1. The government doesn't have to authorize the release of tv shows.

  2. Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil struck by lightning last night and now reports of another UFO, Aliens, and airspace across America restricted by NORAD and other agencies. It is a great day to be a Christian! Christ is King!

  3. What? What does the govt have to do with the last of us?

  4. P: The attack happened Sunday at the Davis Correctional Facility, which is a privately run prison in Holdenville about 70 miles (115 kilometers) southeast of Oklahoma City. The inmate attacked the officer while a group of inmates was returning to a housing area from recreation, officials said.The prison is a medium-security facility and is operated by CoreCivic.

  5. Yeah our prison system is absolutely utterly corruptly screwed up. It's abuse not rehabilitation.

  6. Here comes the question that if any of these women were impregnated by a rapist, will they be forced to carry it full term?

  7. The full lawsuit can be found here. After the women initially reported the October 2021 incident, guards retaliated by putting the prison into lockdown, leaving the lights on for 72 hours, and confiscating personal and hygiene items.

  8. It has been going on in prisons all over the country for decades. And much worse. POC, female and LGBTQ inmates face horrific abuses in prison and are rarely protected by the system.

  9. Some guys once followed UnusualWhales and he has a page on his site that shows the market flow and moves any Senate/Congress member makes. Highly recommend subscribing.

  10. West Virginia is the latest Republican-led state to reconvene in an attempt to curtail abortion rights after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last month. The opinion, holding that there is no longer a federal constitutional right to an abortion, reversed nearly 50 years of precedent and established that, going forward, abortion rights would be determined by the states unless Congress acts.

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