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  1. you signed a contract dumbass. in the long run it will he easier to just finish out the contract. have fun starting life at age 23 my boy.

  2. I was working at an amusement park in the summer of 21’. Me and this other guy were working the entrance to the coaster we were assigned to and the hottest chick I have ever seen came up. Perfect tan, had tan lines from her sports bra, perfect body, platinum blonde hair, around 6 foot. She says “do you think I have time to grab a beer before the ride opens” she says it with a Brooklyn accent. Me and the guy at the front are dumb founded by how hot she was. Perfect 10. Only one I’ve ever seen.

  3. My step-dad Dave was looking at 'young' women including waitresses, cashiers, and strippers before marrying mom.

  4. Perkins in PA is no longer a thing. Used be an icon for western PA. Shame.

  5. I had an ingrown toenail that got worse the entire time we were at Pendleton. I’m talking sharp pain until it went numb, pus and blood causing my sock to stick to it. A horrid smell. When we were running from the 500 line to the pits I had to turn my foot slightly inboard to keep it from hurting as much and two DIs were loving the image. Didn’t care, didn’t get dropped.

  6. I had ingrown toenails in both big toes. My senior was like “do you want to go yo medical?” I refused. He saw that I didn’t want to get dropped so he gave me some of that antibacterial soap and told me to go into the showers and rip it open with a with a pair of ip scissors. I was biting down on an extra pillowcase from big gear while I repeatedly shoved ip scissors soaked in isopropyl alcohol into both of my purple swollen retched smelling ingrown toenails and repeatedly opened the scissors to air out the infection. Blood and puss were everywhere in that fucking rain room. Bandaged em both up with 5 bandaids and some electrical tape and forgot about em for 3 weeks. They never did heal. Ended up just dodging the foot checks from the corpsman and waiting til after the crucible was over. The very second we got back from the crucible I asked to go to medical to get them both removed. My big toes still look like shit to this day.

  7. Say it to their of the best defenses of all time

  8. cap. Greatest defense of all time was the 2005 bears. Look at the stats.

  9. 2005 was a great year. Steelers won the super bowl.

  10. My intention is to build an utopia for people with ASD.

  11. I had horrible stomach issues that went away when I got away from the chow hall.

  12. But the chow hall is so cheap, but the food is so bad and makes me sick and every damn time.

  13. To be honest? yes most people would think it’s weird. Should you care? no do what you want as long as you aren’t hurting anyone or yourself. Go have a good meal boss.

  14. Oh now he decides to work with a QB coach. This humbling is good for his career though. Hopefully other teams pay attention. We need a good draft pick for this now matured and committed, and humble Baker.

  15. Buddy probably just wants to make some racks and get out of buttfuck Missouri lol.

  16. It’s probably just gonna come down to whether or not he wants to live in New York City or Miami

  17. This is why I feel like ego death is a bad thing cause it just makes you wanna eat Oreos and get high and watch cartoons for eternity lol.

  18. I’m eating a a entire dominos medium hand made pizza and watching cartoons when I get home. With the butter garlic sauce.

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