1. can you please explain your point on the pert? I am not following the how much was saved aspect.

  2. So agile that's not timeboxed is flow-based/kanban that relies of resource availability to pull the work into WIP

  3. thank you so much for this in-depth explanation. That makes much more sense now that you’ve explained it

  4. I literally have never opened any PMBOK, I passed with AT/AT/AT. I don't think it's worth it at all honestly. PMBOK is a reference guide only.

  5. That's great to hear, because I started reading it and its taking a while to get through.

  6. My company paid for Scott Payne's PM Master Prep course which was alright I thought, though I totally watched all his videos at 1.5 and 2x the speed. I skipped a lot of the motivational stuff too because my sarcastic soul can't handle that much forced optimism lol. I made a post about my passing and experience if you want to check it out

  7. So I wanted to target ~ 75min per block. So the test counter starts at 230. I knew I wanted to get to question 30 with the counter ~192 and finish the first 60 with the counter greater than ~155. Then wanted to get to question 90 at ~117 and question 120 with the counter greater than ~80. Question 150 with the counter greater than ~40. The question 180 with the counter greater than ~5.

  8. I heard it counts down but I would want it to count up lol. Is there a setting to change it?

  9. From their website it states: 'You are comfortable using online tools, like email and our scheduling software. You have a valid  driver’s license with 3 or fewer demerit points and an acceptable driving record. You carry a minimum of $1M third party liability insurance on your 100% smoke-free vehicle and are willing to have a criminal records check and regular driver abstract checks completed. '

  10. Sooooooo I'm going to chime in as someone who DID co-sign (or rather I got the mortgage with my mother as the co-signer) about 7 years ago. The way finances are set up for the home are my parents pay the mortgage fully and I pay all reoccurring bills (power/heat/water/internet/their cell phones), they also pay most groceries but if I'm picking it up on their behalf I pay for it myself because I can afford it, though my parents have given me a credit card that's linked to their account as well as tell me to pay off the purchase on my credit card from their accounts (tough I rarely do). I make good money (~$143k this year, averaged~$95k/yr over the last 10 years, made ~$70k when I made the decision to co-sign) and can afford to take over the mortgage if they ever couldn't (even on top of my own rent, and I do still also have a room/store my stuff at their place, I'm not interested in buying a place anytime soon either and would likely never unless I got married and wanted to start a family), but that has never happened in ~7 years even with my checking in with them most months if they need me to pick up the mortgage payment this month to ease their cashflow. Caveat being I (now, wasn't always) have a VERY good relationship with my parents and 100% access to their finances and all of their accounts (authorized to act on their behalf). We also discuss their finances monthly, I come over for dinner, we go through all of their bank statements, credit cards, discuss upcoming large purchases and confirm who's paying what, every few months will review their longer term plans as well. Co-signing is NOT a one-and-done, if you're going to co-sign you need to be involved in their finances long-term. Maybe not the extent I've done, but this is what made me comfortable and my parents are fully on board (though they weren't right from the start, thought it was overkill, but those were my requirements and they now are fully on board - I did strategically tie it into coming home for dinner and spending a day with them as also just regular visiting as something to look forward to other than 'here comes our pseudo-financial investigator').

  11. I wrote a novel apparently. Did not seem like that much when I typed my stream of consciousness lol

  12. I take spiro for the same reason, I've been on spiro for ~5 months now (3 months on 50mg, now on my 2nd month on 100mg). I haven't had any side effects other than a bit of period irregularity that just recently started in the last month. I have noticed my skin get a bit clearer and my face isn't as oily. I've noticed a bit of improvement on how fast hair grows on my face/neck with less ingrowns.

  13. Awesome! Thank you so much. Do you take the 50mg twice a day?

  14. Nope, but I did watch my parents struggle financially for a good chunk of my life and I started working as soon as I could wanting my own money. Quickly realized the value of a dollar lol. I didn't really get into detailed tracking my finances and properly budgeting until my mid-20s, but never really struggled financially personally myself. My parents actually learned from me - they use my spreadsheets!

  15. I'd also suggest you look at limits. 100% covered sounds great until you realize the yearly limit is like $250. Personally, I go with the highest tier of benefits at my company, but I did the math for my personal situation. Given that I don't have any medical issues, no longer need glasses since I got lasik, and mostly use it for dental checkups, massages, and eye exams, I found it worked out to be just barely a better deal to go with the highest-tier given the much higher limits. It also encourages me not to be lazy in going for my yearly checkups and getting myself monthly massages lol. The peace of mind is also nice given although I'm currently healthy, both my parents had major health issues. My company let's us choose our benefit tier yearly so I say start low and see how much out of pocket you really spend if you're not sure on your own personal math, but be sure you know the policies for changing at your company.

  16. 1000% yes. Have had my nose, second lobes, and helix done by them and always had a great experience and easy healing

  17. I've never been charged duties from boxy... if they start trying to charge duties I'm going to completely write off boxy for good :/


  19. I’ve literally been refreshing since they dropped the Daily Deals and they never showed in stock. There are others too but those were the ones I was wanting. Who knows, maybe they never had them in the first place 🤷‍♀️! Thanks for the info!

  20. Lol Boxing Day is a Canadian thing, it not a thing in the US so Boxy doesn't do anything for it

  21. I had a friend who dealt with these people same issue last winter:Matija Josic <

  22. The “leeway” they have for giving deals to retain customers are a lot lower, as more resources are pulled towards attracting new customers and their focus is on that side of the customer base. Sounds stupid, it is….

  23. I didn't bother calling, but on the website I regularly check the change my rate and switched to the Loyalty BYOP 35 - 20GB which I thought was a great offer seeing as I used to pay $60.

  24. Nope though I'm watching my card like a hawk - if they charge me I'm requesting a chargeback immediately.

  25. It's been my HG for years now, I find it has excellent staying power and doesn't 'break' on my nose like some other foundations do. I'm a combo skin FYI

  26. Have a Canada Rouge 20% code to share if someone would like -Claimed-

  27. Yeah, mostly because my company has a matching plan - they match 50% up to 1.5%/$2k of salary. So I put in 3%, they put in 1.5%. It's been worth is as my 3year return is currently at about 24% (not including the impact of the 'free' shares). I do majority of my savings in ETFs, but I don't want to leave free money on the table. My previous company was similar but I tended to sell those shares when I could as the stock didn't do much and just reaped the benefit of the 12% discount.

  28. There's also the free MOCCs, those these are online,


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