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  1. I am fat (about 100-120kg) back in highschool and I hang out with 2 friends that are just around 50-70kgs. I didnt lose weight and they didnt gain weight. And we hang out every lunch and after classes and they dont have a problem with me and me to them. Im thinking it might be the mindset of people you're with and your ability to control your eating and not merely being with fit people.

  2. look at the time stamp. now look at the current year.

  3. Same. Dito samen may kapitbahay kaming pinapakawalan aso nila ng gabi para hindi sa bahay nila tumae at umihi. Hilig na hilig pa naman nung aso nila na sa harap namin dumumi tapos nangangagat pa. Nireklamo na namin yun sa barangay pero alam naman nating lahat na hindi kikilos yung mga yon maliban na lang pag malapit na eleksyon.

  4. Not really random, what i was saying was to just open up packs that hold cards from nation you want to build and you'll either eventually get cards you need or enough cp to craft cards you need.

  5. I know, the post is about the best farming method. I havery every card 4x already, looking to get max rarity efficiently

  6. For someone called "big belly" he sure have small belly but big tits. Probably a trans that identify as a she but still wants the privilege of a he, unless she have to pay for dates.

  7. If I remember correctly, it is possible but it was not optimized as much as cytus at that time. I remember missing a lot of notes because of a delay in the tapping and the game registering the tap.

  8. Osu on android/ios is not on service anymore iirc. But for cytus, its on the playstore.

  9. I'm thinking this is the age of "we can milk them as much as we can" for games.

  10. We vote celebrities, thieves, and rapists as politicians. Also we like thieves so much that we justify voting for thieves and their actions. Plus we hate everyone that diss our thieves.

  11. Some cosplayer I know just do it for fun. As for financials, there are some that use "general" costumes that can be used to portray different characters just by changing little, like a maid costume, school uniform, etc. There are also some that recoup spendings for costume by selling the costume after the event. There are also some that sell portraits or pictures. There are a few that spends a bit heavy in hopes of winning something like a cosplay competition. And there are some people I know that visit comic cons as the same character year after year so as to save some money in costumes.

  12. Those broken lines show where we're going - them probably

  13. Is there a problem with gs and bluestacks? It always crash whenever I try to open gs.

  14. Be genuinely happy. Be it alcohol, be it drugs, be it good food, even just once.

  15. I'm kinda ok with avocadoes as a drink and eaten with condensed milk but i agree with it being overrated. People be adding avocadoes everywhere it doesn't belong.

  16. I want to give them another chance but I'd be mad at myself for wasting money on an avocado, bread, etc just to throw it way after 1 bite

  17. Try to buy 1, put it on the freezer for 5-10 mins, cut them into cubes, add condensed milk then eat it. Avocado toast is a scam and doesnt taste good.

  18. I wont be rich, I won't have kids or be married, you shouldn't be concerned on things that are out of your control, and things are illegal only if you dont have the money to get out of it.

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