1. That sounds like really poor communication overall, maybe some incompatibility in love languages too?

  2. He will say something then quickly change what he say and tell me I misinterpreted what he said wrong. We’ve been having a lot of problems for some time, but it’s gotten to the point that I’m tired of having to yell in order for you to hear me out.

  3. Yeah, you’ll have to take stock of wether constantly fighting to be heard is worth your time in a relationship. If it’s not, you’ll keep a clean break and keep all the flaws in mind from this one when you head to your next.

  4. Booms are operated by people, it’s not an automatic system

  5. Kiddo laying on his belly working harder than anyone else in the tanker for that time being.

  6. I knew a few dudes from UPT that fly KC135’s now

  7. We had a prior boom in my class who was going back to his unit to fly tankers, and he had some stories lol

  8. You should start your process now and apply in the next available board. You can submit before you’re done with college.

  9. Why is that? When you apply for OTS, arent you applying for a specific board and date?

  10. To tag onto the other response, it also depends how quick your medical stuff is done too depending on your job.

  11. If you look at military flight training, students kill IPs unfortunately. Sometimes it’s the IP not being alert enough, sometimes the student is just that dangerous.

  12. You don't need that advantage though if I'm correct? Because you can apply as a civilian. Thank you very much for all the info.

  13. If there’s a guard unit you like because of what they fly, it’s worth considering going enlisted guard because some units love to promote from within and send their own guys to OTS.

  14. Check out Flexjet uniforms. They look awesome and apparently were the idea baby of a fashion designer so they are also (supposedly) uncomfortable.

  15. The fabrics are super soft, they travel in polos to and from work so comfort wise isn’t as bad as a regional airline.

  16. IMO the flexjets uniforms look like beige awful everything to me, at least in person. Just very unflattering colors and fabrics

  17. Beige? They’re grey actually with a soft yellow tie, and comfort wise they’re crazy soft materials.

  18. I have only moved my savings to ally for the better interest rates.

  19. Do you think they treat the mil member and immediate family differently than children/other associated ones?

  20. All military (and traveling nurses etc) needs to email Netflix that they will cancel their account if they pull shit like this and stick to it and see how long it lasts

  21. I already went and complained on their online chat. The resolution I got was that my “feedback would be shared for future improvements”

  22. Anyone do the no spend month or miss it and are doing it this month?

  23. I Use credit cards and they’re paid off every month. I’ve taken vacations with my family by playing the cc game with points. If you have the discipline why would you take advantage of this??

  24. Because you getting points is paid for by someone who is upsidedown in credit card debt. If you knew anything about the show, you would know this.

  25. I’ll definitely consider both. Is it possible to go AD from the Guard or reserves in the future?

  26. AD from guard or reserves isn’t really a thing. Hopefully someone can speak to it but I would NOT count on it. You’d still have to apply for an AD board I believe.

  27. This is a lot of guessing: I don’t know how MEPS is about sleep disorders. Are you diagnosed? A diagnosis could make it difficult.

  28. The biggest thing to consider it not everything will go according to plan. Do you like where you live? If the AF stuff blows up- would you be happy there for the next 5-6 years?

  29. I like it. I’ve always loved traveling and going places. I don’t think I would have an issue relocating if I got orders to relocate. But I don’t know if it would be worth buying a home if I’d have to relocate. Do you own a home?

  30. Yes, but I bought it after UPT once I got my assignment. I will be at my location for about 3.5 years.

  31. 12 pounds 10 months old? There’s gotta be a little chihuahua too. We had a 12 lb black and white chihuahua growing up.

  32. When I moved, I had a few creator buildings. Let me just say bubble wrap is your friend.

  33. I have my giant attachable buildings on baseplates which are attached to a half inch piece of wood so I can lift them by the baseplate. They live in 12x12 boxes with tons of paper and bubble wrap when I move. I took one as carry on luggage to a plane in a 12x10 one time.

  34. Wichita has a pretty river/walking path. Downtown is kinda industrial.

  35. Don’t fly with young CFIs and you won’t have this problem. :)

  36. Yes, because some old CFIs who call themselves sexiest, racist, xenophobic, homophonic etc is better.

  37. You and the other Gen Z’r formed your sentences in the same manner. “Yes because” = Dead give away.

  38. This sub is for the Student Affairs career field. You may find better answers elsewhere

  39. I was my best friend's maid of honor. She didn't get us anything. In fact, I made gifts for her and the bridesmaids. She never even gave me anything to thank me for being her maid of honor.

  40. I’m so sorry, that’s kind of a bummer. Mine picked the canvas bag for the group, but I got her that!

  41. Actually she supposedly sent me her wedding picture in a fancy glass frame. I don't want that. I would have accepted a cheap canvas bag.

  42. Yeah that’s weird. Not even a framed picture of you two from her wedding day??? I’d consider that a better gift

  43. Yeah. Look you and I are maybe a little more “sophisticated”. But when you get these young couples that get blinded by dreams and the future etc and the fear of losing the house they make irrational decisions. It can be a roll of the dice. I’ve always said the biggest investments of my life were always home purchases were nearly the most irrational. I made out pretty good. I suppose it’s just the nerve of sellers that refuse to give a one or two week home contingency. And the buyers that accept it.

  44. So you’re never gonna go to a general doctor for shots, cholesterol levels or anything? Just let yourself get sick and start dying because you didn’t have the generalized “human body inspector” note some of it earlier where your illness could maybe have been prevented?

  45. Yeah agreed. Buyers can do some due diligence and don’t need the stupid basic home inspection. I get it. I was kind of referring to the type of buyers that literally put an offer in tour the property once. Then settle 60 days later. I’m seeing it happen more so than not in my area.

  46. So you’re never gonna go to a general doctor for shots, cholesterol levels or anything? Just let yourself get sick and start dying because you didn’t have the generalized “human body inspector” note some of it earlier where your illness could maybe have been prevented?

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