1. Nothing direct, just heard multiple people on reddid and the wider internet mention that it had some stuff. And brave supports crypto wich I also don't like, I mean yes you can disable it but still

  2. "I heard brave is bad, I don't know what is had about it and I can't explain but I heard its bad so it's bad" mate do you realise how brain dead you sound?

  3. I am just afraid to be doing something shit and wrong or something, I would like to keep using it but most people say it's not good and if that many people say it is then they must have some truth in that. I don't think it's bad personally but idk

  4. How many of the responses were some version of trump?

  5. Same here. Everyone works from home on a Friday so I go into the office.

  6. Mate put a bottle on your keyboard and open a word file up, saves you having to move the mouse. Or if it's too obvious any kind of heavy but small object would work.

  7. £15, if I was in the office I probably would but at home the bottle or a heavy object works fine!

  8. I mean it’s the endgame pvp mode who’s design is based around winning several games in a row so I could see why your teammates would be mad you’re not playing to win

  9. "So what if I run down the same lane alone and die every round! It's not my fault!"

  10. People will always cry no matter what weapons are good.

  11. Flawless pool doesnt open for a few hours. Just grind a card up to 7 wins and then adept bows will have a chance to drop on any wins after 7.

  12. So I don't need to go flawless again???? Omg thanks! I feel so dumb

  13. No because that bow is not adept, I thought it would

  14. This is me as I’m too lazy to swap for crucible or have a designated set for pvp lol

  15. What if someone came to an end game pve with PVP mods and said they couldn't be bothered switching? Would you say no problem.

  16. If they're trying to go flawless then maybe they should go in with a full fireteam on comms. Imagine going into competitive PvP with randoms and expecting to go flawless. What planet are these people living on?

  17. It's freelance week buddy, only the sweatiest of sweats will be teaming up

  18. Heart of inmost light empowerment + 5x firepower + 2x bomber mods.

  19. Dude, some people have a life. They can't grind all day for the cars and other stuff they want

  20. There's ways to get money without grinding and spending real money but some poeple are too brainless to seek them out

  21. How would you get money without grinding (Cayo is a grind too). And it's their money. If they are earning it, it's their choice isn't it?

  22. I am hoping for this as well. The movement in rdr2 feels heavy and you can feel the weight of the character and yes the inventory i think they will put that too using a duffel bag

  23. And the melee fights actually feel good. Melee in Gta v is so bad

  24. Perfect, I kinda expected this so I didn't bother with the crime scenes.

  25. Yep not worth the time at all, hate relying on rng for things

  26. "Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running three Honda civics with spoon engines, and on top of that, he just went into Harry’s and bought three T66 turbos with NOS, and a MOTEC exhaust system."

  27. To get things you can get in 10 minutes with a quick glitch

  28. You get banned for mentioning those here but I'm shocked more people don't do that over spending mindless hours grinding or spending real money on fake money

  29. Lmao one of the yanks showed up on their own post, we're reaching peak jerk levels here

  30. You mean in the US it's legal for a company to hire new employees to replace the ones on strike ?? Wow, you guys really have a lot to fight for.

  31. It's why the freedom shit that comes out of America is just a meme. Americans don't really have and real freedoms when you compare them to certain European countries but they happen to be one of the richest

  32. Not really, look at the account, it's just spamming random garbage to get karma.

  33. Optional matchmaking for anything seasonal makes sense to me

  34. I dont think I've ever seen a double primary player that wasn't either a 0.5 or rep farming

  35. What do you mean my auto rifle + scout rifle combo isn't optimal for comp!?

  36. Get with the times, double scout and a fast firing one for close range obviously

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