almost out of veins.

  3. Do as much research as possible before ANY viewing, unless you like costly surprises, or just wasting your time.

  4. You may consider getting a month to month arrangement to find the home that’s right for you, rather than rush the process

  5. If that was an option for my situation, I would have. If you have advice on house touring etiquette, that would be greatly appreciated though.

  6. I don’t know a single nurse that isn’t (or hasn’t been at one time) on one head med or another since covid. Nursing is stressful AF. Covid made it worse. I’m currently taking Buspar and Zoloft for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Makes a world of difference.

  7. Once worked for a hospital that wanted staff to donate money to replace the chairs in the lobby/common areas …. That’s a no from me dawg.

  8. I filed my amended return 3/10/22. I’ve seen people on here waiting upwards of 12-18 months for it to be processed. It’s ridiculous.

  9. Have you tried calling the accounts department? I was able to get through via a direct line - and was told another 30 days from the day I called.

  10. I did this 2 months in a row until a lady told Me that the 30 days is BS and that they’ll get to it when they get to it. She said that calling was just a waste of my time, as it would not expedite the process.

  11. I filed my 2020 amendment on 3/10/22 so mine should be getting closer to the top of the pile 🤞🏼

  12. Mine still says “we haven’t processed your 💩 yet” They received my 2020 amended return on 3/10/22. It’s been 201 days 😕

  13. Mmm… you’re definitely missing out on pit bulls. They’re an awesome breed. 💕

  14. Why give a f*cked up EKG to the nurse? Why not just call the doc? It’s like calling critical lab results to the nurse? I’ve never understood why the protocol isn’t “Call the person who can do something about it” and cut out the middle man?

  15. So my dd was declined and sending a check. Status now says issued. Does that mean it’s been sent, or they have just created the check?

  16. Mine is a rollover so they are sending me a check to send to the other bank 🤦🏼‍♀️

  17. I applied for my refund on 8/12 and it said refund in progress. On 8/19 it said "submitted to TRS". Today on 8/26 I got a notice that my refund processed and my payment should be issued in 3-5 business days. When I log in it's now completely empty and shows no time served anymore or any contributions. My last contribution was at the end of July. If I get my payment in the time frame the letter says it should end of being just under 3 weeks.

  18. How soon did you get your check after it went blank? Mine went blank today.

  19. Yeah the bag is too expensive currently but maybe is it goes down to 15? Otherwise I say drop it

  20. I emailed CS about this and they said the $29 is correct 🙄

  21. I have a MSN (FNP, job market is trash. I’m too salty to talk about it) hospitals don’t give one single 💩.

  22. Honestly, If I didn't already have one, I would pay $30 for this bag. Hands down, it's the best beach and pool bag I've ever had. I use it as a regular tote too. I like to take it as a personal item when I fly because I can fit my 17 inch laptop in it and still have room for plenty of other things.

  23. They were $15 for the Summer season though. I had one and my box “got lost in the system” and by the time FFF figured it out they were OOS.

  24. Update: Asked customer service and they said that’s the correct price. Drops from cart

  25. Get 2 ferrets from Petco. Let them free roam inside your home. You’ll have to put puppy pads down in every corner, but you will NOT have mice/rats. Ferrets are expensive but they are super cute and their scent will naturally drive away the mice.

  26. I’m a nurse and death by PowerPoint on HIPPA happens at orientation and yearly at every hospital I’ve ever worked in. It is stupid serious.

  27. Congrats , we just moved and bought on the other side of the bay in St Petersburg , try and not let the locals know you moved and bought here from out of state they hate mostly anyone that moves here from out of state , logic is we drove house pricing up and they cannot afford to buy here now . Change your plates as soon as you can.

  28. Find a different lender…I did the same as you earlier last year.

  29. Get her a package of 12 1 hour professional massages. Prepaid for one a month for her first year. She’ll thank you later.

  30. That is hilarious. And in real life you don’t even need a watch of any kind… there are clocks everywhere else! I haven’t worn a watch in like ten years.

  31. I’m a NICU nurse and we are literally not allowed to wear a watch (or anything but a metal band style wedding ring) below the elbows due to infection control. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  32. Maybe just try reframing the situation? Is it pet hair or canine glitter? ✨

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