1. Tim hasn't went into details about it, to protect Emile's privacy. Tim may talk about his own personal life a lot, but he won't blab about other people's private matters.

  2. I think it is pretty clear what happened without going into a copious amounts of detail, but it is not our place to discuss or speculate.

  3. he seems to have been involved in agricultural sabotage on behalf of foreign governments. as im sure you know, this period of soviet history is full of contradictions related to espionage. as far as i can tell he was involved in a conspiracy with his superior, ironically a 'supporter' of Lysenko, Yakov Yakovlev

  4. Seems like your response does not address any of my claims... seems like you are only capable of shallow ideological comments

  5. No one in this loser movement has limited jobs lmao.

  6. What your thoughts on transhumanism? Could it be that humans may have to start radically adapting themselves to technology as hyper climate change worsens? Also what are your main go to news sources, and how does news media differ in Poland from news media in the states? Is it more nuanced or is it just as sensationalist?

  7. So is this the universe where Scarlet never bounced him, or he never met her?

  8. Hi homie, how's it going? You see the release date trailer?

  9. Hey, at least you weren't sending devs dick pics.

  10. That's not how disappointment works. Disappointment is not the antithesis of expectation. It is the antithesis of hope. Admit it or not everyone hoped that something, anything, would be given, and once again we were bitterly disappointed. I give more credit to Nintendo at this point than SMS.

  11. You ppl on reddit treat everything like a debate. Chill the fuck out weirdo

  12. Add in the conversation Stan was having with Black Noir. Definetly an inside job.

  13. Enough with the fucking rumours and hearsay. This is what happens when a company keeps its fans in the dark for too long. Until SMS or Sony announces something definitive themselves ignore everything you read. Yellow journalism run amok.

  14. Actually the makers of the game saying it’s coming out this year with 100% certainty is saying a whole lot. Idk what ur talkin about. U can go ahead and believe it’s coming out in 2023 since ur that stubborn but when it comes out this year all of u doubters will be feeling r3tarded and happy at the same time

  15. Who are they? They're not anyone in higher positions at SMS or even Sony, who ultimately decides when the game is releasing because they are the publisher and their word trumps everyone at SMS. Going by the word of random people doesn't mean anything, and plastering "2022" on their websites also means nothing because this is a placeholder ultimately designed to sale PS5s, not market the game. So when news eventually drops in July/August that it is being delayed to spring 2023, I will be here to rub it in your face.

  16. Maybe they've learned from their mistakes and knowing that the game is going to be further delayed, they don't want to give us any false hope

  17. Their entire marketing strategy thus far has either been false hope or nothing at all.

  18. I didn't even aim to change your mind, just to give you an insight.

  19. If the genders are reversed, you are probably talking about Ramaiya Vastavaiya which in itself is inspired by Maine Pyar Kiya.

  20. It was dumb of them to ever reveal the game and drop a trailer WITH a release of 2021 if they were no where close to actually finishing this game or even giving an official release date

  21. The marketing for this game has been the most disjointed mess I've seen in a long time. I understand the initial delay because of Mr. Judge's health problems and issues with the Covid restrictions, (which is not only understandable, it is respectable), but then coming back with a mega trailer a year later and saying definitely 2022, and then nothing, not a screenshot or a solid date, in 9 months, is either A) means that they overestimated themselves and got their fans hyped for nothing, or B) are stringing us along hoping that we maintain our own interest, basically doing their job for them, while they regroup and brace themselves for the online storm that will come their way when they inevitably announce a 2023 delay, and it will be entirely on them.

  22. Well that was all on schedule. The actor for Kratos had I think surgery and rehab causing the original delay.

  23. Really? This is what sony showed. CONCEPT art... FUCKING CONCEPT ART of a pvp game. Probably 3 years away. And a game that came out like 8 years ago or something.

  24. I always laugh my head off when someone shows off concept art as if that means anything. And filling in the last slot to announce a remaster of an overrated trash game is just a giant middle finger to every single GoW fan.

  25. They didn't reiterate it. They haven't said anything, and GoW fans have every right to be pissed.

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