1. Well, we got overhauled SWTOR forums just a few days ago. / SARCASM..

  2. Correction, meatbag: Subscribers got a new SWTOR forum. F2P/Preferred plebs get nothing!

  3. Nothing new; for some reason, BW only lets subscribers post on the official forums. They just revamped the Forums, but only the subset of customers that are current subscribers would be able to tell you what changed.

  4. I always find it funny how often mounts go up on the Flash sale, but except for the most expensive dyes (white/black, black/black, etc), you never see Crystals or cheaper Dyes on the Flash sale. I guess going from 240cc to 120cc isn't considered as big of a bang for your buck, but I think people would buy Dyes and Crystals more, if they ever showed up on the Flash sale.

  5. I have about an entire stash full of the alliance crate sets, which I assume is this collection? So I equip all of one set on a character, then vendor/disassemble it, correct? (I assume the 10cc is per set, so like 8 or 16 sets is only 80ccc or 160cc?

  6. Unfortunately, you cannot vendor or dissemble the sets anymore; you have to dispose of them one by one (else you could Legacy Collection yourself to infinite riches). You just need the full set in either your personal inventory, or Cargo Hold (Legacy will not work), for it to go into Collections. You can then Unlock it for 10cc, per set. You can see if a piece has unlocked in Collections by hovering the cursor over it (i.e. tool tip/description).

  7. From what I've seen they don't have to be equipped at all, just in the same characters inventory or cargo hold (green bank). Once the whole set is there you should get the message that the set is unlocked in collections. Then 10 cc per set for account unlock.

  8. I was going to mention, if you hover over the piece, it now tells you if the piece was unlocked in Collections, or not. I recently pruned 6 cargo bays down to 2, getting rid of unlocked sets and spares (so many spares...). I recently ran a character from 1-20 in all Alliance contacts, but I've unlocked less than half the Remnant sets.

  9. I still think a $40 cosmetic weapon only a handful of classes can use, is very strange.

  10. Another tuning? I traded in the electrostaff i had reserved for the holographic one yesterday.

  11. It's always red ... Cool, but red. Only get this one if you want your weapon to look very red.

  12. There will be some, but nothing major. There are people who always comes back whenever there is something new, even if it is just something very boring.

  13. I expect good turnout for Galactic Seasons 3, especially if there's more CC to mine.

  14. Wow. Your going to be a Beta Tester, whether you like it or not!

  15. I didn't get it the first season but picked up both SHs the second season with ease. It's really nbd

  16. I would like this better if it DIDN'T have the lower part of the chest piece. Buggy physics.

  17. I really wish when you whisper or tell at someone, there was a sound effect that accompanied it. Just a little "ba-dunk" to help clue you in. I think a lot of things would go smoother, if Chat were more intuitive.

  18. I don't know. I am rating 331, and I can put a 306 earpiece on, drop to 329. Every earpiece is a blue 320. Never higher.

  19. I don't think he'd dropping his earpiece to 306. Keeps it at 330, and hopes for a blue drop.

  20. Go to spoils of war vendor. For about 300 Tech Frags, you can buy a 306 earpiece. In a Vet FP, it forces a blue 320 to drop

  21. Ty so much for the quick responses and tips 😭 But mad lad deleted his character without a second thought just to cop the name Shamu'Al Jaxon (Yes, yes it's exactly what you think it is.)

  22. Man, I'm glad I got my species Unlocks when they were on sale; it's been like 2 years since I saw something like that hit. It's just mounts, mounts, and the occasional armor set...

  23. CZ is the easiest, but the idea applies to all the Daily Zones.

  24. My dude, you play on a lower population server (SS & SF have larger pop's), aren't in a guild, and don't have a cultivated friend list, and you're complaining about MM FP not popping?

  25. Very curious about the Collector's Edition thing, I don't think we've seen that hinted at before. Looking forward to the R-4 changes.

  26. Imperial Trooper armor and 4 extra Dye Modules? Sign me up!

  27. I forget if Shadow of Revan and Rise of the Hutt Cartel are included but subscribing for one month for 15 bucks to get all of those and playing through the class stories could be worth 15 bucks. It's not worth it as an MMO, WOW and FF14 are better in almost every way but as a standalone 15 dollar game it's worth that at least.

  28. F2P does currently include SoR and RotHC, only the story past is locked under Subscription. And as long as you don't get bitten by Space Barbie or a need for the BiS gear, $15 is a pretty good investment for the game.

  29. Who uses the SWTOR forums when the SWTOR Discord and Reddit are so much better?

  30. You can torpedo the bridge through the ship for the bonus mission points and achieve both in about 15 seconds.

  31. You need Proton Torpedoes from the Ship Vendor, though. Normal missiles won't do the trick.

  32. How do you win those missions? I lose every time IIRC, so I stopped trying.

  33. Play the very first mission (Fondor(Rep)/Jaabim(IMP) Escort). You don't have to do much to win, and hitting either of the two bonuses isn't too hard either.

  34. Do you have to redeem entire sets to unlock in Collections, or can you do it piece by piece?

  35. From the Empire's point-of-view, you just let Hannibal Lector go.

  36. I haven't played this year as much as past ones; I think I've had about 30-40 Emperor's Tokens from play, and like 600-800 Kingpin's (mostly 50 drops from ET). I got : 2 Predator mounts, 2 Claw droid pets, 2 weird bird pets, 4 BLW speeders, and a fair amount of Golden Tickets and Cartel Certificates. It does seem sparser than a few years ago, but this event is meant as a credit sink, so tightening up drops might be real.

  37. Where do you go for farming chips? I was doing flash points in the Group Finder. I didn't know they dropped from just any mob. I thought they only dropped from vet FP bosses.

  38. Starter planet Heroic areas have good drop rates, from what I've heard. Ord Mantell specifically gets mentioned.

  39. I used Rep increase, Companion increase, some Gree Event, and a whole lot of GSF last night, and hit Conquest on six characters. I figure I can get another 3 on Rep & Companion increases, and another 6 if I can get GSF weeklies. I'll probably pop my lvl80 Stealth on Heroic missions, for Daily Resource Matrix.

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