1. Are you still looking for tix? I’m selling my tickets as I have a conflict.

  2. i’m assuming this is separate from his NNG live? lol

  3. Apparently he is also doing an IG live from his real_pcy account today (29th KST). Either way I am quite excited!

  4. Its very fun to listen to, and I realized its so so so Xiumin with his bright personality!

  5. I used this company to remove bees from my chimney, on westside. They were able to save most of the bees.

  6. Beekeepers will def come and take your bees. Did it free of charge for me. Just google local beekeepers association and hit them up. It was cool to watch and they even left us a jar of honey. This was 7 or 8 years ago, and my dad called them for me, so I don’t have any contact to share, but they were happy to come get em.

  7. Thank you. Will do some research and see if anyone can help!

  8. No OT9 for sure! Lay isn’t coming back until the 15th anniversary like this shit is soo obvious!

  9. This is me w / Lay. I hope to be proven wrong but he has a much bigger fanbase / priority now. Not that he doesn’t care (mind you) , but just business / career wise. As a casual observer its objective, but to a fan, like me, it’s 🥺😅

  10. I never kept hopes for Lay since his absence from The War album. It’s pretty evident! Plus let’s get this straight, EXO’s marketing has always inclined to home audience & China! With geopolitical issues & like every country person Lay politically being involved with the CCP, the Koreans would not like it at all! Their sinophobia is up the roof & im sure they belong to the crowd that blames China & their people for Covid! So it is very ideal for him to leave!

  11. Yeah there is no doubt politics in play as well.

  12. Knowing Brothers’ EXO episodes is what turned me into a full blown Exo-L. You can see their wittiness and charm and just laugh out loud from their antics. I love them so much!!!

  13. Thank you for this! 😊 I haven't seen "It's Okay That's Love" yet but I'll start it as soon as possible! 😊

  14. I was actually excited to see IOTL when i got back to kdramas in 2020 (i was an early adapter for kdrama circa mid 2000s, but ventured to others) was because of Jo In Sung and Not knowing Kyungsoo. He blew me away with his performance and was surprised he was a rookie actor!

  15. I started stanning EXO Around June 2020 and its the best decision I’ve made. I was looking at other groups just because and no one else made me love kpop than EXO. Strangely I am familiar with idol group names as being a fan of korean entertainment in general but just always resisted kpop. 😅

  16. How is it there now? Is there a mask mandate and more importantly, besides contacting own embassy, whats the best hospital to go to if we run into medical issues in Bali (i.e. emergency or needing prescription if it gets lost etc)?

  17. I still feel sad that Sehun is not in this photo, as much as it also makes me happy seeing 5 of them in one frame.

  18. Lay became a publicity ambassador for the Communist Youth League of China in 2016. [And… that’s not all] (

  19. Thank you for this. It makes total sense. He’s always been vocal about One China so it’s not surprising, just makes me sad since I grew up from the Philippines and its such a divisive topic. 😵‍💫

  20. I think the core difference between Lay and other chinese nationals performing in SK is that Lay has just built a lot of reputation in China for the past couple of years now. The fact that he didn't renew with SM speaks a lot about his success in CN and his confidence in his own company and himself. And at this point, SM probably needs him more than he needs them.

  21. That’s true. He’s built his personal career and brand successfully. I feel like his participation would be lile SNSD, but hopefully without the 5 year+ hiatus 😅

  22. Thanks. I plan to have her bring out copies as well ro be safe, in case her phone acts up. Better safe than sorry!

  23. Tbh mmmh is hard to explain to a non exo fan (cowboy! Space! Teleportation! Etc) but I do love Peaches more coz its so damn dreamy.

  24. Peaches explores the teleportation thing too, but it’s just not as blatant. I think that gave room for more creativity and to solidify Kai as a soloist.

  25. i should clarify, not just non exo fan but to a total muggle, i have had a hard time explaining. 😂

  26. There’s an etsy shop called willow and mayhem that I’ve bought cute exo shirts etc:

  27. Pre-pandemic, there used to be a way to get it in 2-3 days if you are in Los Angeles via the passport agency office in the federal bldg in Westwood by coming in super early , presenting your ticket, old passport etc and the fees. however, like everyone here has said, its very hard to get an appointment. You can try that route if they resumed it…

  28. Would you recommend calling, or just going in and doing as you did instead? I noticed on the website it says to call and make an appointments

  29. Correction : our passport was needed in 2 weeks so we had a bit leg room. It looks like on the State Dept website it says its for 3 business days for life or death situations and that they are not doing walk in appointments.

  30. Does she have confirmed alopecia? If so, I don't believe there is much that can be done.

  31. she only mentioned it a few days ago so i was surprised as she has always had thinner hair than me. but her sister was diagnosed with alopecia on and off for a decade. we have a doctor’s appointment next week so its in the check list to ask.

  32. Amazing vocalist and actor. He can sing acapella and i’ll still swoon.

  33. Baekhyun is my bias but yes I am definitely curious to see / hear how it would be without him!

  34. Ended up with Visitors Coverage. Rates were reasonable.

  35. Yes as it was required (or asked$ for Air Suvidha portal. Tbh, Its just easier to travel vaccinated anywhere, especially at that time in India where different states have different requirements. I am not sure what the rules are now but you may want to check on that.

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