1. This is discontinued in Texas, Louisiana, Vermont, and New York. Where did you find this?

  2. Have you seen them in stock lately? Planning a trip to LA and might need to stock up if they’re still available

  3. Unfortunately i haven’t seen it in the nearest TJs. When i got it it was the trader joe’s in west LA (by Olympic and Bundy)

  4. Wow been trying to figure out what to try coz of the winter weather, thank you!

  5. The seasoned corn is so good. I picked up a bag last visit!

  6. Long shot on set list but I hope they perform one of the winter album songs like First Snow and My Turn to Cry (even if Baekhyun isnt there now).

  7. My wish is that they do a Beyond Live stream for this so I can pass out from finally seeing them perform 🥹

  8. Right!? I hope they taste better than they look 💩 💩

  9. I LOVE the smell of this but it has zero throw! :( I spray it all over and the smell is gone immediately unless you spray furniture and press your nose to it.

  10. Yes its not long lasting as i’d like it but it smells good all the same

  11. seems fine but you could do this yourself with distilled water and the oils mentioned

  12. it does seem like it, may try making one. Smells very much like “fall” season!

  13. Looks like a dupe for laneige which had a gummy bear flavor last year!

  14. Dozen eggs used to be $2.49 but now $2.79 ; i think its the cheapest ive found still even with the increase

  15. Its not great but it tastes good, does that help?

  16. Hotteok tastes good when its hot / warm so yes air fying this is 💯

  17. I heated it up, which made it good. But its still sweet to me so I couldn’t finish, but my friend loves it though!

  18. The Pretzel Caramel Milk Chocolate Pound Plus bars are soooooooooo good! Used one for baking and ate one all by myself last year. Can't wait to restock.

  19. I agree! It’s so good! Gonna give it away this year!

  20. Frozen Argentinian red shrimps - best deal i can ever find for good size (not tiny) shrimps

  21. I was rejected to return 2 items at a store but they were short staffed so I didnt want to hold up the line.these were gifts i bought online and only had a chance to return last weekend because the closest old navy closed in my area. Should I try another store? Or just give up?

  22. Privacy din ng ibang families and individuals kelangan respetuhin, so sana magpaalam or if di maiwasan since public place, i blur yng mga faces. Di naman kasi lahat OK na nakapaskil sa social media.

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