1. Nope though I'm watching my card like a hawk - if they charge me I'm requesting a chargeback immediately.

  2. It's been my HG for years now, I find it has excellent staying power and doesn't 'break' on my nose like some other foundations do. I'm a combo skin FYI

  3. Have a Canada Rouge 20% code to share if someone would like -Claimed-

  4. Yeah, mostly because my company has a matching plan - they match 50% up to 1.5%/$2k of salary. So I put in 3%, they put in 1.5%. It's been worth is as my 3year return is currently at about 24% (not including the impact of the 'free' shares). I do majority of my savings in ETFs, but I don't want to leave free money on the table. My previous company was similar but I tended to sell those shares when I could as the stock didn't do much and just reaped the benefit of the 12% discount.

  5. There's also the free MOCCs, those these are online,


  7. You should be able to use the $1800 to cover the other 20% that is not covered, that will help reduce it.

  8. Some will also allow reimbursement of healthcare premiums

  9. My partner's company allows them to use the money in the HSA for anything that helps them be healthy (emotionally or physically). This includes sports equipment, bikes, gym memberships, etc. They had a bunch in theirs and we used it for camping equipment and to top up coverage on some massages.

  10. I think you may be mixing up a PSA (taxable) versus HSA (non-taxable). Generally things like gym memberships and sports equipment are PSA eligible but not HSA

  11. So pretty darn happy I got the Zendo palette as that was the only reason I signed up, but I still cancelled my subscription while flaying Boxy for the nonsense a bunch of people faced in getting flat out lied to with their bait and switch as my reason.

  12. We got the same box! I like the lip serum a lot, it feels nice. They sent me the same color as you and I'm white af and it doesn't show up on my lips either.

  13. That link only works if you're getting it shipped through APC, if t's DHL you need to go to the Details on the DHL tracking site (for example my weight is 3.825 LB but I'm waiting for it to arrive). Some people are also being shipped through Pitney Bowes which has it's own tracking that does NOT show the weight but parcelsapp DOES. Generally I find the best one to get weights regardless of shipper is

  14. Wow.. that is some nerve having it even show up in the drop shop after promising it to everyone then flaking for a bunch of folk... Though not the first time we've seen this BS.

  15. I'd also complain on the ND social media accounts... Boxy used her name to sell the lux box and likely Boxy would be much more expedient in responses if ND is on their ass for the bad press...

  16. I'd also complain on the ND social media accounts... Boxy used her name to sell the lux box and likely Boxy would be much more expedient in responses if ND is on their ass for the bad press

  17. Mine also had missing info on invoice/shipping notification like yours! I just received and exactly what i ordered was in the box!

  18. Absolutely! I showed them the same email and they came back with the $6 credit cause we ran out. I even asked on the 1st to verify id get a September box. They just want people's money, they don't care about the quality of products or being honest. They're probably scrambling right now to put boxes out and that's why shipping is taking even longer. I hope you get your correct box.

  19. Yeah I would demand a refund and make clear if they don't you're going to your credit card for a chargeback and they can send you a prepaid return ship label if they'd like... what bs.

  20. I signed up Sept 1 and my email says 'September BoxyLuxe'

  21. I bought the foundation last month (July… haven’t gotten August orders yet 🙄) with the same description but it didn’t actually come with a sponge, nor did I expect it to because it wasn’t pictured. I figured I’d just be happy if a sponge did actually come with it! Guess I should’ve asked CS about that. In general though I feel like they do this a lot. You just have to pay attention when you’re adding a “deal” to your cart because it might not be a deal! Definitely false advertising though!

  22. Oh I would complain to them as the title clearly states foundation AND sponge, regardless of what the picture shows.

  23. Still waiting on my Aug 9 order, no tracking yet. They did send me a $6 coupon with free shipping to acknowledge the delay... Would rather have my stuff!

  24. Looks like they DID change the prices shown on the daily deals FYI, for example the Earth Harbour buy more save more now shows sale price of $19.99 with reg price of $76.00

  25. You're going to want to search for a 'bookcase headboard'! There's a bunch of options like these from a quick home depot search:

  26. No experience with them but their contracts for procurement are legit:

  27. Ohh this will be my box too, pretty happy about it as I wanted the glow recipe and the ND palette. Bought the shadow shields in drop shop, but oh well.

  28. $140k base salary + ~5% bonus +$2k yearly stock + 4% RSP matching - just under 11 years experience, in AB, manager for project controls, 37.5hr flexible workweeks, though sometimes will need to work longer hours but then work less when it's quiet. Pretty sweet gig in a growing field with lots of applicable transferrable skills if you want to break out into a new industry.

  29. Man this sale has been so poorly done and its barely day 2...

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