1. My two hatched Pikipek. On the one hand they are hundos, on the other hand they are Pikipeks…

  2. Didn‘t know that. Posted it on the Pokémon Go subreddit like 18 hours ago, didn‘t really get much info about the availability of this information so I thought I‘d post it here as well

  3. Yeah… my guess is they chose it for having three heads like the three (Galatian) birds.

  4. 31. Going to have PTSD from those sparkling birds…

  5. You do understand that when it says it’s not there anymore it still is for a short period of time

  6. Yeah, that‘s true. The issue was that I was on the passenger seat and just saw it „by accident“. By the time we got off the highway, it was off the radar and it wasn‘t at the stop anymore when I got there

  7. In my opinion the best hero for each tribe can vary a lot depending on which tribes are available in the game and which build you want to go for. For Pirates one could imagine that Gallywix is better if you want to run APM Pirates, especially in a lobby without Murlocs and with elementals (for additional gold thanks to Sellemental).

  8. Some background to the game: I had some bad luck in the midgame and ended up at 1 health. I had just gotten my first baron with 2 gold left. Rolled and found the second Baron. Froze and managed to kick out Tess. Bought the second Baron, rolled once and hit triple baron and triple macaw. Then I went against the last opponent (at 33 health). Managed to win every battle. They were playing Nomi elementals with several cleaves. I spent the rest of the game trying to get a snake to give macaw reborn but never found it. Micro Mummy was my Zapp protection since there were no Quilboars available.

  9. leaper first the initial leaps are very important. it has more value going first and dieing than a rat pack going first and getting no leaps from an empty deathrattle

  10. True, I was just trying to play around the nomi elementals my opponent had. I knew they had Cleaves and I was worried, that he had the windfury one. So with rat first I had the opportunity to play around that if going first. Luckily, in the four battles against them to the win I managed to go last each time with him not having the windfury elemental.

  11. The Opponent had a 290/290 DS Windfury Naga in the first spot and a couple more DS Minions, so the Ghoul had to tank two hits from a 290/290 Minion to minimize my losses

  12. Never seen a Ghoul with DS before though

  13. I once got a shiny Scyther in 7 eggs while I was only going for IVs. Shiny Darkrai was also like 700 resets, but I‘m 500 eggs into Beldum at the moment

  14. You going for perfect ivs? Cause poke radar might be faster

  15. Yes, I‘m going for (ideally) perfect IV shinys. Plus Poke Radar for Beldum is a pain, it has the same catch rate as legendarys, so breeding feels faster!

  16. LF: Good IV breedjects or random eggs. Just started a new Playthrough and I want to build a good / unique Team. Currently at work, so just send me a dm and I‘ll get back at you after work. Thanks in advance!

  17. That’s really awesome, thanks a lot! Really appreciate it and thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  18. You are very welcome ^ ^ I hope you can join again next time!

  19. Do you only look at the first 4 Pokémon that spawned? From my experience, shinys aren‘t around the first four, but that might just be my personal RNG. Found several after the initial wave. But like others say, it‘s RNG, so it might just be very bad luck.

  20. Thanks and good luck everyone!

  21. Older Cube-Lock version. Might need some finetuning. Can‘t really say much about meta-viability, mostly playing casual due to the questlines…

  22. Jacobs and Maliwan for me personally

  23. Hi, I‘m currently playing on Switch. Finished the first run already.

  24. Awesome. What class did you choose for the pre-sequel?

  25. Jack. It was before I learned he‘s pretty stong. But he‘s really fun for solo, which I‘ve been doing so far! Which one did you choose?

  26. Switch, recently restarted!

  27. Awesome and thanks. Good luck everyone!

  28. I‘m in the room if you need help

  29. Thanks a lot! Yeah, I got really lucky with everything. Even non-shiny, this would have been awesome, but this being a shiny on top…

  30. Yeah, it’s the German name lol

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