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  1. You and me both sister I cannot afford to feed my guns anymore. Should have bought a reloading station when they were cheap

  2. I like some of the sets the competitors do, though. Mega and Cobi do a lot of military stuff. And some of their parts don't exist in Lego, so they can be useful for custom builds.

  3. Cobi is so close to Lego in quality that the only way I can tell the difference is by the lack of Lego branding on the studs. That and the figures.

  4. First I’m considering getting a Shield Plus, and PSA puts a bundle on sale for $450.

  5. Can’t get this crap to work in my M&P22 pistol. Won’t cycle, won’t eject, will get stuck in the chamber to the point where I need a dowel to remove it.

  6. I love the M&P22 but every one I’ve shot would only run CCI Mini-Mags. Anything else jammed up constantly.

  7. This is easily BIN. I just paid $40 more at PSA the other day, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this cheap.

  8. I don’t know of many companies making replica Confederate sabers. Windlass has one, though you’d have to sharpen it yourself. All the rest I’ve seen are stainless so while they’d be fine for re-enactments where it never leaves the scabbard I wouldn’t suggest cutting with them.

  9. I honestly don’t care, but I could probably sleep through a tornado.

  10. It’s a preschooler. No need to shoot him, worst case scenario you just punt him across the room.

  11. It depends on where I am. If I’m out in the woods or on a farm or otherwise in a setting where open-carry won’t attract attention, then I’m 100% all for it. Easier access, more comfortable, it’s the superior way to do it. But most of the time I carry concealed just to avoid the funny looks people give you, as I find that annoying. If open-carry was common practice and everywhere I went I saw people with guns on their hips I would carry openly too, honestly I wish that’s how things were, but until then I’ll keep my IWB holster.

  12. How?! U could literally eat fruit and not be thirsy. I doubt you've ever tried not eating multiple days. I had to survive on 2 potnoodles for 4 days once. I've never been so miserable

  13. The human body can go three days without water but it can go three weeks without food. Plus I’ve been dehydrated before and if I have to choose between that and being hungry I’d much rather be hungry. I could stand to lose some weight anyway, a three day fast might help.

  14. She’ll mostly just see a lot of guns I’ll probably never be able to afford and lore videos for various games, with a few meme videos.

  15. There’s no restoring this one, I’m afraid. It’s beyond saving. Could be a cool display piece though.

  16. You’re in luck. I’ve got one for you, only $420,696.90 with purchase of at least one F15 jet.

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