1. If I'm depressed af, no. Not even gonna lie. Getting into the shower was a battle in itself. Sometimes I wouldn't even wash at all, I'll just stand there against the wall and let the water run over me.

  2. Smoking. It smells bad. It makes your teeth look bad. It changes your skin. It decays you from the inside out.

  3. My niece said "I'm trying to talk to grandpa Eddy". Eddy is my and my sister's dad, so her grandpa. Only problem is he had died like 15 years before she was born. I died a little inside.

  4. What are you so worried about affecting you specifically? Is the general idea hard to swallow or is it specific crimes? There's a YouTube channel that explains his life as a crime scene cleaner and maybe that can help you decide where your feelings are.

  5. They already reached you about your car's extended warranty. You'll see real soon.

  6. Do you think your current concealer might be drying your under eye out a little bit?

  7. As a romantic nihilist, I say there's healthy ways to embrace negativity and you should seek out what's best for you

  8. When they try to paw through your sketchbook (ಠ_ಠ)

  9. I liked Spin magazine on Facebook ages ago thinking it would give me updates on alt rock. It usually just recycles clickbait articles I’ve seen on a bunch of other sites. However I did just see a new article from them proclaiming Willow as the future of Alt Rock. Evidently Willow is the whip my hair girl. She is now the future of alt rock. Sure. Even after that slap Will Smith still has a weird stranglehold on the media I guess. Him and the Kardashians, the housewives of wherever and all the other unlikable celebs.

  10. As much as I find the whole Smith family intolerable, Willow does have some musical talent and I don't think it's okay the way adults just shit on a 12 year old girl over and over and over again for 1 song. Willow is the most tolerable of her whole family and I think she deserves a chance.

  11. Your kids will probably end up friends as they get older if you're all still in the same neighborhood. It's just how kids are. Being aggressive for friendship for your kids sake isn't going to help them.

  12. Why is everything 4 hours long??? I have literally stopped watching movies or breaking movies into chunks.

  13. Go to school so you can be a kid. You are trapped by familial obligations

  14. It's really rude that you're out here calling lizard people aliens. /s

  15. NTA walking you down the isle is a privilege, not a right.

  16. People who say the moon landing was fake but are perfectly fine thinking literally everything else that happened with NASA was real are the WEIRDEST people. We have been to the moon more than once. A whole space ship exploded right before our very eyes. Why is the event that defined space exploration in the US the one that's fake?

  17. You have to make enough money to be able to live ok without me. That's it. Also, please have it be a legal occupation. Ideally one you enjoy.

  18. Part of you feeling this way is just because you're 14. Your mom seems like she wants this kid she hasn't met yet to feel welcome in her home. You should walk back your feelings a little bit and think of things in your mom's shoes.

  19. See if online is an option for your area. Or talk to a counselor.

  20. If you're making an adult Mac and cheese (aka not Kraft), boil your noodles in chicken broth.

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