1. Did your tracking number ever show movement? Mine still just says shipping label created on 11/14. When I emailed a few days ago they said I'd receive it no later than 12/6.....NOPE

  2. I stocked up on the Gloss Moderne, I love it plus I'm going to give it as gifts (hopefully)

  3. That Farrah Palm Brush is one of my favorite brushes of all time of that makes you feel better. Also, I really like Ahava and that Kate Somerville treatment looks great.

  4. I had wanted the Sophia & Maybelle stack but I got the blush and highlighter duo instead. Probably better because the stack looks like it could be challenging to open, I find those can be hard on nails.

  5. Yeah I was intrigued by the stack, but will probably end up gifting it unless the shades blow me away.

  6. We’re GB twins! I love my bag and just spent way too much money on add-ons. Excited for a nice holiday treat!

  7. Yep! Shipping label created 11/14 & nothing since. Sure I got the email that I may get my GBX after Dec billing, but this is annoying. If they tell me later that they're out of stock with the Stila I'm going to CRY

  8. You're the best for posting this! I have wild child, so I'm excited to have the extra options to layer

  9. Best one I’ve seen! Happy Birthday! Also, there’s a sample of the Tarte lip in GWP at Sephora right now if that’s helpful 😎💖

  10. Ooohhhh, thank you! I may need to drum up a sephora purchase lol

  11. I'm getting the GBX and really hoping for the Stila primer. I'll also be happy if I get the tarte lipstick, ABH powder, too Faced palette, tula mask, herbivore botanicals cream, or the Byroe eye cream.

  12. I keep waiting for something good to pop up so I can use my points, but it just seems to get worse!

  13. Almost bag twins! I got a cheek brush instead of a glow brush, and purlisse bb cream instead of mascara. I'm excited about the perfume! Commodity is almost always too musky for me, but I'm still excited to try.

  14. I love purlisse bb cream! Yeah, I was absolutely excited to see a perfume in here. The description makes me think it may not be for me, but it's worth a try!

  15. I got that Fenty lippie in my GBP, it was actually 1 of Ipsys picks for me! I was happily surprised, I've been wanting that shade for a while but never had it in Choice or add-ons! I also picked the exact same ABH concealer for my gb. Have you ever tried it before? I love trying new concealers\complexion products! I hope its great for both of us if its new to u too! Hope u have a better rest of your day! Sending Good Vibes your way! 😊💜✌

  16. Yeah that Fenty color looks amazing, I can't wait. I haven't tried the ABH, but it had such good reviews I couldn't resist!

  17. These are all the things I’m torn between too. I’m actually researching that brand now lol see what it’s all about or if it’s Alibaba junk.

  18. So this is what I’ve found so far. Here’s a write up on the

  19. I think the write up is on a different brand. I found the owner on tiktok. I'm guessing she's repackaging, but I do like that it supports diabetes research!

  20. Yeah I waited & they've changed throughout the day. Right now in choice 1 the new things are benefit brow, hyram's serum, lashes, & a ciate brozer. I have the pillow case, brushes, and a cream cleanser. 3 just keeps getting worse lol. I only have 4 choices now & the new one is the black GBX croc bag.

  21. I actually chose 2 refreshment items, but that goes to show you how bad all the other choices were. I chose the satin pillowcase and the micellar water. I've been wanting one of the pillowcases and needed some more micellar water. All the other choices I either had already or just didn't want. Some of the refreshments stuff isn't too bad. I like their razors, shave cream and hand creams. Guess I'll find out if I like these items now too.

  22. I agree, I do like the shave cream. My choices have changed now & I have the pillow case, so maybe I'll do that!

  23. I'm very intrigued by that lip tint, I hope it's in 2nd chance!

  24. I'll definitely use everything in here & I was glad to see the Goldfaden. I definitely snatched up the tightening cream bc I need all the help I can get lol

  25. Yes, I really like it! It says it’s a dark burgundy and that’s my jam. The Gloss Moderne was $12! Not too bad.

  26. Not too bad at all, they keep having it for $18 in fabfitfun sales! Hopefully I see it in 2nd chance

  27. That lipstick looks very pretty, hopefully the color is close to real life haha.

  28. I was super stoked when I saw the Glow Recipe Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream!

  29. Yeah I couldn't even find the brand of the "magnetic lip balm" anywhere. 🤔

  30. I wish a had some of those things for my choices! No natasha denona for me, but very stoked for the gloss moderne since it's the whole reason I didn't skip!

  31. Aww I’m sorry your choices sucked but glad you got the gloss moderne. Hope you end up loving what you picked.

  32. Thanks for posting & so sorry for your loss. She looks so sweet & I'm sure she was a Very Good Dog

  33. Ughhhhhhhh I was hoping to find out if the Gloss Moderne is a choice or add on!

  34. Yeah, I would love to get that! Knowing my luck Ipsy wouldn’t pick it for me though.

  35. Yeah, I'm thinking the same. I'm also worried that I'll skip & it won't be available in add ons. 😭

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