1. What helps for me is fasting. (Or just not eating after 7 or 8 o'clock at night until 9 or 10 in the morning for example.) And upping my cardio exercise. That is how I lost the last few pounds last time and how I intend to lose them again.

  2. We have similar goals. I think 5 to 7 months is quite realisitic to lose the weight if you are ready to be a little more on top of it. I would say to aim for one good day at a time where you have some exercise and don't go over your caloriegoal.

  3. I don't know if this is worth anything. But I tend to remind myself that this is a dark period which I am going through. I have done this before, and I will have to do it again. This is not reality. I don't think you didn't have any good memories with your girlfriend and I also don't believe that you felt absolutely nothing when achieving the things you achieved.

  4. depending on size 10kg can be a lot, especially if the starting point is chubby.

  5. It is a big difference for my body type. But still, if my partner leaves me because of that, knowing I am working on losing the weight anyway, I don't know; I don't think that is a relationship I want to have. Just saying. (BTW, I don't intend to lose the whole amount again, as I think I went to low for what was sustainable for me.)

  6. I get the get what you want mentality. But the problem is that drinks are being made that are just freaking unhealthily filled with shit. So it's nice that they at least have some better options!

  7. I think this is one of the hardest things about weight loss. Trying to balance social activities and dieting.

  8. Honestly it sneaked up on me. It started with gaining a few pounds and saying ok that's fine. Then a little more.

  9. I feel best weighing once a day, in the morning, before eating and after going to the bathroom. Sometimes I weigh myself at night as well, but I rather not do that. It's more if I can't help it.

  10. This depends on many factors. I still love him and I still think we could have worked together. But he has to make changes in his communication and commitment. I won't take the same type of relationship again.

  11. It's much better not to try to find peace and let the anxiety come. Trying to calm down only makes it worse.

  12. Thank you! I think I just need something to get me out of my anxiety funk.

  13. Focus on something that involves your mind & your hands…. Not screen based. Example: jigsaw puzzle. Hope this helps. Also, exercise - to make yourself tired.

  14. Thank you! I just did a short run, and I feel better already.

  15. I didn't have a clean break. But from the last time of contact it took 2 months (but there was a whole year and a half of trying and contacting again).

  16. I wouldn't pay much attention. My fiance said the same to his friends. He told me I was his soul mate the love of his life. We got engaged. He booked a holiday for us and 2 weeks later he ended our engagement and a week later I heard he is on twitter. How I will ever trust what anyone says again I don't know. I'm heartbroken. It's just words...

  17. Oh I am so sorry to hear that. Trusting someone is so hard. And I don't really get how some people just don't seem to understand how much words can mean to someone.

  18. This message definitely feels like me. I have also gone through those stages so many times. But like you said the stages get shorter and less intense except acceptance, which had increased over time and is the only one I feel truly comfortable in.

  19. I really don't see the point in reaching out. The whole problem was that he was inconsistent. Didn't know what he wanted and just fucking confused me to hell.

  20. Honestly I don't think this can work. This isn't a new person you are meeting. If there is no interest in a relationship down the line then all he is doing is prolonging his own suffering and healing. I am not saying get married tomorrow. But at least know which page you are on.

  21. The point is to go into it with zero to little expectations. Date and have fun. And if they aren't receptive to being back in a relationship something that will get brought up later on. Then at least you tried and can officially move on.

  22. Personally. I know myself and I know that not knowing where I stand with him was the biggest turmoil I had in my life and it doesn't matter how fun the dates were. Not knowing if he will even be reachable the next day matters to me.

  23. I love being alone too. I am mostly scared of passing up opportunities for finding someone. Letting someone in scares me to death and even more now after I let him in and it having such a bad ending.

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