1. You can go for it as long as you have the worker.

  2. i have 2 barbarian but they inferior to the lord right now 1 has 600 hit point and 11K defense and the other has914 hit point and 4720 defense and 22%eveasion rate

  3. Just saying, you don't need to share all the details. Have a feel of things. It ain't hard science to clear any ToT level.

  4. Also, the benefits of Epsilon tower quite outshine the benefits of Delta tower. Often times you get t12 gear as loot and get one additional perfect skill dice. Some other rewards are probably increased too, but I can't say I took notice.

  5. Yes I did, although I didn't see how much, I was too busy being happy and screenshotting xD Do you know how much the point multiplier for a legendary is?

  6. I would rather put carbuncles at this point. Chimera works better for someone like Musketeers who already have ridiculous crit chance. Carbuncles might give more of a power boost. Can check on your own though. The extra bonus evasion of 12% would be gold as it will help her tank more.

  7. Yeah I was debating that too, I feel like the safe thing is to have the attack/crit skills first

  8. All natural is awesome. Try to get whirlwind on the 2nd slot and you are good to soul.

  9. Super skill die cost 80M apiece to craft, consider it's a less than 1% chance to get whirlwind on the second skill, fire and rehire is much better for OP. I doubt OP have access to that much gold at level 55.

  10. Still he ll get some dices from ToT and events like this rabbit one. Those can be used.

  11. Increasing play time, buying items for selling, enchanting items for sale in shop, that will lvl you up pretty quickly. You can also get superior items for cheap but enchanting them can be costly. Up to you to decide.

  12. Samurai are hybrid attacker / tanks with a focus on crits. Your first three skills match this identity.

  13. All skills match the identity of a hybrid lol, as it means a mix of both.

  14. Yup. Attack gotta be around 25k to 30k atleast to consistently deal over 200k damage. Little bit of re-configuration might be needed.

  15. Yup, you are ascended almost all the way, I only did about 75%. Mastering doesn't take much time but ascensions do.

  16. And you can check out the hyper max heroes page at St Central, if you looking to increase rating beyond 200k. But also no need to bother about it right now, better get the shop expansion first, then once you unlock t12 on market, go for the gear you want.

  17. Two lord builds are given to clear that purpose though. And purpose to see that page is just as a reference point. There is absolutely no need to try to copy them exactly but also at the same time there is absolutely nothing wrong with gravitating towards it. They are a very good reference point when trying to over 200k and I meant it as such.

  18. I have never tried to work on my heroes, somebody in my guild calls it minmaxing. I removed equipment and played on this thing that I see everybody else using, and I think my current hero max level is 31 until we get the training room up in level.

  19. Min-Maxing is effectively getting the maximum power possible with minimal effort.

  20. Hmph. Fancy term for something pretty simple 🤔🤔

  21. Yeah, keep one immortal skill at hand. The auto-attack from the final boss can be lethal in some cases. You should also keep tabs on the 25%,50%,75% hp stat of the boss. Use some immunity card at that time if low on hp.

  22. Well I managed to cross all three thresholds with the same card (I had like 40 str and a beast champ)

  23. Yeah, while doing that, keep in mind your own hp. Mostly it's the case with barbarian, because you are mostly running on low hp, and you also have plenty of immune.

  24. Okay, here's my roster. I've had to stitch this together with my phone, so it's a little rough. Plus, this is the first time I've asked anyone for help, so do please excuse the noobness.

  25. This is a bit problematic. I think your lvl is already around 60. If I am not wrong. You gotta upgrade your core team, because I feel like it's a bit late to obtain your first soul.

  26. Sound advice. Just to add my two cents:

  27. This is a weird ass answer. Also the point, there is only conquest in 2!? Meh. I mean none of these points proved anything.

  28. Don't worry, in time you ll have enough to unlock all t12s. It just hits like that when you start unlocking them. Ascension shards are more rarely obtained in respect to the amount you need. Scrolls not so much.

  29. Nope. It’s not a lot but it was amusing to make a big sale to the king.

  30. It's a big sale but still not enough to justify application of legendary spirits.

  31. I sold the item as I received it when I finished level 30 of episilon tower. I didn’t add anything to it. Selling it on the marketplace would have stripped the enchantments off.

  32. Well, if that's the case, then it's a good sale👍🌟

  33. Just checked. You gotta use vermillion boots. Just try it and compare with the fruity ones. There should be an overall attack increase.

  34. There's your power rating and attack increase!👍🌟

  35. Ninjas will be strong enough to get you through ToT. You can get 2 or 3 of them. Even with mediocre skills, they should get you through ToT and other events.

  36. This is a nice tip, checking to see if the skills are attack of defense, I will start from there. I didn't know we could buy content pass with gems until Halloween this year, since then I've been saving up just in case, it's good to know there is one coming soon. Thank you! One more thing, rerolling is just buying new heroes, right? I see people talking about it and I think it's retiring the ones with bad skills and just buying new ones to see what skills they get but I could be wrong.

  37. And yeah, gear includes correctly enchanting it. A well enchanted green or blue quality gear is generally good enough to clear ToT at any level, even with average or below average skills.

  38. Need to not go for any specific weapon skill unless you get adept. As the hero has a spell slot, replacing the 4th skill with any epic attack skill would be good. You could aim for perfect form, which gives some defense also along with decent attack.

  39. Ez Surcharge all of them and small talk T6 an below for energy. Don't have any? Then make some or buy some. The 300k u lose from discounting big items would of got you more energy if u bought small items to small talk with.

  40. The wording "crucial for success" isn't true. Because success in the game is defined by player's perspective.

  41. I can understand that. I only recently learned from a fellow Guild member that there was more to do to Champions after Rank 11. Honestly I was more asking people level 50 and under. The person that made the post seemed like they were in the 40s levels. Honestly 70+ is so different I didn't think anyone those levels would bother to reply.

  42. There is no reason to deny them, as the game works. The cap is at 40+ or something, so it doesn't make sense to stop getting coins until then.

  43. That’s what I was thinking. First two skills are very solid. I’d love to hit evasion on this one

  44. Yup, pretty good. I would recommend using the 3rd skill to reach lvl 35 quick, then reroll it to get something good. Ideally all natural or telling blows. But any good skill will do. Extra conditioning if you want def/Eva.

  45. Correct on all points. That's an awesome barbarian.

  46. Both can be easily used. Not a problem. Even if you were to not reroll anything, it won't matter, they will work. The thing is you don't need perfect. Unless you are going for the hyper max build, these two will work just fine. I would personally like the lifetime warranty on my tricksters. It gives cool increase in stats and reduces the breakage chance. Don't panic after reading some comments, do your own analysis before coming to a conclusion. Your target is doing Bleakspire easy/medium with Polonia and 3 Tricksters. If you are clearing that without dying, then you can clear any level ToT too.

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