1. That dress just looks cheap. It doesn't even look lined. It's okay if you're buying from H&M but not for that price!!!! You can get something similar on Amazon but not exactly the same.

  2. All needs met consistently. Having access to peace and comfort when you need it.

  3. A golden rule that helps me relate to kids is to try to be the adult you needed when you were a kid. Sometimes, that's a pretty lofty goal but if you think back on who you needed, you'll get the picture.

  4. NTA. Don't even have to read it. You are not legally obligated to provide a two weeks notice. Jobs don't provide you with one.

  5. At nearly 30, I've lived almost twice as long as I ever wanted to. To me, I am old and would like it to stop

  6. He is such an asshole. He only renamed the Redskins the "Commanders" because sponsors threatened to drop the team if he didnt. Probably the worst owner in the NFL.

  7. To catch you up to speed, Scheider, not Snyder. The corner stone of television production for Nickelodeon since the 90's. Go ahead and Google it if you want but to cut it short, he's a groomer, pedo, and abuser of many young stars.

  8. NTA Your family is trying to take advantage of you. You're young and new and they want to capitalize. Truth be told, some people charge their friends and family more for their services.

  9. One time you just need to tell her "You know I can hear you, right???"

  10. Steal money from all those scam companies and invest it in Doge Coin

  11. You aren't marrying your mom. You sure as heck aren't marrying your soon to be mother in law. Never put either of them above your bride in your relationship. NEVER. Her feelings, health, and happiness have to come first and you have to trust her to do the same for you. YWBTA if you got a ring the mom would approve of

  12. Tbh I don't hate the job itself. My managers make everything a nightmare.

  13. I'm fighting with a random person on the internet because she thinks that it's okay for adults to go and message 15 year olds to try to date them.

  14. NO! NTA! Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of her own actions!

  15. I wish I could say the same to you. Even sarcastically. But yours was just that much of a terrible comeback.

  16. Wishing death upon people is unoriginal and entirely predictable. Way to wish the inevitable upon someone

  17. True, we used to do the same but then the carts needed to be sanitized due to covid.

  18. They stopped doing that in my area so I'm fine. They have sanitizer wipes if I wanna do it myself.

  19. It’s so hard to have a convo with her without her saying I upset her and that I need to apologize. Everything upsets her, how am I supposed to know

  20. You're not. You're supposed to exit her life and stop getting her jobs because she's very clearly ungrateful.

  21. That’s what this has come down to. She fails to realize I’ve put my career on the line twice now getting her jobs in my field. I could easily have her removed from this one but she thinks she’s above me. I’ve been in this field for 13 years. She’s been in it for 6 months. I wouldn’t remove her out of spite, but I absolutely could

  22. Please separate yourself from her and move in a better direction.

  23. NTA but you are an asshole for the sanctimonious attitude. The government doesn't get special funds for unemployment. It's made through employers paying into the fund. You're not living off the government, it's literally like any other insurance claim where funds come from a pool. Your employer paid those so you would be protected. Again, you're not the asshole for refusing unemployment but you really need to get off your high horse.

  24. "I don't feel right living off the government". She was right to be upset with you because of your incorrect assumptions and the implications of your words.

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