Star Wars stop motion

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  1. Y y'all gotta hate on us, some of us are not entirely the FuRrY you think of, we are nice people. Yes some are crazy pn artists but, screw dat. You are stereotyping us because we have imagination, and st that you don't. So if anything, we should be pushing u off that cliff for repetitive murder

  2. Y u got so many clones! I only have like... 7... And a phase 1

  3. Honestly, I surely we can all agree that the 501st will always be the most popular clone legion, but honestly, I have a hard time deciding over the 212th, and the 501st. I do think the 501st is my favorite tho. This is mainly because of the characters (Rex, fives, echo, Jessie, Tup, Hardcase, Appo, Dogma, Kix, ect). Also I am sure most of us cried when we saw Jessie's helmet in "victory and death". I kind of expected it, but seeing is was just too much, and reflecting on he and rex have been through, and how long they've known each other, it was too much. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. (Comment and salute for the 501st 🫡)

  4. At an undisclosed location (42.7681922, -85.5452263)

  5. He still probably wouldn't be able to find his way out.

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