1. It’s such a viscous circle though, isn’t it? I’ve been admiring the concept of radical acceptance & compassion but I find it difficult to even feel that way towards myself because it still feels like it’s my fault, and it’s hard to even feel like a normal level of compassion for myself, even with something simple.

  2. Holy cow that sounds terrible. I’m sorry you had that experience in a supposedly therapeutic space. In addition to what other folks have said about EMDR/other somatic therapies, what I’ve learned through the process is that your brain will lead you to what it’s ready for. Your not ready for that box yet and you don’t have to be. The path to healing does not even have to go through that box at all. Take on the task of making your body the safest possible place for yourself, and building trust with yourself that you can keep yourself safe. In my personal experience, the more I trust myself that I’m a safe place, the less need I have to even interact with the dark boxes. They just… get smaller I guess? Idk. It’s been amazing for me to work with a therapist who just believes me without me having to explain things in detail. I have told her stuff cause I trust her, but I think I could have had similar results even without sharing any details.

  3. This is an awesome response, thank you so much. I think maybe I needed that permission to not have like a goal of unpacking every single box, you know?

  4. I think the ending probably looks much more like the day Forest Gump just decides to stop running and go home.

  5. It was just a little moment, but I saw Newsies and when Jack and Katherine have their kiss during 'Something to Beleive In" a little kid in the audience said 'Ewwww' in a voice that was just loud enough to carry across the Mezzanine. It was funny because the kid sounded so disgusted that there was kissing.

  6. Glad this kid can see how forced and unnecessary that love arc is!

  7. The man next to me at The Lion King saying “holy SHIT” under his breath after The Circle of Life was pretty great.

  8. Yes! Walking back in after intermission someone saw the tables pushed aside and said “ooh! They’re gonna square dance!” Hope springs eternal.

  9. If you do it right you haven’t done anything wrong. That’s the important caveat. Introducing yourself and asking someone for their number is not immoral or bad, but for example giving them a hard time when they turn you down - is.

  10. Tip that giving your number instead of asking for hers feels safer for a lot of women.

  11. It really depends on our trauma and varies so much from person to person.

  12. This is the way I come across too. Once after a conversation with a reactive person a board member asked me if I had conflict resolution training. Like yeah dude an entire childhood’s worth.

  13. I appreciate and resonate with this post and all the comments. I also have experienced similar releases after EMDR/healthy conflict, and I do think of them as releases even though they are painful. For me, it’s like my body has been scrunched up in fear (armoring) and I block out the pain of that tension maybe with the help of adrenaline. The armoring is what incorrectly feels like the natural state because it’s what I’m used to.

  14. Was part of a study at a University. Tracked different mood symptoms on a 1-5 scale every day for three months, and I think behaviors too like sleep and alcohol. They lost track of my results so I had to follow up with them and the assistant responded like, oh that’s a hard yes for PMDD.

  15. Thanks for sharing this story. I also experienced sibling abuse and have begun to realize that part of the reason my brother is more able to have his own partnership and family is because he took all his anger out on me. He got to move on then and I have just started processing all of the stuff he (and others) passed on to me now that I’m in my 30s. We’ve worked on a few conversations but I have carried the lion’s share of the work to get us to a point of having a conversation. He says he understands why I’m scared of him, but I can tell he’s still not fully listening to me and doesn’t fully understand the impact of his actions.

  16. Ssid..? I just turned 18.. I don't really know how to do anything honestly.. my mom doesn't really even believe I have pmdd even though I'm diagnosed and repeatedly told I have it.. its kinda part of her asian parent denial that anything is wrong with her child..

  17. Also, you do not have to disclose any disabilities you need accommodation for until after you have accepted an offer. That discussion should not be part of the interview process and I believe is in fact illegal for them to ask you. It should be a discussion after you are hired and have signed a contract.

  18. Thank you so much! I'm sorry I don't have much to ssay..running on like.. 3 hrs of sleep. It means a lot to me all the support I have gotten tho ♡

  19. No need to apologize you’re doing great. Hoping you get some nourishing sleep soon.

  20. I don’t know if it exactly counts as a reprise, but I’ve always loved how What Have I Done and Javert’s Suicide have the same song structure.

