1. There is nothing at all to do with CPU or cinebench in that link. Only furmark and GPU stress testing

  2. Ah forgive me. I scrubbed through the video expecting a live cinebench run. I thought those slides contained only specs.

  3. It is plugged in and there are no caps in place. I also had the laptop in G-mode (fans at max)

  4. They can be for sure. I just replaced my 3800x in my desktop with a 5800x3d and updated the bios to support it. Now my PC won't boot with my 4x8gb sticks of ram but will with 2x8gb.

  5. How long have you had this laptop OP? This is the kind of throttling I'd expect of old paste or a clogged fan, not normal thermal throttling at all.

  6. The computer is very powerful and on paper it should do everything. In reality you have to fight heat. Get a cooling pad and set your fans to high. You have to cool the computer off and it will game perfect

  7. This is not what normal thermal throttling looks like. Did you click OPs timespy link? That's insanely low performance for a modern laptop.

  8. The 175W 3080 ti mobile didn't run at 90C for most people, mine hits like 75C tops after hours on air. On liquid it's in the 50c range.

  9. He says corn chips but in sure he meant to say corn flakes.

  10. That's what I always assumed as well. He didn't question it when Tim provided him with a hooker and corn chips, but that's because he was just excited to see a woman

  11. Owner of the 3080 ti model here. There aren't guides because there's no "one size fits all" for overclocking.

  12. Leak…up? Unless OP has a vert mount I find that hard to believe.

  13. I never understood 3d V cache but your explanation made sense those other 8 non cache cores are similar to Intel e cores or did I think wrong?

  14. A bit different. The non cache cores will be higher performance in a lot of cases where frequency is king.

  15. That's makes more sense thank you.

  16. The 3060 will not do well at 1440/1600p. Stick to 1080/1200p

  17. Both the clock speeds and temps appear fine. What is the problem?

  18. It's not worth upgrading if that's the only thing changing. If the hardware is improving as well, that's worth it.

  19. agreed but imo 144 or 165 is good enough but lets assume specs are same only difference is screen like 240+hz, would that be worth it? (from the point of an avg gamer and not some streamer or so)

  20. Definitely depends on the hardware. The 3080 ti mobile isn't going to hit that 240hz at QHD. The 4090 mobile just might.

  21. If you're playing at QHD, you need as much GPU as you can get. No one "needs" any GPU unless they're working. That doesn't stop us from wanting more.

  22. Another 'is it too hot' gets the exact same answer as all others.

  23. Surprisingly slim for the 3070 too. My 1660 ti laptop was much thicker. I hear people talking about the zeypherus series being super thin and full power laptops being thick but I feel I can take this anywhere with little hassle.

  24. People who say these things don't remember pre 2017 laptops. Even a 15 inch was bigger than modern 17 inch laptops.

  25. Understood...Looks like i will need to choose between power or safety

  26. Power or thermals. There is no safety issue with this. Mobile CPUs can handle up to 100C for the entire lifespan of the device.

  27. I hope so... and AMD always worked hotter than Intel.

  28. No worries man. I've been working with high end laptops for over a decade. My old MSI GT70 has an i7-4810mq that's been running at 95C since around 2013 and works as a server full time now.

  29. This is unfortunate, but it's because of Intel's blunder. I believe dp is still available through USB C/thunderbolt but it will go through the iGPU. Really sucks but there was no way around it.

  30. Idk what the original comment you're replying to was but you sound like a lil triggered bitch. Care to provide some context?

  31. He said his uncle refers to a game as the "swearing game" because it said fuck once. And has always referred to it as such.

  32. I don't know what any of that means. But I don't really know why my response was cringe or offensive. I deleted it because I apparently hit a nerve, and felt guilty because it was truly not meant to do so.

  33. Oh yeah for sure, I'm excited for 2023 lineup to challenge Lenovo/ASUS. I feel Acer and Gigabyte have upped their game. Legion seems ok, not a whole lot of new besides some mystery AI.

  34. Again, it seems you think Lenovo and Asus are on top and must be challenged. This isn't really true as the Alienware X17 and MSI GE and GT lineups were all in the top ranks as well. It's not so much "challenge" as "defend" their spots.

  35. There is no bias, the companies that sell the most gaming laptops are Lenovo and ASUS. They are leaders based on volume. Volume isn't everything like you are pointing out.

  36. Gotcha. That's understandable. You should probably clarify that in the future when you say they're the top, though.

  37. I'm not familiar with an MX970. Are you sure that's correct?

  38. Doesn’t look anything like a pimped out Crown Vic to me . . .

  39. Thanks for keeping the deep lore alive, jeans. Very high and tight of you.

  40. Hmm. My GP connected to both of my monitors with no issues. You might want to reach out to support on this one.

  41. That soundtrack was better than it had any right to be for a game on the GBA

  42. Absolutely. The art direction, music, character design and even down to the rpg mechanics and swappable elements and classes.

  43. I meant, I don't know how to open the laptop and I'm scared haha

  44. Totally understand. I hope this works for you. I've seen this issue a couple of times and this is the fix I've found

  45. Disconnect your charger. Open the laptop and disconnect the battery carefully.

  46. Jesus Christ. 25 years of ignorance and only now I am learning this. I can't. I fucking can't. What else do I do wrong.

  47. You're doing fine. This is not the way that the product is intended to be used. It would take forever to push things through the handle, doesn't work at all if you're cutting anything slightly bigger than that, and is just way messier than being careful scraping it off of the other end.

  48. They're not trying to pass it off, monitor resolution and cinema resolution are different use cases. For PC gaming we use monitors so 1440p is referred to as 2K resolution by vendors, since it's in-between 1080p (FHD) and 2160p (4k). Even from your own link: "For television and consumer media, 1920 × 1080 is the most common 2K resolution, but this is normally referred to as 1080p."

  49. Not explicitly disagreeing here, because it's up to individuals what they call each resolution. But the argument of "cinema resolution and monitor resolution are different use cases" kinda goes against your main argument here.

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