1. It's actually pretty easy using rubbing alcohol. Here's the method I use:

  2. They seem to be auto-removing his posts but he keeps posting there anyway.

  3. There was a very similar post made two minutes before that one posted. However it was deleted before I could see who posted it.

  4. As another former DC resident: I'd consider Charleston or Huntington.

  5. Members are allowed to bring friends/guests into their houses. Some places may be off limits but they can show you the public areas.

  6. I’m wondering if there were several medical excuses that weren’t valid and people abusing the system

  7. As someone on an alumni housing board you are 100% correct. The system was (and still is) heavily abused.

  8. I need to pick up another Moisture Surge from Clinique but there will be plenty of sales (and probably better ones) for the next month. I went nuts at the Sephora F&F and Rogue sales, I’m beyond good when it comes to makeup.

  9. The department stores may have it on sale. Chanel is never in sales but Dior, Tom Ford, YSL, etc., often is.

  10. Ehhhhh…it depends. They usually have a few door buster type gift sets that sell out really fast. The rest of the sale is like half-off a bunch stuff that everywhere has on sale for half off. If you’re familiar with Ulta’s 21 days of beauty it’s a lot of the same stuff/brands.

  11. Do you know when they typically release their list?

  12. Not off the top of my head. There are some websites dedicated to Black Friday ads and I think you can sign up for email updates.

  13. The first step is to have the chapter leadership (at the very least the president and house manager) sit down with the house director and try to get some answers and understanding of the situation. Some types of heating systems are very hard to control, like forced hot water heat. Ask about the background of the no open windows rules, where did those come from? If she keeps forcing it back to the heating system ask if the HVAC company can take a look at things.

  14. I wasn’t crazy about it and returned it. It sank into all of my fine lines and pores as well as clinging to every dry patch I have.

  15. I love that it's pretty and practical. It looks like you could damn near hose the place down if needed.

  16. The Ilia Fullest Volumizing mascara. I've never used a mascara that reminded me of clay before, nor actually weighed down my lashes so much I could see them. My lashes looked okay, though. Not the worst mascara I've used.

  17. My sleep schedule is so messed up right now. 10:30 games don’t help.

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