This clip got out of hand.

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  1. Question. Will prices still be insane at said locations?

  2. Value would theoretically go down now due to the surplus of product that he’s no longer stealing

  3. Love this from Rangnick. No excuses. Now prove it on the pitch or get dropped. Next!

  4. Made it thru the 90s smokin everything outa everything lil copper might be good for me and besides Brett favrve loves it!

  5. Prime example of why you should avoid heavy metal toxicity

  6. Afterward you’d hear her whistling on a windy day

  7. If you’ve ever played mens league this is literally every time someone gets dribbled in my league lol. Theres also fights every couple games so maybe the league I’m in is just fucked

  8. That was the mens league I was in too. More injuries than goals. More fouls than players. Refs are beer league

  9. Hunting in a residential area… Very cool, very safe idea

  10. That's so....I don't know what to call it.

  11. Hormones muffle all major brain function in half of humans. Change my mind

  12. The rarely attempted clit-flip. Woulda attempted a simple heelflip myself

  13. this is just like the episode of spongebob where he and patrick started tanning, but Mr squarepants went too far and got himself sun-bleached

  14. I’m at the exact spot you’re at. Put the SS tip on the vong w/ chillbong and it holds heat forever and it’s just cool vapor sipping

  15. That's why Michigan gets thousands of Ohio residents crossing the border daily to get rec cannabis while Ohio loses out on tax revenue 😅. I guess it's still too profitable to ticket/arrest people for a harmless plant 🤷🏿‍♂️

  16. They need to make those arrests to keep poor people in prison. Those private prisons don’t just pay for themselves

  17. Does he realize how much of that delicious tax money he’s missing out on? I don’t give a damn about the whole state of Michigan, but fuck me they do seem to be doing something right up there.

  18. He doesn’t care because the ohio GQP has money in the private prison industry and they have to keep arrests up

  19. Yet alcohol is legal and causes how much death, damage, and destruction? I would take a full on trade any day. We would open new avenues of research and develop actual researched medicine out of cannabis, all while eliminating alcoholism and associated health problems.

  20. Meanwhile that Crook Dewine signed a bill making to-go cocktails permanently legal - despite the OUI/ alcohol related death statistics. His whole argument falls in upon itself. But Mike’s money is apparently more important than the Ohioan quality of life

  21. That doesn’t sound right but I don’t know enough about cannabis to dispute it!

  22. This was my suspicion for Ronnie as well, but I got downvoted to the ninth realm for speculating. Love this sub…

  23. It wasn't "strictly" on the manager. You'd expect the players on the pitch to be able to keep the ball in the last 15 mins and see the game out.

  24. Yep, that’s training basics. Shouldn’t have needed direction for that, it’s man united

  25. Letting everyone know they’re being used isn’t illegal. Stir shit up!!! Let them fire you if it hurts their bottom line.

  26. Used to substitute teach and the paychecks literally didn’t cover the clothes I bought for the job. No wonder they’re always short on school staff, they want charity work

  27. This club needs a good sorting out by RR. No more divas, no more social media soap operas, just banging in goals

  28. This was pretty hard to track down but I finally found it. It’s 31 percent for this batch which is actually a little low from other batches I have seen.

  29. Currently enjoying this in my dynavap as well! You have excellent taste my dude

  30. This man’s coffin is getting more action than me

  31. Didn’t the cdc just say masks are useless unless it’s an N95 properly worn?

  32. You should know this by now dude. Did you get held back in school?

  33. They haven't listened to anything for 2 years. What makes you think they'll listen now? They'd rather die and take kids with them than admit they were wrong.

  34. To paraphrase Michael Jordan, they “don’t give a fuck about them kids.”

  35. No Ronaldo? And elanga starts, amazing

  36. He must have put in a transfer request and Ralf is having none of it. Just my personal speculation

  37. Okay, Thanks. !RemindMe! 6 months

  38. Joe is the type of guy to only eat elk and beef because it sounds like Ls and Bs and in monkey brain that means big gains bruh

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