  21. Gotta pull out an alt account, because sensitive topics- I share Diana’s diagnosis and have spent many years as a member of the mood disorder/Axis 1 diagnosis community in my city. (I have Bipolar 1 with psychotic features, which is the closest real life diagnosis to the make believe one the writers use- bipolar depressive with delusional episodes.) Next to Normal has been very damaging to us. I know this might be hard to hear or unpopular, but it has an awful rep in my community of people with bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, and the like.

  22. Thank you for sharing your story. I really appreciate your perspective and especially sharing your experience with ECT. Do you have any recommendations of media that are a good representation of people with a diagnosis like yours?

  23. They can fit in very tiny cracks. They do so in the fall to overwinter, then they wake up and appear to annoy the hell out of you with how damn stupid they are.

  24. Huh. So the spring ones are the same as the fall ones and they’ve just been freeloading for months?

  25. I was a flight/shut down person, so it was baffling to me when anger started coming up and I didn’t really have any skills to cope with it. Running helped.

  26. Laura Dreyfuss? She hasn't done anything in a hot minute

  27. “Never quit, I follow through I hate mess, but I love you What to do with my impromptu baby?

  28. A few years back before I knew what PMDD was I was really trying to meet someone through dating. At the time my takeaway was, wow, men really show their asses after about a month. 😳 Whoops.

  29. Lol same. But also staying single allowed me to make space for my queerness, so ya know. Win some, lose some.

  30. I second this. It might help to prepare for it deliberately, as a process, and to do it ith intention. Have advil and damp washcloths nearby. Water, easy food. Someone you can have nearby or who's open to you calling them during this process. Blankets and comfort items, because my own mother was BPD and I can empathise with the intense fear that if you start you'll never stop, and you will need anything soft and gentle to help with that fear. Movies and shows and concepts that are able to help the sadness rise within you. It doesn't have to be sappy movies, sometimes I have to watch documentaries on certain topics in order to feel it. Use these as much as you need, because your body was trained to suppress grief. Don't give in to the urge to space out, keep bringing up the things you've ignored. Switch between personal grief and impersonal grief.

  31. This image of all my little sadnesses lining up is so precious. They all deserve a hug and a cookie.

  32. It ends. On it’s own time, but it will end. The way you feel now won’t last forever.

  33. Yes. EMDR and a mild antidepressant have taken my symptoms from a 9 down to a 1 or 2. therapy gave me perspective and coping skills that really help me manage the mood related symptoms. I still get grouchy and irritable, but only sometimes feel like I’m gonna snap, and my face doesn’t feel like it’s gonna vibrate off my skull anymore. Switching jobs helped too, but the therapy helped me see that as an option.

  34. And he tricks you into thinking you’ve got it in the first half.

  35. The dream ballet is very abstract. Nowadays we're used to parts of a musical's story being told through dance, but when OK premiered, it was literally the first time that happened. This contemporary "ballet" brings that jarring and mysterious quality to the show.

  36. I’m responding to this month old thread because I saw it last night and loved it. I love your interpretation here. The boot drop also invoked hanging to me, either by suicide or mob “justice”, and then Jud, who was just fantasizing about mass murder comes through and desperately tries to hide the boots before reluctantly (or maybe with relief?) joining the party.

  37. I’ve seen the Hugh Jackman recording, and I thought it was alright. But I didn’t like the message this version was putting out: murdering people with a gun is fine if u can spin it as self defense. Not the message the US needs in 2022

  38. I’m not sure how you can watch the show end with

  39. oh wow you're so nice, I'm so sorry. that's okay don't push yourself or anything.

  40. Not a problem at all! I’m glad I had a reason to pull it off the shelf and give it a look through. This book does not use the kind of example you gave at all. There are no specific descriptions of abuse, and when abuse is discussed it is done in a generalized way like “things they made you feel overwhelmed or ashamed.” It refers to people as “people” and “individuals” and never as “patients”. There are no first person accounts from therapists describing their processes with a person. Descriptions of symptoms are given through generalized examples like “some people feel this while other individuals may feel this.” Flipping through it I noticed all the language is very neutral and non-judgmental. A lot of the text speaks directly to “you” which makes it feel very approachable.

  41. thank you for the recommendation and the hopeful words. I have Peter Levin's book, do you know it? do you think it would be enough?

  42. Haven’t forgotten! Just didn’t get to it last night. I’ll try again tonight!

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