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  1. Just pointing mid to high level adventures are pretty cheap . Hireing a group of hero’s to recover stolen goods might let you play with paladin and gold dragon adversaries.

  2. Please do so directly and bluntly. Do not play the hints and clues game we suck at it and will only get us both upset.

  3. How would you implement this jail? Won’t this lay off 100s of people who are gainfully and legally employed?

  4. I am cutting off the do not remove tags from my furniture.

  5. Sleep in for an extra hour before going to work.

  6. Lex Luther, he is right his time line is wrong but he was right superman was the greatest threat to humanity.

  7. I would argue his methods were no more problematic than the clear efforts to kill and enslave the mutant race. Once the fear of mutants was disseminated politically and socially and through widespread media channels- he knew there was no alternative. There wasn’t a way to convince the human race to accept them, and he didn’t see a need for the mutants to live in fear and hide their powers.

  8. Except there was, Xavier was too much of a coward to implement it.

  9. Since when is doesn’t cheat not the standard base minimum?

  10. Yep, mistletoe is now a valuable component in scarce supply. Not easily found, extremely expensive to purchase, etc.

  11. Unless the Druid has Druid craft cantrip where he can create the flower instantly

  12. Maybe good berry will stave off hunger but if you eat real food you get a moral bonus or even an xp bonus ?

  13. I love you more then anything but don’t deserve to be happy, so I don’t am leaving you.

  14. I hope you left it charging going to be pissed if I have no power later.

  15. Income inequality, hopeless, tribal politics all play a huge role.

  16. Simple don’t start anything, I never want to hear your the instigator, you can only use the weapons of bullies choice, words for words, fists for fists, other then that finish it hard but don’t pursue if they flee and don’t keep attacking a downed foe. Always have child’s back.

  17. You do know typically green dragons can’t polymorph, in fact most greens covet such an ability because they want to play politics in the local towns and city. So I suggest have the person be a wizard claim the dragon is a familiar but is hunting the actual dragon, because it’s the familiars parent who abandoned it and seeks vengeance. high deception should make this beleaveable, have an illusion set up deeper in the cave of an age catagogory with a programmed look like napping have them suprise the sleeping dragon possibly using magic from the wizard so party is in good position and waists first round of combat on illusion

  18. Don’t you get double pay for the day off with work? Paid holiday + work on the day?

  19. China wants everyone to go to college but then expects them to work in factories?

  20. This is apparently a big problem they have an over supply of educated people without the jobs to give them.

  21. Which years, you want 90 to 100 sure 100k a year no prob, you want 0-40 range you need way higher price.

  22. Idk why but I just love attention when it involves someone genuinely caring about me and loving me.

  23. Just cuddling and holding each other for the whole night.

  24. Probably more likely they just print better versions at this point.

  25. They already can nothing is stopping them from printing 0 super mox t add 2 of any colour to your mana pool.

  26. It’s the secret part not the escorting part that is the problem. If we are having money woes to this level and we are not on the same page it’s a huge red flag for our relationship.

  27. The problem is not the question of fighting toddlers and winning. It's that Doug and his terrible voters think you should be paid barely above minimum wage (which he canceled and delayed for his whole first term) to fight toddlers, not harm them, and be happy to wait several hours to be treated for your toddler sized-injuries at an urgent care that he swore he'd fix.

  28. Could you ask for safer work conditions? Maybe just ban kids who are violent?

  29. I think you need clearer definitions of your standards: cute, smart and successful are very vague terms. You need clearer focus good luck with your hunt for love.

  30. Sit down and talk to him and hash it out like adults?

  31. I have allergies and I have 2 cats & 1 dog ! I guarantee you with organization,good cleaning,open the window for the air,.. it’s possible! Don’t take any medicine and work my immune on it! As a animal lover I couldn’t live without ! That ´P’ decided over you/father over a pet that she don’t own,it’s a glimps of the futur!!

  32. Degree of allergy matters, clearly P allergy isn’t that bad but I have friends who 12 hours in that environment will hospitalized them. This won’t work for everyone.

  33. Let me ask genuinely what’s happens if say 70% of the union members just straight up leave for a different job?

  34. I hope it swings, “this has gone long enough, government pay them and fuck off”

  35. No gov only does that if they get campaign donations from the business.

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