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  1. Sounds like America's Sixlets.

  2. I started turning my website in to mostly tech articles like this when I worked my first proper Help Desk job... I realized that if I was googling a problem and couldn't find and answer and I would have to solve it myself, that other people are probably googling the same issue - so I would be the search result when they Googled!

  3. Looks like we found the founder of WATA trying to protect his income. lol

  4. Postfix does not check SPF, DKIM or DMARC it self. It requires using milters to do the task such as opendkim and opendmarc. Postfix has milter support.

  5. Yes, receiver's local policy enforcement is separate from the sender published policy. Receivers need to configure SPF and DMARC policy actions for ingress messages. For instance, in Exchange Online, you have to set up a transport rule to respect DMARC p=reject policy, else it will treat p=reject the same as p=quarantine, due to Microsoft's infinite wisdom.

  6. Immensely useful link, I wanted to come back and thank you for that!

  7. Chief Information Officer (CIO) - it's a more hands on title than CTO.

  8. Hi! My thread was just closed and I was referred to this thread.

  9. The 990-N, which asks for only eight items of information, was pretty much designed so that small tax exempt organizations can file on their own, directly with the IRS, for free.

  10. Thank you! That's kind of how I felt about the whole thing, it's meant to be simple, but this e-file requirement had me nervous.

  11. "Do their research" and "not vote along party lines."

  12. Google's Adsense division straight up took money out of my bank account like 10 years ago when they simply "decided" I artificially inflated my traffic numbers (did I visit my own site? yes. Did I use bots or scripts of any kind to artificially inflate those numbers? No, not at all.)!

  13. Doesn't take much to be funny. Maybe the comments redeem it?

  14. "*Phew*, thank goodness I rescued my dog from that burning building."

  15. I was unaware that it could bring trouble so I’m probably not going to pursue a second job.

  16. If you're struggling to get by, your current employer isn't all that amazing. They should be taking care of you, financially, as well as you take care of their profitability.

  17. Thanks, yes i have read all these, and the solution is fine, but i`m struggling with finding the culprit of what is causing this. I would like to avoid another 500 users coming in within the next couple of months with the same issue :)

  18. Even the article linked to above with the fix in it still says:

  19. As mentioned not all drivers have to be MSI, but that doesn't mean that the driver you found is legit and trustworthy, either. Lots of bad actors uploaded viruses to websites posing as drivers.

  20. As a local, it always feels weird when this comes up on international discussion forums, etc.

  21. The Microsoft Store version is paid. Get the classic version from

  22. Good point, I actually forgot it was paid. I wanted to support the developer so I bought it ages ago, but since it's always "free" to re-download, I completely forget that it was ever paid for in the first place!

  23. Longest one I came across was a Windows 2000 server that over 5 years & 200 days of uptime when we came across it in 2011. I feel like we dispatched someone to be onsite for that reboot, fully expecting it to go sideways on us. lol

  24. I use webmin just to administer the DNS servers, once I started hosting those services in house.

  25. Oh I definitely do it through webmin, and I am in a good habit of backing up everything before I make a change, because I wholly acknowledge I'm NOT a lifelong Linux user and still have a lot of learning to do. lol

  26. In case you don't know it.

  27. One of my favorite services, but thank you for mentioning it, I'm sure other readers could benefit!

  28. With our current set up, looking at an aggregate report, you can see where it 'fails spf' - at the bottom... (is that just because

  29. Is the Du-O-Delight just a Chinese finger trap?

  30. How do you do that "remind me in two years to come back to this post" thing? Yeah... someone should do that.

  31. Blaine with a two-fer... excellent face matching from 2022 to 2023 AND a solid pratfall.

  32. I'll never understand people that do this, policy or no policy. Just buy a cheap freaking laptop you goons. Get an iPad Mini, it'll probably do everything you need it to do.

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