1. Alright, all the fall their saves, you are now in a committed relationship between the four of you.

  2. Combat ended. The initiative was for something else.

  3. Frozen dinners money. He's part of the Swanson family.

  4. True story, my kid asked me about gay couples because I was explaining where babies come from. I said they can't make a baby through sex but they can still have sex. He said "Oh" and went back to playing.

  5. Are you sure that at that point your nine-year old didn't carefully and eloquently elaborate on a point that you agree with? If not, every other child on the internet seems to be doing so so why isn't yours able to rationally explain things in terms adults would typically use?

  6. I am genuinely shocked to see this coming from Danzig. I genuinely just assumed he'd be a chud.

  7. Honestly if you're constantly being beaten up by black people it's because of something you're doing.

  8. Can confirm, be absolutely hostile to ads whence you can.

  9. Correction, I didn’t really mean to say asshole, I just meant like guys who I found kinda unattractive/weird, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend

  10. So you're saying that you haven't met any men you were attracted to?

  11. Idk, it’s like, i like the concept of having a boyfriend, but in practice I’ve never been in love with a guy but I end up falling for every other girl I meet

  12. Maybe you are a lesbian. Look I'll tell you as a man that dating men is unpleasant in ways that dating women isn't, but that's not saying that dating women is any better just unpleasant in it's own ways.

  13. This is the single most frustrating thing about living under capitalism as an anti-capitalist.

  14. I'm not trying to fight anyone, more just complaining about something. It's a good comic and it is harmless but it features something shitty in our society. Its something that needs to stop but I'm not saying that the artist is bad or wrong for using it.

  15. Man I just wish all of us could just sit down and nod and smile and go "ha-ha I like this" and not pick some stupid thing to shine a spotlight on and start back-and-forth walls of text. Like fuck, nothing in this world is good, let me enjoy what little I can. Deadass I can't even bite a chocolate bar without having someone go "most chocolate is produced using slave labor and this is harmful and we should do something about it."

  16. I haven't been on in a loooooooooong time and am happy to make that boast.

  17. Me neither but the ads have been there since like 08

  18. Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

  19. Unfortunately that would open them up to a lawsuit as I believe it might be part of the apps TOS. There's also the long-standing ethic in the gay community against outing people in the closet, no matter how much the person may deserve it doing so weaponizes outing people and could be used to murder or harass people that are in more precarious life situations preventing them from coming out publicly.

  20. In no way am I an expert on Grindr. I'm assuming based on previous experiences working for let's call them adjacent businesses. You may want to check the TOS.

  21. Had my current one for years without issue. Everything was sterile for the piercing and I've kept it clean. Probably helps too that it isn't near any of the plumbing for some of those other problems you mentioned.

  22. So if I wanted my transplanted penis to be pierced could that be done before the transplant or would I need to wait until after the surgery?

  23. Why is no one talking about the mouthfeel?

  24. Mouthful isn't a concept in dick physics, you want dick tasting, like with a cock connoisseur, a phallumelier.

  25. The study of the motion of the balls during every day activity. How they swing, how they come to rest all of that.

  26. I cant speak for women but I've never seen man who was concerned about his ladies height. Maybe it's something those of us who do care just don't admit to out loud? I don't think women are aware of how little men talk to each other about things like that.

  27. Feels like a weird place to draw a line but alright, but I still haven't seen you so it don't count.

  28. Honestly the only real reason I ever fantasize about having millions if not billions of dollars is to have weird nerds lining up to suck my dick.

  29. Well just to comply with the rules post another one before you leave. Just in case.

  30. That's exactly where I went seeing this illustration.

  31. That's the ork warband I want: Super WAAAAAAAHH-rio themed.

  32. Much as I love to laugh at closeted homophobes this really just feels more like someone who is touch starved rather than deeply in denial. Well they might be deeply in denial but that's not what I feel is being evoked here. Let's just call it a mix of the two?

  33. So, in this gentleman's case I believe it's meant for retirement, so $400,000 is actually well below basic human needs if it's meant to last 10 or so years.

  34. Such a lovely fantasy world that would be.

  35. Well the fantasy world we live now in teaches us that allowing all the wealth to funnel into the hands of the upper class is somehow "freedom" doesn't even have unicorns so I can't say it's much better.

  36. Why is South Carolina like that? It’s not that small it could fit a 🥺in it

  37. South Carolina formally requested to be colored in white on all infographic maps it appeared on. The illustrator for this map was the first ever to respect their wishes. The emoji was moved to the side because to cover up the original text from the original.

  38. Trust me, I feel the same way about my life whether it's 9pm or 9am. That's why I take pills.

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