1. I wanted to take online instead of in-person because of transportation. What are some things you heard about taking summer school math and how is it hectic?

  2. Only Waterloo cares that much about summer school, and your advanced functions mark matters way more than grade 11 functions, so focus on grade 12 and do better

  3. Immigration was at an all time low in 2020 when lockdowns started and this is when grades started to rise, it literally doesn’t make sense that immigration could even be a factor.

  4. How little thought did you put into your comment? It’s not students that are immigrating in grade 12 causing mark inflation, it is students that completed all of their high school studies here.

  5. This is like arguing that white people can’t get jobs because of immigration when that is not the case, there are simply more qualified people, regardless of whether they are immigrants or not. Obviously I understand that immigration = more people and limited spots, but it’s not like the immigrants are not fighting for those limited number of spots too. Immigrants have been coming to western countries for higher education for years and years this is not something new lol but no one has ever complained about or even heard of the term “grade inflation” before 2020. Your comment was stupid hence why u got downvoted.

  6. This is not true. A longstanding criminal record may be of concern to your university, but suspensions do not raise concern in the same way. Some schools allegedly do background checks on their students, no one knows to what extent or in what way though, as I do know of someone from a high school in my area whose university offer was rescinded based on their activity on social media. But a suspension really is no big deal. I got suspended in high school on *what was later proven to be a false* academic dishonesty charge (aka. one of the worst things you could get on your record as far as universities are concerned) but I know for a fact the charge itself was never taken off of my student record, and it did not affect my ability to get into university. I know of many people from my high school who were suspended (my high school was unbelievably trigger-happy with suspensions, and even threatened to expel kids for as little as looking at a teacher wrong), some even multiple times and still got into top universities.

  7. If anyone applying to uni from highshool has a criminal record it is 99% of the time from before they turned 18, meaning it’s a youth record. There is no possible way that a university could be privy to this under the YCJA (unless they were charged as an adult), only a judge can access this record, your employer is not even able to see it.

  8. UBC currently is the best for CS I heard but Waterloo and UofT are not far behind. Extremely competitive however. If you are looking for a less competitive you can check out the University of Calgary, Mcmasters, University of Alberta, UVIC, SFU.

  9. Westerns name in and out of itself will help you get into the door. Realistically speaking, Ivey vs bmos at the undergraduate level is essentially the same. The one thing that Ivey does really well is that it forces you to network, however, a lot of the basic concepts in undergrad are the same. You learn the same materials in Ivey then you would at Bmos (at the fundamental level).

  10. I think your downplaying the importance of ivey’s network too much and the learning in Ivey and bmos is very different. Bmos is a good degree though, good big 4 presence from what I’ve heard.

  11. You can set yourself apart by not applying to those program but art instead to go against the stereotype :)

  12. I’ve heard it’s pretty difficult. Qcomm is extremely solid tho idk why you’re stressing over a transfer.

  13. What type of finance roles are you looking for? From what I’ve heard a bmos degree won’t really open up doors to high finance like investment banking or consulting.

  14. Well to be fair Brock’s accounting program is doing well from what I’ve heard, but definitely agree with you that they recruit from a lot of places

  15. I see, I was under the assumption specializations and majors were the same thing, what is the difference?

  16. I’m in that discord server and I promise you, none of us are cool💀 dw just talk to people and you’ll be fine

  17. Not true lol. A lot of us are back to regular school with tests and exams just as it was before Covid. 99% of mark inflation comes from online school and private schools.

  18. To be fair, Ivey got him his job as an accountant and he also acted in student clubs at Ivey (see Ivey Musical). It did have an impact on both his careers

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